6. Do You Know the Mistake You Made Today?

That day Katy's cafe seemed quite busy. When Beverley got there, the patrons and cafe staff immediately turned to look at her. Her current appearance was too flashy. And that made her hard to ignore.

"Oh my gosh!" Katy, who was initially recapitulating financial data, immediately ran over to Beverley. Her expression looked surprised and worried. "Honey, what happened to you?!"

Beverley shook her head limply before finally settling into a chair away from the cafe patrons. Sweat was already soaking her body. She felt tired and thirsty after walking so far.

"Give me some cold water, please," she begged Katy. She removed the white bride veil from her head and a few other hair accessories.

Without asking much, Katy immediately ordered her cafe staff to fetch cold water for Beverley. Moments later, a bottle of cold water was placed on the table.

Beverley immediately took a sip of the water. Finally, her thirst was quenched. She took a deep breath. "You know, this is really ridiculous."

Katy looked at Beverley in bewilderment. "How did you get here? How about your wedding? Did you run away?"

"How could I possibly escape?" Beverley smiled wryly and snorted. "I'm married. And what do you know? Oh, shit! That guy is a total jerk!"

"What's with that man? Maybe you've met him? I saw on the internet; he is very handsome." Then Katy whispered, "Is he really gay?"

Beverley snorted. "Absolutely not. He is an unscrupulous pervert." She took another deep breath and looked down at her dress. "Forget about it. I need to change my clothes. It's very uncomfortable."

Katy looked at Beverley's wedding dress. It was a luxurious dress. It must be expensive. However, Beverley used it without being careful. There were a few scratches on the hem of the dress and a lot of stains on it.

"Mrs. Oliver, it looks like you ruined the dress."

"Shit, don't call me that nickname!" Beverley protested.

Katy chuckled. Then she stood up from her seat. "I keep some clothes here. Come on! You can use that if you want."

"Thank you, Honey."

Beverley went to change her clothes. After that, she spent the rest of the day at the cafe going to work as usual. Katy asked her to take a rest. However, she wanted to stay busy so that her mind would be free from the problems of her marriage.

Until night has come, Katy put a phone on the table. It was Beverley's cell phone that was left in the cafe yesterday. "You forgot this."

"Oh! You are right."

Beverley just remembered that. She tried to open her phone, but it was off. The battery runs out. Finally, she shrugged nonchalantly and tucked her cell phone into the bag that had been left there yesterday.

"Bev, are you still going to work? Or will you make a good wife at home?" Katy asked then.

"Katy, this marriage probably won't last long. So, I will not stop working." Beverley closed her laptop. She took a sip of coffee and looked at Katy seriously. "This is not a normal marriage. Do not equate me with wives in general."

Katy just shook her head slowly. "You're going back to Brent's house?"

Beverley nodded. "I left without the man knowing."

"Oh my gosh!" Katy bit her finger. "I think you're really looking for trouble."

Beverley laughed softly. She carried her bag and walked out of the room that became their office. "I don't want to let that guy take my freedom, Katy. Enough for him to marry me by force."

Katy looked at her best friend with concern. She hugs her. "Do I need to take you home?"

"Um, no need. Maybe you can help me to order a taxi online. Sorry, I troubled you a lot, Kat."

"We are a friend. Don't worry."

A few moments later, the online taxi car arrived in front of the cafe. Beverley immediately went up. After that, the car began to move across the street at night.


Brent's mansion looked deserted from the outside. Beverley's heart skipped a beat when she arrived at the door. She needed to mentally prepare to go in there.

Suddenly the door opened. Edward the butler appeared. The man immediately approached her. "Madam, you are finally back!"

The man looked worried. Beverley became uneasy. "Sorry, I have other business outside."

Edward looked at Beverley with complicated feelings. The woman had already changed into her normal formal attire. There was not the slightest trace or sign that she had just married today.

He knew Beverley didn't want this marriage. This only made him feel pity. After all, he had a daughter in his house. The thought of his daughter being forced to marry a foreigner certainly made him feel concerned.

"Please come in, Madam. I'll ask Daisy to prepare dinner for you."

"Thank you, Edward. Is Brent Oliver back?" Beverley asked as she stepped inside. Actually, she felt a little uncomfortable being treated with such respect by an older person. The setting in this mansion is really very classic.

"Mr. Oliver was back an hour ago."

Beverley grimaced inwardly. However, she didn't say anything. Finally, she went to her bedroom. At first, she was a little worried if Brent was in the room. However, luckily the man wasn't there.

She breathed a sigh of relief. "How could he possibly sleep here? He should have his own room."

With that, she went to clean herself after taking the time to charge her phone. When she opened the closet, she saw that there were many clothes already prepared for her. Everything looks expensive and classy.

She picks clothes at random. After all, who cares what she's wearing?

Moments later, she checked her cell phone. There have been several missed calls from foreign numbers. Who's that?

Suddenly there was an incoming call from that foreign number. Beverley was about to answer the phone, but suddenly the door to her room was opened, from the outside. She gasped when she saw Brent standing outside the door.

"What are you-"

The man suddenly entered and slammed the bedroom door shut. His expression was flat and cold. He walked over to Beverley, who was sitting in front of the dressing table.

"Do you know the mistake you made today?" asked Brent in a deep voice.

Beverley didn't answer right away. She felt a little intimidated by Brent's cold aura and gaze. However, she also didn't want to appear scared or cowardly. Finally, she replied. "Mistake?"

"I asked you to stay in the car. But what have you done?"

Beverley laughed. However, her laughter sounded sarcastic and mocking. "But in the end, I went anyway. I'm sorry, Dear Mr. Oliver. I can't wait for you in the car like an idiot."

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