Mask Off

Mask Off

Oleh:  Daniel Paul  On going
Bahasa: English
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Andre has his demons, one of which is a side of him he never knew existed. Even as cruel as he could be to kill his Exes, he would swear on the life of his mother, he had nothing to do with Becky's death.Secret desires uncover as more truth about Becky and many other girls revealed. but one question is left unanswered,Who killed Becky?

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Roses are red,Violets are blue,You, my love, will die.You smile with sparks,Heal with a touch,But cut with the sword.I love you but,You are just a masquerade.Andre squeezed his hand tighter against the whiskey glass. It would crush in his hand with just a little more force. He bit his lip hard before taking another gulp down. A drink should ease the pain—they say—but it doesn't. A gulp should drown the pain further into profound depths but it doesn't. Rather, he recounted all his aches down till the break. The accident, the rejections. His eyes stung from the tears he fought. Trying to hold his visible pain from the further display, gradually became more of a Herculean task. Red blazing stream of pain, boiling agitation and regrets. Was it anger, grieve or hurt he felt, either way, it wasn't a new feeling. He swirled his hand into
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Andre wakes up with a buzzing head and a distant fuzz. No, not the creaking noise from the roof of the house. It is the pain he feels when he has another episode.He grunts as he stretches his arms wideout. He gets up from his bed wondering how he got there, last he remembers, he was staring at Becky's picture which is now a mixture of torn canvas and debris glass.He pressed the alarm down before it began to buzz.The sun was out early and the whistles of leaves can be heard from the distance. The peace and segregation from the main town remind him of the reason he chose to leave on the outskirt.He hates the business of the town and the noise that came with it. The continuous screeching of cars, dogs barking and girls flooding the streets at night.His mind drifts back to last night. Last night when he was engaged. Last night his ring finger was coated in a beautiful metal ring since he
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Andre's POV:It is not every day you get accused of killing your ex, one week after you broke up, but no matter what life throws at you, you gather your shattered pieces and move on.Moving on. It is a simple task for everyone in the office, bath, dress up, get some coffee and straight to their desks. But for me, I wonder what it will be like sitting in midst of people who already loathe me for no reason and now they are handed one in a plate of gold.A sheep in lion's den.The city was crowded, as usual, humans, always in their never-ending struggle to fit in, struggle, work. I couldn't help but wonder, to what end did life even lead us? Forcing us to make decisions that shouldn't be there in the first place. The fear that you might go to work today and get fired, you might stay home and get burnt in an unpredictable accident, you might leave to get some drinks
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The stalker is everywhere,And nowhere.The stalker gets stalkedThey sit in our seats And feed our children They walk in the streets like us In the end,We are all stalkers.**** The door swung open and his hazel eyes were the first thing I noticed, then his white shirt and black trousers. His steps feeling gracious like he was the king of the world.Wait!Did he just walk into the office expecting the world to greet you welcome back? No, he is a damn killer, a thief and a damn liar. He was just worst than the other men—a scum bag. Why do I even hate him this much? Why does the sudden urge to commit murder rise when I see him? He disgusts me.He grinned widely at the people shaking hands with hi
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Knock knock!The monster knocks on your door.He brings a gift, One you would not reject.He brings pain.There is no saying no once the door opens.Run as far as you wish,In the end, you find out you accepted this gift. ****Even as a boy, Andre knew pain. No, not the kind of pain every child met in the hands of their parents. It was the kind that left a stain in your life. A stigma that follows you everywhere you go. The kind that messed cute little Andre into a rejection, made him a freak in the society. Pain is built in different phases—shades.Andre stared at his mother obliviously, she looked fragile and broken, too broken that even death had refused her. Her grey hair laying weakly on her so
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I knew something was wrong, maybe someone was after me or maybe I was losing my mind. It was impossible to tell what was what these days. More importantly, it was impossible to tell why I would kidnap my best friend and drive around with a dead body in the back of my trunk.I had just exited the hospital where my stepmom decided to spend the last of her painful life. She had survived a brutal man to end up in a hospital under the care of young ladies after men rather than caretaking. Well, I guess when you survive death that long, you tend to stay away almost permanently.I sat quietly in the restaurant, it was beautiful, everything about this city is, well except me. No, God no, I am the charm I know that but my head is the death of me.On a different occasion, I will admire the cosy weather and the quietness of the surrounding. The running water and the chaos just outside this glass. But right now, my only thoughts were
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When you talk about my life, you talk about a dolphin stuck in a desert. I was a symbol of anguish, the definition of emptiness. I had a job, a best friend like everyone (well used to) an old sick mother in her death bed but...Love was the last thing I wanted because like many people walking the streets today, love broke me. No, not me. Love broke the people who broke me.I stood in front of the mirror, staring at the man I used to know but someone else was staring back. He had the same hazel eyes, the same sadness drawn on his face but he was fucked, all shades fucked.The call had just come in, Detective Jones. Such a pain in the ass. I pulled the bag, holding my tickets. I had to leave this Godforsaken town. Maybe Tranquil will be a nice place to start a life, forget about everything that happened here, Christy, gosh, I wonder what she thinks of me now wherever she is if she is even alive.
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When you venture into the dark,You shouldn't fear to meet with darkness.When you wish to be in the light,Then you must first walk through the darkness.Christy's POV:You got your demons, they are nothing compared to the monster I saw when you bound me in your house. He was out for blood, not because I had done anything to him, but because he seeks you. He would tear your world limb to limb to erase everything you love. He had the anger in his eyes, the lust for blood. I know because I felt the same when I stabbed my ex straight to his heart. I have seen it before when James beat me until I lost the baby.From what I can gather, he has his eyes on you. He knows when you leave the house, when you return and when you go to bed. He knows who you dine with, who you meet with and even sleep with. He watches your eve
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Secrets are the end of every relationship. Once the seed is conceded in heart, slowly, the death approaches.Many had lost to the seed they conceded at heart and when it unleashes, disaster and death to years of trust and honour.Andre sat in front of his screen, oblivious of the entirety of the environment. He was trapped in the abyss thoughts of Christy. He relived every moment of them, all the smiles at various points. His head hurts already but he was lost too deep to care.Soon it was time to leave, time to play his role in worlds mess. He pulled his files together. He could the pair of eyes, eyes he once thought innocent, staring at him. All the guilt turned to anger. Maybe he considered letting the monster out, maybe if he showed her what torments and pains he passed through, she would understand or maybe he would kill her. Only if you were a fucking killer.He pulled himself, face u
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Andre sat on the cosy peaceful bed. The thoughts of Benjamin, Christy, and possibly many others who decided his life but still he had no idea.He was used to the blaring light of the morning rays and did not flinch when his eyes met the wide eyes of the window. Katherine slept peacefully on his arm, hugging him tight to her body.Are you sure you want to drag her into your mess?It was supposed to be a one-time thing, he never expected he would protect her from the demons chasing him to the ends of the earth. He combed her hair softly, using the tip of his well-trimmed fingers to give soft massages to her long black hair.Do you think you can protect her?A million and one thoughts keeping his chest in a heaved breath. He continued his combing motion, staring at her as she slept comfortably.Only if she knew what was coming.He s
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