Chapter 6


Pale eyes with a slight tinge of iron in color. The man looked at me with curiosity then as if on cue, his face turned into amusement. His eyes focused on mine, and for a moment, I saw the familiar flash of color behind them. I broke our contact, not wanting to linger in it any longer.

Those eyes reminded me of him. Alpha Knight Strevus. He is a pleasant thought, but I was not willing to scald under his scrutiny anymore, not when he has a lover. If he loathed me, I would not push myself to be a bit likable to him.

My hopes of turning away were disposed of as I muffled my urge to vent out my pain. Overpowering me like turbulence was grief, desperation, and heartbreak, all in one moment.

Noticing my silent torment, the man walked forward, leveling his eyes into mine and offering a lending hand.

"Are you alright?" Lacing his voice was concern and something I couldn't point out.

I waved my hand, indicating that I was indeed fine, though it was a lie. I lifted my head, trying to balance out the air in my windpipes. This wasn't anything I can describe—heavy in my chest, burning underneath my skin. The feeling is something I cannot fully comprehend either.

A few minutes passed, the pain finally subsided. When I could leverage myself altogether, I glanced at the man who was staring at me impassively. We fell into silence as I attempted to haul myself upright—still aching in pain. I thought he would ask me what had happened; thankfully, the stranger didn't press on. Other than that, I had several questions looming in my head. What happened? Why did it hurt? What is happening to my heart?

"Since you seem capable enough, I will take you to the palace physician. We won't take long,"

"No, I'm fin—" I said, and just when I was about to fully stand up, I faltered midway as I felt the familiar sting once more.

The man finally had enough and preceded me. With one sweep, he scooped my frail body into his arms. I was left nostalgic, especially when I remembered Alpha Knight carrying me amidst the thick undergrowth. Despite my feeble attempts of struggling, I gave up—realizing that this man was very much like Alpha Knight—strong and burly. There was no chance of escaping and refusing this man.

I had yet to learn of this stranger's name. But based on his features alone, perhaps he was a close relative of Alpha Strevus. I was about to ask him when he suddenly stopped, eyes transfixed on a certain someone. Urgently, my eyes wandered toward the end of the hallway, morphing my features into a startled one as I saw two familiar figures. They both came out of the same room, and it was a clear indication to me.

I looked at the two of them with forlorn. Besides the pain, the heavy aura weighed down my resolve. I tried tossing the thought of their intimate sessions; however, I couldn't strap and relieve myself of their long-overdue relationship—Alpha Knight and Lorraine. While his lover was apprehensive, Alpha closed up, losing all his emotion with one sweep toward my figure.

The stranger who was carrying me carefully laid me down until my feet touched the soft fabric of the carpet. As much as I hate to be in this moment, I need to face them with great caution. Alpha Knight was my vulnerable spot; though my heart twisted, he had no right to lay a finger on me—even if he was my mate and even if I was an enemy. I don't know why I thought he would hurt me, but I am still sure that he despises my whole being, given that he subjected me to torture. And up to this moment, I still flinched at the memory.

"What are you doing at this hour?" Alpha Knight asked, his brows contorting into confusion.

I had difficulty finding my voice as I was momentarily lost in thought. Fortunately, the man beside me felt my utter aloofness and instead answered in my stead.

"I want to meet your...guest," He said, emphasizing the word guest. "I noticed her weak state, and I plan on bringing her to the palace healer,"

"You had no right messing with my prisoner," Knight almost furiously exclaimed.

The stranger's countenance was devoid of any emotions as well. He also possessed a powerful, autocratic stance unmatched by any people I had witnessed and felt in this kingdom—except Alpha Knight, who probably shared the same gene pool as him.

"I am just considerate of her health. I truly feel for her, especially now that we need her,"

I plunged into deep thought when he mentioned he needed me? What was there to unravel? And does this stranger already know about me?

Alpha Knight momentarily glanced at me. And for a second, I thought I saw a flash of jealousy behind his eyes, but then again, perhaps I was hallucinating. I did my best to avoid the situation—yearning to excuse myself any minute now. But the unwelcoming stranger I was with tormented me even more by elevating the tension instead of de-escalating it. He held my hand, locked eyes with mine, and somehow, trailed his gaze down to my lips. Feeling uncomfortable suddenly, I grimly bit into my lip which earned us a snarl from Alpha Knight.

What is happening? Why does it seem like a silent battle was ensuing?

"Get off her," Alpha Knight snarled in a deep tone.

Lorraine, who looked pretty taken aback by Alpha Knight's actions whispered something into his ear. Much to my chagrin, something inside me started aching again. Instead, I lowered my gaze, trying to weave my reasons together. Is this the effect of what they termed as a bond? If so, then I could not bear the pain of our interactions in the future—how I will become a witness to their fondness and happiness—I simply want this to end.

Taking a deep breath, I forced myself to speak up. "I'm fine. Really. Please, I just want to return to my quarters. I'm sorry for the inconvenience that I caused," I told them, slightly dipping into a curtsy towards my mate.

