Chapter 18

It wasn’t Simon’s intention to overhear Alice’s conversation. He wanted to give her all the privacy, but the door hadn’t closed properly, as Alice thought. His discreet attempt to close the door made him hear everything. Now Simon was sitting on the floor, his head leaning to the wall next to the office door, listening to Alice crying.

She had been in there for a while crying, and Simon didn’t want to make things worse. He let her cry alone when he wanted to barge in and carry her to his bedroom, run a bath for her, and hold her. He wanted to dry her tears, but this wasn’t his business. Simon didn’t want to be a hero. His phone vibrating in his hand made him come off his reverie. He pushed himself up and walked to the window.

“Miss Megan has arrived. Should I tell her to wait somewhere?”

“Send her up.” Simon replied and hung up.

He walked past the office where Alice was still crying and went to the entrance. He waited by the elevator. The bank opened and Megan stepped out, taking Simo
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