Marriage First, Love Later

Marriage First, Love Later

By:  BloomSummer  Ongoing
Language: English
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Juhee and Jacob, two different people from each other, got arranged to marry each other at the request of her grandfather. They don't like each other nor do they hate each other. Having nothing similar in each other, how will they cope with this marriage thing? They argue, scold and curse each other at every chance they get, will love bloom when they are forced to stay under the same roof?

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33 Chapters
Chapter 1: Forced to marry each other
" What? Grandpa! You are joking with us, right? I am your granddaughter, how can you choose my fate and not give me the chance? "Juhee was furious, her face became all red due to anger after hearing what the old man said. It was really unexpected and abnormal, something that she never expected in her whole life. In front of her, the old man was lying on the hospital bed, asking her to marry a man who she doesn't like, it made no sense to her." She is right. We don't like each other, there's no affection between us, how can you ask us to marry each other when there's no love? ", Jacob on the other hand was in the same situation.The words which came out of the old man's mouth were something that they had both never thought of. It was as if, he was telling the two youngsters to go and hang themselves to the tallest tree, it was impossible.The man lying on the hospital bed was her grandfather. He looked pale, not in a great condition as if he was about to die." Juhee, speak after se
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Chapter 2: Battlefield
The way she spoke those words, the room temperature dropped to negative, she was worried about him and wanted to listen to no nonsense. No one spoke another word to her after seeing how scared she was. The old didn't want to go to the hospital as he was just acting to make bee granddaughter marry someone. But now that he succeeded, he wanted to stop acting and tell her everything.But in front of her damn hot personality, he was useless at the moment. Seeing how furious she was, no one dared to tell her that everything was just a drama. They let him go to the hospital while following the ambulance.She was already married, there was nothing thay could happen now.Jacob was well aware of her bad personality and how daring she can be. After all, he has been seeing her since childhood. His parents know well how dangerous she can be when furious. So it's better to just leave her alone until she calms down. So they let her alone until she comes back and talks about it herself.She went
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Chapter 3: Need a solid plan
Seeing how their parents were reacting, it became important for them to plan ahead. " Once provoked, they will go to any extent. We have to think of something. If not, they will keep interfering in our lives ", Juhee reminded Jacob.Their parents can be very stubborn at times. No, they have always been stubborn. On one side they say they won't force their children into doing anything that's against their will, yet on the other hand, they try to do the same to their kids. So became really important to think of something to stop them." I have an idea. Of course, if you approve of it, we can proceed further, it depends on you ", Jacob said touching his chin." Go ahead! I am all ears ", She was ready to hear his idea." Come here ", He pulled her towards her and then leaned close, he was so close that his breath was hitting her ear, it was warm.He started telling her his idea, his mouth was just two centimetre away from touching her ears. And for some reason, he could see he
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Chapter 4: Not wanting the world to know
Juhee glared at him but a smile remained on her face, she was surely being sarcastic in this one.Lucas smiled like a smart kid who knows everything despite her words. " I understand, Sister in law ".He didn't understand anything. She told him not to call her sister in law, yet he called her knowing she doesn't like it. It was fun and all to him." You are surely stubborn. Fine! I understand it. Next time you come to the hospital, make sure you are really sick ", She whispered into his ear while giving him devilish feelings. The smile on Lucas's fade faded the moment she mentioned about his constant visit to the hospital.Lucas shut his mouth and even wanted to make amends with her, but ignored him with a straight face, it's calming to the soul to see him in despair." Juhee...", Lucas tried to talk with her but she slipped towards Jacob and smirked at him." He shut his mouth so easily? He is the most annoying one of us, how did you do that? ", Jacob asked as he whispered to her.
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Chapter 5: Tying their mouth
Her aunt came forward. " Juhee! Marriage is not something you should be ashamed of. It's a blessing that everyone wants ", Her aunt is a devoted wife.She loves her husband a lot, they had a love marriage. unlike Juhee and Jacob who were tied to each other because of their family, it was not the same. But there's no way Juhee could say all this to her aunt who cares so much about her niece." Aunt! I know what you mean. But everything happened so suddenly, we both got no time to react. We want some time to think. Can't we have that right? ", Juhee sounded sad, it was pitiful that she was sad right now.Her aunt was a little taken aback. Juhee had never sounded this frustrated before. From what the old woman knows, Juhee has always been a quiet kid, the one who doesn't get angry or sad, always maintaining her personality and expression in front of others.So it was surprising to see her helplessly doing nothing.At this time, Jacob stepped in with her side. " Aunt! Grandpa and everyone
