By:  Celia Lennox  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nothing stays hidden for long. November James may be beautiful, graceful, and wonderful in Leonidas Maximilian's eyes but beneath her smile lays a hungry monster, clawing its way out to kill, to dominate, and possess everything that crosses its path. She's got war riding on her back, wolf hunters, assassins, and now a husband to protect. How much longer can she hide? Successful and responsible Corporate Lawyer Leo believes he's got everything he wants except for love, when he met the perfect girl November James he thought his life is complete, until one faithful day he realized the woman he loves wasn't anything remotely human at all, will he stay and fight for her or will he turn his back to the new world she's brought him into?

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The best author!! ...
2022-08-31 20:30:47
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Promising title, I'm sure the plot will blow the readers' mind! ...
2022-01-18 01:02:05
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Love the plot, and the author
2022-01-17 23:15:35
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PRELUDE (PRESENT)   Life is good   His name is Leonidas - Leo - Maximilian, just 30 and married. Well, just a newlywed, he married the woman of his dreams. His friends said it was too soon, too fast but what do they know? He pushes the door open and called out, “I’m home!”, and his wife was already waiting for him inside with a cake she baked.   “Welcome home!” November James-Maximilian the most beautiful, perfect woman he laid eyes on. My wife.   He grins, he can’t help it. His November is so sweet, he walkes over her and kissed her on the lips. He fingered the icing to taste and smirks, “Strawberry.”   November snorted, “You do not look cute.”   Leonidas drops a kiss on her forehead and pressed, “Tastes heavenly.” Then he took the cake from her as she helps him take off his coat.   “How’s work today?” &
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The Luna Puer Pack 2002, Tver Region, Central Part of European Russia Leaves rustled wildly as the strong wind raged; the clouds that looked like they were hanging above in the dark sky parted as if to give way to the big, almost translucent full moon. A blur of something white passes through the tall grasses, stirring some nightly animals from their slumber. Panting hard and roughly able to run fast enough anymore, she let out a groan but she didn’t stop, she run through the night despite being barefooted. She paused for a moment, panting heavily. The simple white dress she wore; dirtied and torn. Her long black hair flow as the harsh wind blew in her direction. Her heart beats fast and loud, poun
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November always like going to the borders of Tver forest where the distant scape of the city looked like Christmas lights shining and blinking. She and Jennie are the oldest females in the pack, both 18 and are very strong for their age, they had to be. Some of their males were brutally killed from the bloody battle two years ago against the Vetrovsky Pack of Moscow, Russia. That battle for the territory had wiped out half of the infamous Luna Puer Pack and that sent them running back to their roots, the damned forest of Tver.   Wolves in general takes territorial threats very seriously as it is in their nature, every threat to the territory has to be eliminated.   The first time they stepped foot in Russia, Luna Puer Pack thought they could settle and live
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“She is my mate. I had met her years ago… and now, I found her again.” November’s Father declared. “She will be your Alpha female from now on.” The hallway filled with silence, eyes zeroed to the two strangers standing before them. “And this is Nicole…November she is your little sister.” November stared at the little girl, she has unusual eyes. For a wolf shifter, her eyes were slanted dramatically that almost resembles of a cat, just eleven and in human form but Nicole’s eyes were already of a wolf’s. Gleaming gold, November didn’t know if those were fangs peeking in her closed lips. Her gaze met by the younger girl, none of them blinked or turned away. November could smell it from the eleven year old girl, her little sister. Nicole is her Father’s daughter, he’s very own blood, a child with the mate he ha
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 December 2016, Brooklyn, New York November slammed against a brick wall, across the dark alley, she hit the concrete wall so hard that when she fell on the snow-covered pavement, the wall shook heavily and huge cracks were left to the wall. She growls, her eyes turning crystal blue, her vision turning into a wolf’s.Standing up slowly, she cracks her neck, the wound healing right away. November bared her fangs and snarled at the four male wolf-shifters standing across her. She was on her way to her new home when she was suddenly thrown off by a sudden force, but she inwardly blamed herself for missing the scent and was taken off guard by her enemies for she had been deep into her thoughts. She noticed it but she was almost a second too late before that hand swayed her.
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 “November… James?” “That’s her name.” “So what does she do?” “She’s a ballet teacher and she also teaches kindergarten in her spare time.” His older brother sounds skeptical. “And when and how did you meet this woman?” “Two weeks ago. She was mugged and I saved her.” Leonidas leaned against the railings, of his balcony, he g
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November tilts her head and grew her fangs. “Hmmm…” She inspected them in the mirror, “I haven’t eaten anything raw since 2012…” Her fangs retracted. “I do miss hunting and taking down some elk or deer.” But she lives in the city now and in a fancy neighborhood too, she just can’t go out and hunt unless she went to the zoo and kill every carnivore she lays her eyes on there. Her eyes flickered from its usual human eyes to a wolf’s, cold crystal blue eyes welcomed her. Usually, her pack and wolf shifters from other packs had called her freakish for having such cold eye color. Usually only wolf cubs have blue eyes, but that changes at about six weeks of age and adult wolves do not retain blue as eye color. 
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 November James, the bitch is fucking a human! A full human! No wonder Nicole wants the bitch dead! She’s disgusting! Having relations with a weakling, filthy humans! Luna Puer wolf growls. No wonder Nicole wanted the bitch dead, she was not only a threat to Nicole’s throne but November James is also an abomination that needs to be eliminated right away. November James do not deserve to be the Alpha of the Luna Puer Pack! She is a disgrace not only to the pack but to the whole of all the wolf-shifters! He has to tell Nicole about the latest blasphemy of the stupid bitch November James! He had reach
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Two men stood in the dark abandoned factory. “Can you smell that?” One of the men asked, looking around the dark alley. His brown eyes glints. “Yeah…” “It’s a Luna Puer blood splattered all over the place. I remember the smell very clearly despite having faced them only once and that was a long time ago.” “Hmm… A Luna Puer wolf, in our territory. How interesting.” “Well…” the firs
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  “I got my period today. And I’m starting on the pill.” November stated one evening as she fell step beside Leonidas. She smiles at him. “Just to make sure, we’ll start using condoms too. I don’t want to be pregnant. We’re not even exclusively dating.”   Leonidas had picked her up for a dinner date. They reached his car and he opened the door for her, “Who said we’re not exclusive?”   November stopped, a surprised look in her face. “What, we are?” She coughed, “I mean, are we? Exclusive. I mean.”   He eyed her. “Of course! I don’t do the things we do with someone I’m not in a relationship with.”   A startled laugh escaped from November’s lips. She climb inside his car, sitting there and smiling amusedly she mused, “This relationship is escalating very quickly I swear, I cannot keep up!”   Before he closed the door, Leonidas winkedat her. “Don’t worry; you’re doing j
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