4. Damn Marriage

This is bad!

Beverley wanted to turn around and run as far as she could. However, Brent's pair of black eyes seemed to nail her in place. Her legs became weak and…. And she couldn't escape!

Oh my, what should she do now?

"Why are you just silent?" Emma whispered emphatically. Everyone in the venue turned their heads and looked at Beverley curiously. She didn't want her stepdaughter to embarrass her.

Beverley glared at Emma. She gritted her teeth in anger. She wanted so badly to curse that woman. However, it couldn't be done because everyone was focused on her.

Finally, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. If she really had to marry that jerk, then so be it. There was nothing she could do for now. For the first time in her life, she completely surrendered to fate.

Her feet wouldn't move, but they continued to be forced until she finally arrived in front of the man. Brent Oliver. The sharp-eyed man who had been secretly haunting her for months.

Beverley's eyes turned red. However, she immediately lowered her head to hide her feelings. In her heart, she wondered, how did she end up here with that jerk?

The man who three months ago had harassed her!

Yes. That's right. Three months ago, she had a bad experience that almost always haunted her. An incident where a drunk man tried to rape her.

And this man…. This man looks a lot like the culprit! Very similar!

If they weren't at the wedding altar right now, she was really going to punch and kick that man. She would smack his handsome face and turn him into an ugly man.

Beverley's breath was heaving erratically. All the curses filled with anger and hatred echoed in her heart and mind.

No. Even if she married Brent, she was sure she would never love him!

Yes, even if they shared the same house. Even if they shared the same bed, she would never admit that Brent was her husband! Will never!

If Beverley is currently cursing Brent time and time again, then Brent is doing the same. The man clenched his jaw, a sign that he was harboring anger. He was angry with whoever was there, even more so at the woman in front of him.

Even if the woman was so beautiful. Even if the woman had very voluptuous buttocks and breasts, he swore he would never love her. Will never.

Today, this marriage is done only for the sake of his family's reputation. If not for that, he would never have married that woman named Beverley.

"Since the bride and groom have arrived here, the wedding will begin now," said the leader of the wedding ceremony. It was not a priest but someone permitted by law to preside over the marriage.

Beverley closed her eyes for a moment. Okay. Marriage is not the end of everything; not the end of her life. Once this is done, she will force Brent to divorce her. That's easy, isn't it?

Finally, the wedding procession was carried out. All the wedding vows and stuff, Beverley was just following the ceremonial leader's instructions. Once the ring exchange is done, it's time to exchange kisses as husband and wife.

It is said that the first kiss after the wedding ceremony is over can seal the love and marriage of the bride and groom. However, if Beverley and Brent didn't love each other, then the kiss didn't need to be done right? What should they seal?

Beverley wanted to turn down this one. However, Brent suddenly stepped forward and pulled her waist closer. The man bent down while pressing the nape of her neck. In the end, their lips met each other.

Beverley's eyes immediately widened. What's with that guy? Her accusations became even more certain. There was no mistaking it. That man must have been the man who had almost forcibly fucked her at that time. Evidently how the man did not refuse this kissing tradition at all.

Bastard man! Damn man! 

Beverley cursed the man again and again in her mind. Then the man broke the kiss and glared at her. Her guts shrunk a little. 

“Even if you don't like this, act like you like this. Don't mess anything up," Brent hissed right into Beverley's ear. His tone sounded very pushy and demanding.

Beverley clenched her palms. After that, she forced herself to smile sweetly. The sound of cheers and applause began to be heard from the line of guests. That sounds so annoying.

What makes them cheer? What made them applaud? Did they think this was something to be very happy about?

Suddenly Brent grabbed her hand. Not a warm and soft grip, it's more like a hard squeeze. The man was forcing her to obey and act like a newly married couple.

Then the man grabbed her by the waist and led her to approach an old man holding a wooden stick. He is Michael Oliver. The two men hugged each other as if this was truly a heartwarming moment.

Michael Oliver smiled at Beverley. The older man hugged her. Then she heard the man whisper, “I'm sorry. You are already a victim.”

Beverley looked at Michael Oliver with a stiff expression. She wanted to ask something, but Brent suddenly pulled her away. "Talk about this another time," he said.

The damn Brent then carried her past the guests. Some people pelted them with flowers and seeds of wheat as a symbol of fertility.

Beverley just pretended to smile under the toss of flowers and seeds. Many took pictures of them and congratulated them. However, her heart did not feel moved. She just pretended to be happy by thanking them.

At that moment, Emma appeared in front of her. A wide smile appeared on the woman's lips. "Congratulations, Honey. Finally, I can witness your happy day," she said, then hugged Beverley.

Beverley just put on an expression of disgust at Emma's acting. It was fitting for her to call her the snake woman.

Emma smiled at Brent. “After this, I will trouble you to look after Bev. Hopefully, your marriage will be happy," she said happily. Brent just nodded nonchalantly in response.

After a while, they finally managed to get out of the wedding hall. Brent's bodyguards and confidants immediately showed them the car that would take them away.

There is a beautiful floral decoration on the white hood of the car. One should know that this marriage should be a wonderful wedding if the bride and groom are people who love each other.

However, for Beverley, this marriage was not only not wonderful, but it was also simply terrible. Even the luxurious car looked awful to her.

Carrying the hem of her dress, Beverley got into the car. She leaned back against the car seat and took a deep breath. It feels very tiring.

She turned to the side and saw Brent coming in and sitting next to her. The man immediately ordered the driver to start the car.

Along the way, they didn't say a word. Beverley stared out the window while wringing her own dress. The longer time passed, the angrier she became.

Did he not intend to apologize to her? Had he forgotten what happened three months ago? Why is Brent still not saying anything about it?

"What's your name? Beverley?" The man finally spoke up.

"Mm." Beverley only answered with a curt mumble.

“You know, this marriage is just an arranged marriage. So I warn you not to expect anything from me," said Brent coldly.

Beverley immediately turned to look at the man. Her expression became so mocking. “What do you think I expected? If you think I'm going to be a wife who expects her husband's love, then you're only dreaming!”

Brent's eyes narrowed dangerously. "You dare shout at me?"

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