Married Again To My Alpha Ex-Husband

Married Again To My Alpha Ex-Husband

By:  Best Pen  Kumpleto
Language: English
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All Kiara wanted was to find a job even as a cleaner to take care of her sick Mother but fate played a huge prank on her as she was mated to the cold-hearted Alpha who never wanted her. All Bryant wanted to do was to reject her because he has another woman he loved and wanted to marry but he ended up marrying Kiara under a contract marriage that binds them as husband and wife for just five months with no intimacy. He was going to divorce and reject her Five months later, so Bryant thought but he was caught in a web between choosing his mate whom he has come to like and the woman he has been in love with for the past two years. A few days to end their contract marriage, Kiara unexpectedly announced to Bryant that she was pregnant with his child, but Bryant thinks the pregnancy was the product of an extramarital affair she had with another man as he has no memory of ever having an affair with her. Will Bryant accept the child or will he reject her to marry his fiancee when he claims never to remember having an affair with her during their contract marriage? Find out in this interesting story of Love, betrayal, and second chance.

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Eileen Monahan
Almost at the end. Enjoying the book but wonder do the kids ever get a name
2024-04-07 06:09:36
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Jennifer Hunt
Chapter 142 is a repeat of the start of chapter 141. Really disappointing to pay for something twice. Not to mention, it was only part of chapter 141. I hope that the next chapter is not going to be the rest of chapter 141.
2023-10-02 00:52:32
default avatar
Joan Williams
Boring and dull......
2023-08-08 22:24:23
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Delinda Schumacher
51 chapters 7-27-23
2023-07-28 09:16:10
user avatar
Anissa Magee
this premise is almost the same as your other book.
2023-05-31 23:37:40
user avatar
Githa Datadin
how often do you update?
2023-08-12 17:09:38
user avatar
Githa Datadin
how many chapters are left?
2023-08-19 00:49:47
162 Kabanata
Chapter 1
KIARA'S POVI nervously fidgeted with the hem of my sweater as I sat across from the alpha’s imposing desk. The room was luxurious, filled with leather chairs and mahogany bookshelves, a stark contrast to the humble factory I'd worked at before. I swallowed hard and tried not to be intimidated by the sheer wealth of the man in front of me.I had grown up knowing just my mother. My father had left us when I was just five years old, leaving us to fend for ourselves. My mother worked hard to provide for us, and I had always known that we didn't have much, but we are happy.I was a young lady who believed in hard work, so when the time came for me to begin working, I worked hard, putting in all my best, and preparing for college.But all that changed when my Mother fell ill. Lydia, my Mother, had fallen off due to an accident in the marketplace and had since suffered Paralysis.I had worked day and Night trying hard so I could fend for my Mother, and myself. Being an only child, and a bre
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Chapter 2
BRYANT'S POVI stared angrily as Kiara flinched in dear. She irritated me. And my father just had to come and make me feel even worse.I pranced around the office, my mind dispersed. My wolf wanted to mark Kiara there and then but I remembered the promise I made to Anna.Anna Morris. She is my Fiance.A woman of Class, beautiful, intelligent, and someone who was goal driven. Kiara was nothing like her.And I could never trade her for Kiara either, just because of some dumb stupid mate bond thing.Never.Urgh, I can’t take anymore of this suspense. I have to put a call through to Anna.I called her line, both Personal, and Office, but she was picking none of them. I sighed in frustration.Dad was already angry at the fact that I chose to reject my mate, and now Anna was not even picking up my calls.Anna called back immediately some minutes later and I picked it up on the first ring.“Hi, my love. I need to talk to you urgently.” I said and she sighed"What's wrong, Bryant? I’m extreme
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Chapter 3
POV: Kiara Stardust. I sat on the pavement across the street, my heart sunken. All my hope for a better life was gone within the space of minutes. Why did the moon goddess have to make the Alpha my mate? I thought that dreaming of Cinderella's life was going to help me. I believe in getting married to a prince and living happily ever after. But here I was, my life tumbling down, going in circles. I sighed and started to walk towards my second workplace, a small diner. “Good evening, Mr. Liam.” I greeted the manager as I entered the diner. He acknowledged my greetings with a nod. I walked into the changing room and changed into the diner shirt with an apron. “Nicole! Table four needs a waitress.” I heard as I walked out of the changing room. “ "Got it!” I said as I walked to the table. “Good evening, Sir and Ma’am. Welcome to Happy stomachs diner. What will you be ordering?” I said as politely as I could. Both of them, Male and Female, picked up the menu at once. They looked to
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Chapter 4
BRYANT'S POVI was sitting in my office, going over some paperwork when Anna walked in. I could tell from the look on her face that she had something important to tell me.“Babe! When did you get here?” I asked as she walked in. I hugged her and kissed her.Her face looked sour."What's going on?" I asked, setting aside the papers."I think I have a solution to our problem," Anna said, sitting down across from me."What problem?" I asked, feeling confused."The problem of you needing to get married," she clarified. "I think I have a solution that will work for everyone.”I raised an eyebrow, curious about what she had in mind. "The only solution is for you to come and let's get married, Anna. If that’s not the solution you have, I’m not listening to you" I said and went back to staring at my paperwork.“Just hear me out, first, yeah?” Anna said and I stared at her and sighed.“What is your solution, Anna?” I asked and she sighedAnna took a deep breath before speaking. "I think you sh
