Meet Me Halfway

Meet Me Halfway

By:  Ndidi Otuya  Ongoing
Language: English
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love heals, it gives. love, in its most profound form beathes forth life. love gives forth light. There is, more to all Aine O' connell ever knew, was ever sure of, especially with a past full of ghosts. The handsome Bryan Maher soon teaches her that. And perhaps, maybe, just maybe God has other plans for Bryan as well? for there is more to the pain than torment. there is more to the heartbreak than destruction, And there is more to the sorrow than weeping. shalom.

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36 Chapters
Love is pa­tient, love is kind. Love does not envy, does not act wrongly, love is not in­flated. Love is not am­bi­tious, does not seek for it­self, is not pro­voked to anger, de­vises no evil. Love does not re­joice over in­iq­uity, but re­joices in truth. Love suf­fers all, be­lieves all, hopes all, love endures all. Love never ends. 1corinthians 13 vs 4-8. ~~~~ I welcome you to this journey, a land of hope and dreams, may pluck a flower or two. With all my love💋💓.                                   ~~~~ A word or Two   The masks These masks we wear, in order to hide what really lurks in the shadows within. The shadows we hide from, the shadows we fear to embrace. Forgetting that in the suffocation brought to us by our darkes
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Chapter one
"You'll never believe who just moved into town!" Branna's big hazel eyes lit up as she turned to her childhood friend Aine, who was working with a cash book behind the counter, she ran a floral shop and her sister of the heart had dropped by to 'say hi.' "Who?" She asked, looking up from her cash book, a hint of a smile playing at her lips. So much for wanting to just 'say hi.' "The Maher's son. They're only son, and word is, he's hotter than burning coal." Aine merely rose her brows and snorted, her friend tended to be a bit boy crazy at times. But burning coal? That one was new. And a part of her, the nosy part of her that wagged it's little head whenever she was around this girl purred with curiosity. "What's his name?" "Bryan, or was it Brody?" This time Aine gave a little chuckle. "So, you know of how hot he is, but not his name?" She added emphasis on the 'hot' and made Brianna grin.
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Chapter Two
Aine O'conell plucked a fresh blackberry from the branch and dropped it in the basket she held in her left hand. "The berries look so good, kenell, and I bet they taste even better, I can't wait to jam these." The black Irish wolfhound lying down beside her simply let out a breath, he was used to her going on and on about berries and jamming. Kenell stired and growled, a slow warning growl, it meant they had company. She straightened and turned around and had her heart slam hard against her chest, as she caught sight of a man watching her from a distance through the clearing amongst a cluster of branches. Just how long had he been watching her? She wasn't sure what to do and automatically put her hand on kenell's collar as he got up to keep him from charging after the intruder, but ready to release him if she had to. "Hold on, let's see what this is about." she could feel his anger at the disturbance still,
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Chapter Three
Bryan made it back to his cabin and stretched out on a long brown sofa. "Aine." He sighed out, a smile on his lips. His plans to stay seemed to be looking up. He would still have to work on getting people to check out his horses. He'd done the extra check on them after his ride, showered and now all he wanted to do was stretch his legs. And think about the beautiful Aine. The truth was, he still couldn't remember where he'd seen her before, however he was sure he had, her eyes were all too familiar. A sweet memory. He would remember, maybe he could ask his parents. yes, he'd do just that. He sighed again, got up and stretched, moving to where the light switch was he put off the light in living room, put on the lights on the porch and walked to bedroom where the only light on was from the lamp on the table by his bedside. He laid on the bed and in seconds he was out, and in dreams he was visited by brown curious eyes that held so
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Chapter Four
He did not know what made him do it. Or perhaps he did, but didn't just recognize it yet. But as he took his seat beside her, and felt the warm tender skin of her hand collide with his from time to time, any doubts he had about the move he made fell away. Plus, her friend seemed welcoming enough. "Hello." he stretched out his hand to branna. "I'm Byran Maher." "Branna Sweeney, pleasure." She said, taking his hand. He gave his most charming smile before letting go of her hand and then turning to Aine. "So we see again, Aine." "Small world, Bryan." Aine said, making him chuckle. "I guess it is." he replied. "So, Bryan, you plan to stay?" Branna asked with no preamble, But Byran didn't seem to mind as he took a gulp from his beer and set it down to answer her. "Actually, I do. I have done a lot of roamings, but I guess in the end, nothing beats home." He said honestly, and helped himself to some fries. They w
