Mending Lucas Heart | Azelea Avery

Mending Lucas Heart | Azelea Avery

By:  Azelea Avery  Completed
Language: English
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"Did you ever love me?" My voice cracked, trying to hold back my tears.He looked at me and tried to touch me but I avoided it."I am asking you, did you ever love me?" I asked sternly, trying to be strong but my voice betrayed me."I...I don't know" He stuttered and whispered but I heard it clearly.He doesn't know it means he didn't love me at all. I feel empty, and I am really nothing for him. I gave all my strength and all myself to him just to mend his heart.I feel used. I am so done here.____________________Lucas WightenA 25 years old billionaire, He has a 1-year-old son but his wife and him got divorced, his ex-wife cheated on him despite all the good the things he showed to her and loves her wholeheartedly. The day they got divorced changes him into a cold, arrogant, and workaholic man again.Aria Bright A 25 years old lady who works at the cafe. An adopted daughter. Despite all the ups and down to her life she never gives up.Everything will turn up side and down after living in with her husband.❗Read to find out❗❗Grammatical Errors❗®AUGUST 2020IG: azelea_avery

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37 Chapters
Chapter 1
Aria "Have a nice day Sir." I bid goodbye to my customer and gave him his frappe. I have worked at this cafe for 2 years already. I have many loyal customers and sometimes they give me some tips.  I am an adopted daughter and my foster dad died because of the accident he caused, leaving me all his debts. All the people run after me that is why I am working smarter than harder. Double jobs, sidelines, etc. I know I am strong enough to surpass these experiences. I spent my 5 years in life thinking and working to pay the debt. Luckily, I already paid the others completely. $500,000 is the last debt I need to pay.  My salary is not enough to pay for it but like I said smarter than harder. I will work in different jobs just to pay for it. Life is too short just to kill myself for the debts.  I live in a small apartment wherein there is one room for a kitchen, b
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Chapter 2
Lucas It was already 9 pm. I just got home from the office; I was just waiting for my baby son to come home. My sister told me earlier that Luke spoke for the first time. He called someone mommy. I should be bothered but still, the joy in my heart got more attention than thinking why he called a random girl a mommy. And he should call 'daddy' first.
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Chapter 3
Aria I am already at the cafe, refilling the flavors while making the foam for the frappe. "A, did you eat yet?" Brent asked me, holding the food in his hands. "Kinda, I drink café Americano," I said not looking into his eyes; I could feel he was looki
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Chapter 4
Aria Leticia feels at home at my house. After we ate the food she brought. We are sitting on the bed because there is no couch to sit on. We talked about their love story, her family, and her brother who owns a multibillion company. Mark and her brother are best friends. We shared a lot of girls' talk. 
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Chapter 5
LucasI am in the office. It's already 6 pm. I brought Luke here because I didn't have time for him. I always drowned myself to work. Luke is with Rosaline, his nanny. Guiding Luke to walk cause my baby is starting to learn to walk now. He needed protection in case he falls. 
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Chapter 6
AriaThe ride in the car was silent. No one tries to break the silence. Luke was on my lap. I can't believe this child loves me even we met in a short amount of time. He even called me his mommy.  
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Chapter 7
Aria It's been 3 days since I got married. I was still adjusting to my new lifestyle. I always woke up in the morning and Lucas was always nowhere to be found. I was planning to cook breakfast for Lucas but he is not here, so I decided to freshened up and changed my clothes. I saw Luke sucking his teether. 
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Chapter 8
AriaLucas is already at work like he usually does. Yesterday was a disaster. He never said to Luke anything or makeup something to him. Luke and I are watching transfor
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Chapter 9
AriaWeeks passed by. I communicated with Ana and Rosaline very well. We three really got close to each other. They are very loyal to Lucas even Lucas's temper explodes. I always help them cook and help them in other ways. They always stop me but I always insist. I am not a queen or princess just to sit here and ordered them what I want. I always want to do anything.
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Chapter 10
AriaI heard the door opened. This is the first time, I saw Lucas in a drunken state. He looked stress and his suit is a mess. I walked up to him and helped him up.
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