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Chapter 5
KIARA'S POV.I woke up in my room, feeling a sense of dread wash over me. Today was the day I would see Bryant and Anna again. As much as I hated the thought of being in the same room as them, I couldn't avoid it. As his fated mate, I was expected to attend all the pack meetings and events.It had been Three weeks since Bryant brought me to his house to stay with him, as some contract wife.Contract wife my feet. I was more like a slave. Everyone here looked down on me and treated me like I was nobody, even the maids.The worst was Bryant and his Fiancee, Anna Morris.Bryant and Anna had been together for years, and their engagement had been announced not long after I had come into the picture.I knew it wasn't right, but I couldn't help the feelings I had for Bryant. The connection between us was undeniable, but it seemed that Anna had made it her mission to make me feel worthless and unwanted.Bryant might be my mate, but his heart and feelings belonged only to Anna, and Anna made s
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Chapter 6
BRYANT POV I pushed a strand of hair that had fallen off of my fated mate's face, my entire body was burning up and her breathing was ragged. I turned over to the family doctor, the distress in my voice impossible to hide."Is she going to be okay?"I asked him and then he nodded that showing me it's not a terminal illness, "...just a small fever with enough rest and her taking the drugs that I have prescribed she'll be fine," he added before he left. The more I was looking at my mate the more I could feel the fury inside of me burning like a freshly lit fire that was being fed with Cole immensely, I remained in the bedroom with her for some time slowly calming myself down because I knew that if I stepped out and see my cousin Oscar I was going to do something that he was definitely going to regret.How dare he touch what belongs to me?As my fingers tightened up into a shaking fist I wondered if my cousin had any idea how lucky he was because if he had been able to succeed with hi
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Chapter 7
BRYANT POV Even though my foolish cousin was trying to appear knuckle and I could see the fear that was masquerading as nonchalance in his eyes as he was slowly backing away from me then he was looking at my grandma and father possibly for protection for what was definitely coming to him. "I really don't know what he's talking about, you all have to believe me…""Of course, we believe you!" my grandma said, rushing to stand in front of him and spreading her hands out protectively."How can you even think of hurting your cousin over the words of a wench? that's just preposterous!" I gritted my teeth and then I looked over to my father hoping for some reason from him.But he just crossed his hands and told me that my cousin was the kind of guy that could get any woman he wanted so I didn't make any sense that he would be trying to force himself on anyone. My blood pressure shot up when I heard this and it was even worse when my grandma added in."Yes my grandson is not such a perver
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Chapter 8
Kiara povI was recovering slowly and when I was able to stand on my feet even though it was a little shaky my mate told me that his family wanted to see me and my heart was already thumping nervously from that sentence alone.He could see how my face felt pale and the sunken my cheeks went, but he placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder and told me that nothing was going to happen to me and I only have to give the testimony of what had happened that night.His words gave me a bit of strength but just like I had expected the words of a woman that was basically regarded as a servant in the household meant little to nothing compared to a favored child, Bryant's grandma was constantly interrupting me throughout my story asking irrelevant and irritating questions."Are you sure that you really saw my grandson?" "This is ridiculous, why did you go and hide in the basement instead of reporting it immediately?" "How are we not even sure that you are not faking your fever as well?" When I
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Chapter 9
Kiara pov It wasn't just the question that he asked that took my breath away but the way he asked it with his eyes glazed and raking all over my body as if he wanted to feast on me.Most of the day I will feel like he was actually looking at me but the moment I turned his eyes were whisked in another direction.Perhaps it was just my imagination I had told myself, but I could see those eyes love glinting against the moonlight as he asked me; "Then why don't you invite me to sleep with you?"I was about to blush and bury myself in my sheets but then I asked myself how long I was going to keep running away from the feelings that I obviously had for this man?Even if the difference between me and Anna were miles apart and I was probably not his ideal woman if also this condition so that we had was only for a short while I should at least take advantage of the time soon as my fingers sunk into the duvet and my eyes traveled over to him I mumbled a response.Confused, he sits upright on t
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Chapter 10
Kiara pov"What's going on here?"My head immediately fell with shame and fear when I heard the alpha's booming voice. I was sure that he was angry and I was going to be scolded by him, maybe saying something like why would I neglect my work just because I was sick and allowed off my duty for sometime.I clenched my fingers together and I waited for him to start scolding me but strangely enough, he stood in front of the other maid."I believe that I asked a question just now so why am I not getting a response from you at all?!"His voice rose and I felt shivers running down my spine even though he wasn't looking at me.The other maid, unlike me, looked very confident as she shot her chest."Alpha Bryant, you won't believe the retarded behavior of this maid here…" she said gesturing towards me then she told her own version of the story that painted me out awfully.I was about to defend myself but I just bit my bottom lip and decided to keep my mouth shut.First, it was the rape inciden
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