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Chapter Five
"Kenell, do you not ever tire of chasing your own tail?" Aine asked her wolfhound as she sat outside in her backyard, peeling some potatoes to fry chips out of. And of course Kenell paid her no mind, he just kept chasing his rump. It was a breezy day and being out with her dog and her plants felt nice. The dog stopped chasing his rump and laid out in front off her. "Tired, aye?" He just let out a grunt and she could not help but laugh. "Ah, Kenell my love, what would I ever do without you, my precious boy?" She peeled the potatoes for the next few minutes before heading back into the kitchen to slice them up , and was interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing. "Must be bran wondering about our plans tonight." They were going to have a girl's night out, but they hadn't decided on where. "Hullo," she said into the phone. Not, for some reason, noticing the caller ID. Supporting the phone wit
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Chapter Six
He had her caught up. That's the only way she could describe how he made her feel. It was as though she was floating. She never had floaty feelings around men she was attracted to. He was different. With him, things were different. "You're quiet." He said, drawing her out of her thoughts. They were lying side by side on the cool grass. He had taken her on a picnic in the middle of nowhere. Okay, not in the middle of nowhere. They were somewhere in the woods not so far off from his cottage. He'd planned it. The Woods, picnic, good wine, good food(he cooked!) wonderful array of flowers, and as the moon shone above them, they'd simply lain on their backs admiring the heavens, God's great work. "I'm just thinking about what a nice time I'm having with you. That wasn't in the plan." "Gush, Aine, you're going to make an old man blush." She looked up into his smiling face, and was struck by how handsome he was. "Aren'
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Chapter Seven
"Every time! This happens every time!" Aine rolled her eyes at Branna's tantrum,"If you'd just lower the heat they won't burn when you look away.""They didn't burn, they just.. I don't even know, you'll eat them still?""You know I will, I love scorched eggs" Branna laughed, Aine smiled, it was their thing."So tell me!! What is he like?" Branna asked as they settled down at the dinning table for breakfast, they'd had their girls night out and had cone to Branna's for the night, kenell was with Aine's parent."He... He is sweet and kind... And puts butterflies in my tummy. No man, no man has done that, the butterflies, really, not even..." She trailed off and Branna's hand covered hers across the table, even as her eyes lit up something fierce."He is history.""I know, I know. I'm just trying to say it's a new feeling. Gentle and soft, with him I have the gentle and soft, and I like it, I like it a lot."B
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Chapter Eight
"Kenell likes him." Aine said to her Mother. The sun shone, the birds chirruped, the wind flirted with her skin that was bared, the grass was green and moist beneath her bared feet, she turned her head upward and smiled a little, gratitude in her heart. The creator at work, she thought. Then looked at her mother. "Does he?" "He does." She replied, as she calmly sipped her lemon tea, and she felt a war of emotions stir within her soul. Her mother thought for a moment before she spoke, "And you? How do you feel about him?" How did she feel? She felt... She felt. "Mama, I don't know how to answer that question. I enjoy being with him, when he's not there I miss him, every time... Every time I think about him I smile." "Except now." "Excuse me?" "Baby girl, you aren't smiling now. But your eyes are a different thing, they're twinkling. He pu
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Chapter Nine
“Take a break,” Bryan said from the other side of the counter. He'd been dogging her all afternoon, Helping around, making somewhat fruitful conversations with Cedric– Cedric liked him, but was trying not to, she could tell– Attending to customers. She thought, with a smile, she just might give him a raise.“ In ten minutes.” she looked at the clock, “make that fifteen ”Bryan lifted his eyes upward which made Aine giggle, and peered down at the book in front of her.“Inventory?”“uh hun.”He looked back at her and got lost in her eyes.“I wonder, ” he started, “I wonder if I distract you, the same way you distract me.”Her smirk came quickly but it soon faded as she began to study him.“you do.” she said honestly, “but today, you've been such big help, you've made up for my shortcomings.”“Good.
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