Marked by the bully (#1 in bully series)

Marked by the bully (#1 in bully series)

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New book: Alpha's moonborn mate is OUT now. Read it today:) _____ (Book #2. Protected by the bully: OUT NOW. Read it on Goodnovel.) . Whenever she'd be asked about a thing in life that disgusted her the most, she would fume in anger and answer, "That bad bully !" Shouting loudly, she would point at the round big corner table in the school canteen where he would sit with his bully gang. ****** Valentine, was adopted by doctor Jason Pereira, of Dark Shine pack, an elder doctor who looked after the warriors and soldiers of the pack Alpha Hercules best buddy. Ryley Shine, was the son of Alpha Hercules and going to be alpha, and the bad bully who loved to bully the wolves studying in the school, to be precise her... He hated her sight, her eyes, her smile, her heart beats, her tears... Everything about her just because she was his mate, A HUMAN NAIVE NERDY MATE! Genre: Vampire/Werewolf + Romance + Teen fiction.*Not fully edited! It's under editing at the moment.*

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93 Chapters
The beginning
August 11, 2017, A rogue attack occurred on the outskirts of the Red Shine Pack's territory located in Seattle. Several of the trees had been uprooted, and the fences surrounding the Alpha's territory had been broken, clearly indicating the rogues' aggressive trespassing. There were small pools of blood on the ground on every second step, as well as wolf fur and human hair. Certainly, the one who was attacked would have fought back. Metallic scent of blood lingered in the air . "Nothing exists in the south." In order to gain clear and smooth access to the area the warrior who accompanied Alpha Hercules climbed up on the trees. "I can't see anything for miles." He added as he peered down at his alpha who was standing with a sword in hand, examining the region with his vigilant gaze. At forty-three, he was tall, had a well-built torso, bronze skin that glowed in the sun rays filtering through the leaves of trees and lesser wrinkles around his eyes as compared to the other wolves
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Chapter 1
1... 14th August 2017,  Ryley's point of view...  "So how is that girl, what's her name... Mmmm... Yeah, Valentine!"... Clarke asked me munching into his hamburger. Just now lectures got over, and we were sitting all alone in the canteen eating our lunch. There was no single student except me and my gang, why? Simple because we do not like to see any morons face after the head aching lectures.  It is too much to tolerate, duh!  I simply placed down my glass of cold coffee looking at him, replaying his words in my mind. "How am I supposed to know that?"... I counter questioned him. Dude, she was not my girlfriend nor my mate then why on earth will I keep the information about her breaths or her pain! 
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Chapter 2
2...Violent scenes ahead. Please, don't read if you can't take it. The author doesn't appreciate bullying. Thanks. ____________A big cheesecake as that of the size of the table was placed on it. His name was perfectly written in its centre using an amazing font. Ryley seemed very happy, his girlfriend clung on his left arm as he stood with a knife, all ready to murder his cake. "Be quick bud, can't control the wolf inside of me. Just want to taste this bitch!" Yeoman, the other member of their Wild Wolves gang grumbled ogling at the cake. "Every fucking thing seems a bitch to you, ain't I right?" Zander laughed. Yeoman's eyes could be spotted shining brightly. He nodded his head in yes, proving his friend correct, lol. Partially opened mouth was drooling at the delicacy, nose sniffling like a dog. His action made everyone chuckle at his stupidity. Having been frustrated by his behaviour, Hazel crushed his feet with her high heel. He cried in pain with a loud yell, "What the,
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Chapter 3
3....Ryley and his friends stood there all shocked and numb like a statue staring at her body.'Gosh? Why are these girls so dumb? She literally slit her wrists overhearing us. It was just a prank God damn it. We never shot her video, we just acted like that to teach her a lesson.'He thought while behind him, "Ohh god! She is dead." "Shit! she committed suicide!" "The wild wolves gang killed another student!" Distant chattering broke behind them. Though they felt like shutting their mouths forever, they could not. They were already in a mess. A girl committed suicide! "God, guys we need to do something? The crowd is also increasing, shit! Why she has to kill herself." Hazel stuck close to Ryley who was as dumbfounded as her. It was his idea to do all this and now, it took somebody's life and pushed them into the ocean of problems, "Come on we need to get this cleared. Wait I will call the cleaner." Shame on him, he just proved out to be the reason behind someone's death and the
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Chapter 4
