Rilika told Jess about her miscarriage


Jessica and Liam both came out of the daze as Rilika's words put the soul in them. Jessica shifted her eyes to her son and felt uncomfortable by the thing she felt in her heart looking at the unknown person who was acquainted with Rilika.

And he could not be a good man, Jessica believed.

“Ahhhum!” Jessica cleared her throat and said, “If you two have no problem then have a seat because it is uncomfortable to feel people standing on the head while you are eating."

Liam was immediately dissatisfied with the way the words were spoken because he was a proud man who desired to be respected by all. He couldn't help but respond before Rilika put him in an even more awkward position.

"I'd prefer to be alone in my enclosure, away from the noise."

Rilika became anxious as she failed to carry out her plan to lower Jessica into the mud pit in front of Liam. If Liam left, her action would have been in vain. She, therefore, asked Liam to hold on and gave him a teary-eyed look.

While Rili
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