Even with my stark, barren expression, the stranger beside me shot me a perceptive glance as if he knew what I was implying. There was a small pound of silence before he passed a smile on his face.

"Very well... it appears the lady desires to return to her chambers. I shall escort her, as I was the one who brought her here,"


The stranger interjected, cutting off Alpha Knight. "Based on your conduct, it's difficult to believe you possessed much empathy for your..." He halted, a moment of contemplation forming a thought bubble in our minds. "—captive. Nonetheless, there's little else I can do except return her; after all, I was the one who carried her and, in a manner, compelled her to seek aid from a healer,"

Alpha Knight was about to speak but was soon disrupted when we paid him no heed. Without wasting much time, the stranger turned in the opposite direction, back to where we first started. Feeling my heart beginning to throb in pain, I trailed behind the man who somehow saved me from further embarrassment.

My supposed mate didn't spare me an inch of concern. To say that I wasn't expecting much was an understatement. The stranger profusely mentioned that I required tending and medical help. Not only are my bruises not entirely faded and my trauma healed, but the stress they caused me needed at least a solemn explanation. What were my crimes even? Why do they despise my kin? Thinking about this made me feel that they were resentful towards my background than for who I was.

As we walked in silence, the gust of wind and noises outside the palace didn't cease. With his long strides, I barely managed to keep up. Other than that, my soles were freezing in utter coldness, and there was no one to blame except for myself.

Clearing my throat, I offered my gratitude. "T-thank you...but you shouldn't be helping me..."

The stranger chuckled as if agreeing. "Why not? You seem—alone,"

A hesitant smile settled on my face. "I guess...but it wasn't your business to defend me,"

"You're quite right. Though I also found you and proceeded to take you without any permission. That was very unbecoming of me as a prince. The same goes with my brother,"

I paused for a second. Brother? I urged to slap my face for not considering that this man was royalty.

"I was kind of wondering..." The stranger trailed on.

"About what? Uhh—Your Highness."

He briefly stopped in his tracks. "Don't call me that. Though I am the second prince, I want to be addressed by my name, Chance,"

I nodded. "A-alright...C-chance. What were you curious about?"

"You in particular...Why did my brother bring you here?"

That, I still couldn't fully comprehend the fact that they were brothers. That explains why he was also attractive, but even so, Alpha Knight appeals to me every single time I lay my eyes on him. 

"Umm...I don't know if I can disclose my initial thoughts and suspicions,"

Should I tell him?

Looking at the man, he doesn't seem the type to hold some form of power over a clueless person. He seemed genuine, though mischievous as well. I was still hesitant, not until he decided to speak.

"There's nothing within your mind that I'm not aware of, Amethyst. I can read your thoughts. It would be wise to inform me, lest I take it upon myself to reveal your thoughts,"

I stared at him in surprise. How did he know that I took the name Amethyst? I was stunned into silence, barely able to grasp that he had magical abilities besides being a shape-shifter like his brother. Fearing that Chance was going to dive into my head if I refused to utter my truth, I proceeded to pour everything I remember.

"I-I was an enemy he said," I stated wryly as a finale. I thought everything I babbled was outlined and well told, not until he disapproved of it.

"I already established that. What more?"

"Umm—he needed my memories,"

"You're not giving me the response I wish to hear,"

I blinked at him, my mind confused and in dishevel. What did I miss out on? As far as I remember, everything he needed to learn about me was already mentioned. His grey eyes flashed, daring to suggest that he found me clueless and maybe quite stupid.

"You're my brother's mate. Why are you leaving that out?"

I looked in astonishment. "I thought there wasn't any importance in the—"

"Of course it is. You are the future, Luna. Why aren't you fighting for your own mate? Your own right and pack?"

His words rattled me; however, he needs to realize not everything falls into place. "It's because I know nothing of this world...I don't even know what a Luna is...And you don't how difficult it is, being alone, not knowing what danger awaits me...I'm like an infant, barely stepping and realizing reality,"

Chance flexed his jaw. "Still...we can't defy nature,"

"I haven't defied anything. In reality, it was your brother who refused our connection. So, tell me, why should I strive for a man who doesn't desire me?"

For the first time ever since we met, I saw the expression in his eyes vanish, replacing his stoic countenance with heartfelt emotion. And from that alone, I can conclude that rejection is a serious matter—one that can genuinely break another, and unfortunately, I was the one abandoned.

Chance did not dare to speak of it again, and for that, I guess I am thankful.

He walked me back to my chambers. As I was about to enter my quarters, I saw him climbing the stool of the massive window a few meters away from me.

"I will see you again, Am,"

"Wait!" I screamed, scared that he was subjecting himself to death.

With one powerful leap, the second prince Chance Strevus rid himself of the window, landing in a perfect stance beneath the short stubbles of grass outside the castle garden. He looked at me once again before stirring into a bow—I knew he was acting comical. Nevertheless, I curtsied back at him. He grinned, not sure if it was a good or bad sign.

Later on, he was adjourned by the palace maids—seeing their harried form scuttling while briefly pausing to bow to the man.

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