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Cornell was fast asleep after returning home, and Jessica was exhausted as well. Aside from that, she had to meet with the advertising company that had offered her a shoot of their brand. As a result, Jessica rested her head on the pillow and attempted to sleep. Suddenly, that man in the restaurant interrupted her thoughts, and she couldn't close her eyes.

The entire drive home, she kept picturing those grey eyes in her head. She had never experienced this after meeting a man, but today her head was all about Liam Grey.

Why was the man I didn't know attracting me to such a powerful degree? Am I familiar with him? Jessica repeatedly questioned herself. She tried desperately to sleep, but Liam Grey kept her from doing so.

Jessica scratched her forehead while gazing up at the ceiling before rising from the bed. She picked up the phone from next to her pillow and went outside, tying the gown belt around her waist.

Midnight brought a chilly wind, and she tugged her hair behind her ears

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Carolyn Thomas
The story is well written, and I am hope it continues to keep me engrossed to the end ...
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Carmel Grooms
Looking forward to reading this book it's good so far
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I’m enjoying the book and can’t wait to see what happens.

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