Matched to the devil

Matched to the devil

By:  Jay Mhekzy  Completed
Language: English
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Captivating smile 5ft, 6inches tall, a willowy build and gorgeous translucent skin. Janice Sketches was a well-known matchmaker that could solve any problem within seconds. She finds matches to those unable to and was very skilled at it. But, she hadn't found her perfect match. Jules Forrest, also known as the devil for being a ruthless CEO. He only engaged in a nightstand and didn't believe true love existed. However, his principle changed when he met the stunning woman that shared his bed after a night at his brother's wedding. ----- EXCERPT: He knew she was drunk and he didn't want to take advantage of it but he couldn't help how her soft lips were making him feel. The softness of her skin, her sweet cupid-bow shaped lips, and warm kiss were beginning to make his mind muddled. He allowed her to take the lead without initiating anything so as not to overwhelm her. “Please take me, stranger." Her eyes and body begged him.

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Wonderful story love it!!!!
2021-12-09 22:13:18
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Updates would begin again on Monday, please read and leave your feedback. Thank you.
2021-12-09 19:49:20
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Love how the story goes. Can't wait for the next update. Keep up the good work author!
2021-12-09 18:42:33
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Wow, I love this storyline
2021-08-21 17:01:55
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Aarti Shankar
Author gotta amazing writing skills..... The book is interesting, all the best author.
2021-08-21 16:34:22
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It's the title for me ...️... I'm really intrigued by this book, definitely adding it to my library ...️
2021-08-21 15:38:46
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Esther Adams
Good work author, keep it up.
2021-07-30 20:34:00
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Esther Paul
2021-07-30 20:28:55
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Ankit Roy
Hey good work there mate! Review my work too.
2021-06-26 02:46:58
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Jay Mhekzy
Dear readers, it's a pleasure to see you are enjoying this. Kindly share your thoughts with me in the comment section.
2021-05-22 16:56:32
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Reyana Segal
Wonderful work, well written.
2021-08-21 15:58:42
70 Chapters
JANICE downed the Scotch Whisky with her in one gulp. She hissed, and her eyes brimmed with tears as the liquor burnt her throat. “Another one, please.” She mumbled, shoving the now empty glass towards the bartender. He eyed her warily as she set the glass in front of him yet again with another dollar bill. This would be her third order this evening if he filled the cup. Also, wondered what would have made a young pretty girl like her result in drinking away her pains, and he sensed she was depressed the instant she had strolled through the door and stalked to where he was. He felt her feelings even before she had dropped the first bill on the counter. Likewise, he couldn't ignore the other eyes burning through him from across the room. The bartender zeroed his gaze on a man not very far from him. He noticed his aloof grey eyes fixated on the girl, who was now slightly drunk. He didn't blame the man for staring at her. She was gorgeous, even in her drunken state. Him as well, i
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Janice darted to the washroom in the cathedral for the umpteenth time as she felt the powerful urge to pee. She groaned, checking out her reflection in the mirror as she rinsed her hand. Her tired and sunken eyes gazed back at her. She always looked her best and hardly looked like this. She wanted to stay back as soon as she woke, but she had to keep up appearances since it was her best friend's wedding. Moreover, she was the matchmaker, which means she needed to be present to witness all of it. Janice had called in sick, but her friend, Maggie, had almost bitten her ear off through the phone. She indeed looked pitiful, Janice noted, as she stared at herself once more. She inhaled deeply, and let it out slowly as a familiar wave of nausea surged through her.“Not again!” She winced as her stomach did a flip-flop.“Please, let me just have today for myself. I promise to lie back for the rest of the week as you wish.” She pleaded, resting her hand on her taut stomach. Still, it p
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Jules let out a loud groan as the red-haired girl, seated next to him, kept on hitting on him. Her left hand rested on his leg, and she stroked it in an up and down manner, irking him the more. He couldn't hide the sign of irritation that was present on his chiselled face. He scowled and plucked her hands off for the umpteenth time. Yet, she didn't relent.Jules wasn't only annoyed by the girl, but also by the event going on. He had been dragged to this wedding ceremony by his mother, who never ceases to meddle in his affair. She had forced him to be present here to see if he would find any girl that would interest him.Though she hadn't said that, he knew what her motives were. And the red-haired made it worse because everything she was doing was getting him pissed off. She fanned her perfectly made-up face with a manicured hand, and undid the only two buttons on the red blouse she donned.Her ample bosoms almost sprang out of the cloth, and Jules couldn't help himself as his gaz
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Janice let out a sigh she didn't realized she was holding. The person she had desperately been trying to forget, though it was impossible since he was a part of her now, was Jules freaking Forrest. The CEO of Forrest Inc and not only that, but also the crowned Prince of Cherview. The night they had been together, she had heard only his voice. The naughty words he whispered as he trailed kisses all over her delicate body, the way his silky fingers had made her come undone expertly. Janice had barely seen his face that night, since everything had been fuzzy, and she had taken more booze than she could hold. He had made her give herself to him without even a second thought. It wasn't her fault because Jules was the type of man that made women like her not think twice before doing his bidding. Aside from his good looks, he had the authority to get what he wanted. Janice shook her head, brushing the thoughts aside. Besides, she was here for something far more important than that. Sh