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Chapter 6: Who's at the door?
Jacob was standing by the entrance, keeping tabs on the door as his right foot was tapping the floor in nervousness and anxiousness as he was waiting for her, and his eyes were fixed on a large door located at the entrance. It was already past nine, yet there was no trace of her anywhere." Why isn't she here yet? Don't tell me she got lost in the way ", The thought crossed his mind when he recalled how much of a bad memory she has when it comes to recalling directions and locations. He immediately stormed out of the house and just when he was about to run out of the building, he saw her coming, she was walking from the front towards him. She saw him being in a rush and heading somewhere while worry was written all over his face, she wondered who was the person making him feel like that. But that thought soon disappeared when she saw his facial expression change to calm from restlessness.Jacob stopped, maintained his straight posture, and started walking toward her at a normal pac
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Chapter 7: Woman in his house?
He opened the door. But what he saw at the entrance was none other than his secretary, Amber." Amber? What are you doing here at this hour? ", Jacob asked.Amber was as pale as a white paper sheet. It was as if she had hurried here without caring for anything. And when she heard his boss say what she was doing here, she lost it." What I am doing here? My dear boss, ask that question to yourself. You told me to pick up an expensive suit for you for tomorrow's meeting and deliver it to you before midnight. Have you forgotten? ", Amber was legit controlling her anger which had been raising in her heart for some time now.Jacob finally remembered and let her in, she was in a bad condition and almost on the verge to faint but had to keep herself in check since she had to go back home after this as well." What took you so long to get my suit prepared? ", Jacob asked looking at the clock which was hung on the front wall." Boss! I think you have lost it for real. So much work piled up, al
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Chapter 8: Weak to tears
Juhee was tired from all the cleaning that the moment she laid her head on the surface of the sofa, her eyes gave up on her.And now Jacob was trying to wake her up as she was deep in slumber in the dark hole. No matter how much he call her, she didn't mind, her mind didn't respond at all. As if there was nothing that was stopping her from getting a good night's sleep.She was usually a light sleeper, but today was an exception. Jacob tried shaking her many times and called out her name numerous times just to fail in the end.He rubbed the back of his head while there was only one option left since she was not waking up, there was nothing he could do rather than that." It's you who forced me to do this, don't blame me tomorrow ", Jacob complained as he stood straight and then bent down suddenly, holding her lightly in his arms only to start walking towards the empty room he had prepared for her. He was cleaning that room from the afternoon to the evening.He was holding her into his
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Chapter 9: Their own lives
Juhee extended her hand and placed it on his shoulder, it was a form of sympathy from her side. She sympathizes with him for being so out of character all the time and getting weak before people because of their mere tears.She patted him several times before retreating her hand from his shoulder. " Don't whimper all alone in your office. Next time, you must remember to be careful ", She said those words with no emotion on her face.It was around the same time they started working in this hospital. Where William was all goody shoe and happy-go-lucky with everyone around him, Juhee was entirely different. She was cold and silent, only opening her mouth to speak less and more important stuff. She was someone who could even scare the gangster with her stern and cold look. " You are right, my team must be disappointed with me but now I don't know what to do next. I guess I will have to go to the director and apologize, it's the only thing I can do for now. And then wait for the punishm
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Chapter 10: Revelation of his relationship
Jacob was clear about his decision. From the moment they signed a contract with the other party, there was no moment when they took advantage of that party or made any unreasonable demands. Communication and business were as transparent as water. Even when their orders were going through, the price was reasonable and profitable. So there was no need for Jacob to bow down to them. But he needs to handle this matter with care.Amber nodded her head and put down the file on the table as she sat down opposite him, facing him face to face while her hands reached her chin and elbows supported by the table surface, her gaze was fixed on him. There was so much on her mind. Yesterday, she decided not to meddle in his personal life. But she, as a secretary, needs to know about his secret to cooperate or help him shortly.Jacob sensed a tiny bit of strangeness in the air and lifted his head, just to see that Amber was staring at him while being extremely silent. " If you have anything to say,
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