Chapter 13

The night turned three sixty in a short space of time. Simon refused to see Alice or talk to her after she ran after him. Alice was crying rivers and refused to speak to Vincent in return, and went to stay with Megan. Life had been perfect before she did the unthinkable.

She was with Simon, and yet the moment Vincent kissed her, she melted. For a long time, she had dreamed of this moment. She was ashamed of giving into him and allowing her carnal urges to take control. Alice had quickly kissed Vincent back without a second thought. She never imagined she was a cheater in her life. Cheating with the same person she had assured Simon would never come between them.

Alice felt like the two-timing cheater she was. What she had done to Simon was wrong. She felt horrible because Simon saw it with his eyes. Alice wanted her face plastered on a billboard so she can have a reminder of how shallow she was. If people saw her as a cheating snake, then they would stay clear of her. She didn't deser
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