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Surprise visit
“Flowers,” Checked. “Decorations.” Checked. Janice listed as she ticked the box in front of each category. Her eyes dimmed, and she let out a groan as she realized she had been working for a long time without eating. “I should go on a coffee break soon.” She mumbled, staring at the pile of unfinished work in front of her. Yet, she knew it wouldn't be possible soon. Because she needed to finish the paperwork in front of her, and she loathed procrastination, which was becoming a part of her now. A few seconds into the work, her shoulder drooped, and her hands trembled. The pen she gripped in her hand clattered on the brown mahogany desk and rolled down to the floor. “I should probably get something to eat now, else I would pass out.” Janice rubbed her temple as she felt a headache brewing. She nudged the remaining paperwork aside before pushing herself out of the brown leather chair she was in. She undid the button of the black skinny jeans she donned to allow freedom as she
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Doctor's Appointment
Janice snatched her car key off the brown nightstand, and she gripped the handle of her luggage with the other hand. Sighing, she stared at the room she had been staying in for the past five years. It had been a haven for her. And where she had fled to after her first heartbreak. Maggie had got the place for her and Janice had fallen in love with it right away. Now, she was leaving, where she thought she'd stay for a few more years. Even though it was the last thing she wanted to do, she was aware it was necessary. She exited the door of her flat and brought the key towards the lock. “Going somewhere?” Startled, she swirled. The key in her hand clattered to the ground, and she clutched her chest whilst staring at the man in front of her. “What are you doing here?!” Janice gasped. Her gaze widened as she glimpsed the black Cadillac, Aston Martin, and several other cars surrounding her car. “Today is the appointment to the doctor's office,” Jules said. Janice noticed him ass
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She paced the vast living room, which had only a large brown love sofa and a 32 inches flat screen that was at the corner of the wall. Glancing at where she was now, she noticed how frigid and void the room was. Without the dark painting, it still was cold. Everything around him depicted his stiff personality. She reckoned that was how he always had been and would be. Even the night they had met, if she wasn't too drunk, she'd have noticed the type of man he was- a controlling, arrogant b*st*rd. And she'd have stopped herself from going in with him. At least, it would save her from what she was experiencing currently. Getting married? She pondered as her mind drifted yet again to what he had said. Her lips curled up in distaste. She glared at him as he casually stepped into the room. “I'm not getting married to you because I'm carrying your child. That is the last thing I will ever do because it is the wrong purpose for marriage. And marriage should be for love!” Jules stared a
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A sigh escaped her lips, and Janice's hand collided with a hard chest as she tossed in the enormous bed. She felt around, and she sensed it wasn't a pillow, rather she was gripping a warm body! Startled, she came awake. She gazed around with wide eyes as she tried to decipher where she was in. A window positioned at the corner of the vast room was opened and moonlight streamed inside, illuminating it. The curtain rustled as the wind blew it. Janice wondered when she had a large window in her flat because she could only recall how tiny it was to even accommodate one. Moreover, she recalled the lack of air that she often suffered because of having another massive building close by. But she still enjoyed her personal space, despite how cramped it was. Her eyes travelled to the vanity, which was exquisite even in the moonlight. Several skincare products adorned it, and she glanced at the clock as it chimed. It was just past two, and she was in bed with a stranger! Was she abducte
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Janice awoke to the sound of a knock on her door. Slowly, she lifted her body from the bed and discarded the brown duvet that was draped around her body. She glanced at the clock on the brown-coated wall and realized she had slept for just two hours. Also, she noticed she was alone in the room, and she wondered where Jules had gone. Janice sighed as she remembered him mentioning he had some business to do. The knock sounded again, snapping her out of her thoughts. “I'll be with you shortly,” she said whilst yanking the robe that was hung on the chair next to her. Trudging to the door, she unlocked the door, and her head peeked out. Startled, her brows creased when she saw three women with wide grins on their faces, and each curtsied. They donned the same black fashionable button-down maxi gown and a French straw bonnet was on each head. Momentarily, Janice's eyes travelled to her right as the door leading to a room next to the one she was in opened, and a male servant stepped
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His Siren
“This feels so nice,” Janice muttered as she lay in the pedestal bathtub. She sighed as the heated water caressed her skin, and her eyes rolled into her head at the feelings it incited in her. The Lavender and chamomile essential oils the maid had added to the water were stimulating, and she enjoyed how they relaxed her tensed muscles. Janice had never thought she would experience this sort of luxury in her life. Though she wasn't used to this extravagance, she appreciates the flat she had rented and came to know as home. Her hand stretched out to snatch the stem of the wineglass, which was next to her in a tray that was placed on the small white coffee table. She lifted the glass to her lips and took a sip. It glided down her throat smoothly, and she marvelled at how excellent it tasted. She had searched through the wine collection of Jules, and the bourbon wine had caught her attention. It had always been one of her fantasies to drink bourbon whilst soaking in a bathtub wit
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