4… There was a forlorn wind hitting him constantly. Ryley let the servant go who fled away within a blink of time far away from his eyesight while he himself stood with mixed feelings on his spot— amused. There was no expression on his face! No excitement, no surprise, no sadness, no anger, simply nothing. He just blinked his eyes looking on the wall across him.He had no idea what was wrong with him. He just changed his emotion suddenly from aggression to neutral hearing about her. Uhh, maybe because he was the one who carried her lifeless body that was going to turn cold, or for that matter maybe her spirit of perseverance had impressed him. Despite being injured badly, she could still speak. She could breathe and above all, she could stay strong and fight death. He was impressed by her perseverance. One thing was clear, she had something strong that was keeping her go on without losing hope. Maybe she could still survive because she was bound to someone!That could be the only pos
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Chapter 5
5...Two years later...14th August 2019.The crowd jostled on the college premises near the notice board. The results of the previous exams were up. Some were happy, some sad while some people literally had no sign of anxiety on their faces after knowing that they failed. Some crying in happiness for passing with distinction, some screaming in enjoyment knowing that they were offered scholarships for the next year, and a few quarreling since they have to repeat the same grade again.The toppers were being congratulated by their classmates while the others who passed with E grade were distributing magnum bars in excitement. There was hustle bustle all around, the teachers sat in the staff room listening to the noise spreading in the college corridors, they half-smiled half-joked experiencing the chaos occurring around. Sad because the holidays for the summers were reduced and it was now only for three weeks— this is because the alpha wants to introduce a new syllabus to the students. A
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Chapter 6
6...His eyes murderously bore into hers. They were so dark that it felt like he would eat her the next moment. Poor Valen stood high and dry struggling to breathe properly. Her breaths were actually stuck in her throat, seeing him sooo fucking close. Well, this was not the first time she was seeing him close, this keeps happening every now and again still, every time he did that, it got harder for her to adapt in the environment."Ryley! You are hurt—""OH JUST SHUT UP!" He screamed on her lips, leaving the tracks of his saliva drops highlighting on her pinked lips that shone like diamonds on her mouth.Hazel turned her eyes away, she hated to see them so close, yet there was nothing she could do about it. For he would only do that to her to pain her, hurt her— bully her. Still, that proximity bothered her always. It never gave her a good feeling.Okay, Valen stood silent under his gaze. She was, like always— clueless as to why does he behave like that when she is around! She frequen
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Chapter 7
7..."Valen! It's me, your dadda!" I heard the familiar voice And when I unlatched my eyes, my nerves calmed down instantly. "Dadda!" I sighed, slipping in his arms immediately.Damn! I had badly freaked out. I need to keep my imaginations in control or else it will become the death of me someday. After Staying there in his arms for some time as I detached myself, he gave me a narrowed gaze. "Where were you baby? Do you know how concerned I was for ya! You have never been out for so long. What made you do so?" he shot his back to back questions on me giving me no chance to clarify myself.I can't tell him the truth. He will not only be concerned about my shoulder that has gone totally numb, I can't even feel whether I have it or not! But he will also complain to alpha about Ryley and his gang and I know alpha will not entertain this shit any more.Alpha Hercules treats me like his own daughter. He cares for me more than Ryley which is why he hates me. He thinks that I am trying to tak
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Chapter 8
8... Valen’s POV"Night dad, I love you and dare you to stay up late in the night. I will come and check." I warned him before closing the door of his room.It should be him telling me all these things but here in our case, it's different. I have to take his care. My father being the responsible doctor does important research in the night, that is his best time to do it. He says night gives him pleasure. And Working when the stars are twinkling at night and when the birds are putting their little ones to sleep with their lullabies, he gets upfront and motivation to work. However, I oppose him. Neither do I like night nor the twinkling stars up there in the sky. I securely locked the door of my room as well as the lights except the night bulb that is above my head, behind my back on the wall right over my portrait. The darkness gives me chills, I feel suffocated and that army of those stupid stars make me feel as if there are crores of eyeballs staring at me. I put myself to bed and
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Chapter 9
9..."She is okay Hercules, she just needs some rest." Jason informed over the phone, to the alpha, caressing Valen's hair.  She was perfectly cocooned in the blanket, with the syringe for glucose going through her vein of the left hand.  There were Doctor Jason's few subordinates Kelly and Miranda who were called at once with medicines for Valen. They knew Valen in fact, they have helped her the last time as well when she was brought to the pack two years ago. If one helped to change her clothes that have gotten wet due to her excessive perspiration then the other one helped with fixing the glucose bottle on the stand and also piercing the needle in her han
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