Mr. Arrogant C.E.O

Mr. Arrogant C.E.O

By:  OneMistakeYou  Ongoing
Language: English
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Isabella Smith, a twenty two year old woman struggling to make it through the evils of the world and surviving through thick and thin to give her sister and herself a happy life. She is loving and caring to everyone. Seth Anderson, a twenty six year old hot billionaire and the CEO of Anderson&Co who is everything a girl wants. Hot, sexy and handsome. He never believed in love, he just had those typical one night stands. But his believe proved wrong when he saw Isabella and was intrigued by her. He grabbed her butt and pushed her against the wall. His lips grazed the back of her ear. "Are you scared?" He asked "N-no" She breathed out "So say you're mine" He said as she looked at him confused "Say it" He said once again as he kissed her neck "I-I'm yours" She breathed out heavily What would happen when Seth would enter Isabella's simple yet happy life? Would her world come crashing down or would it turn her life beautiful, the thing she thought would never Happene

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8 Chapters
Chapter 1
Isabella Smith was your twenty two year old typical woman working to give herself and her younger sister a good life. She worked in a coffee shop but her salary wasn't enough to make both ends meet. She wanted a new and better job soon as she was educated so she could pay the rent of her apartment. She was a brown haired girl with a good body but she felt insecure like the other girls do. She was truly beautiful but was innocent and caring. She had light brown eyes that held innocence in them. She was a little clumsy too. Today was a normal day, she got ready in a white blouse and a black skirt, which was thankfully not too short with a pair of black heels. She pulled up her hair in a bun, applied some mascara and a light shade of pink lipstick. "Megan!" She yelled while getting out of her room"I'm in the kitchen!" Megan yelled backMegan was her 15 year old sister. She was just like her but her hair was black, just like their father.Father, She cringed at the thoughtShe went in
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Chapter 2
Isabella Smith ^^~~~"You f*cking bitch!" The man in front of her hissed in anger"You killed her! It's all your fault" He yelled and slapped her. By that time she was crying hard. The little girl in her room was watching the whole scene while silently crying. She couldn't do anything as she was weak and vulnerable. Tears stormed down her face when the belt came in contact with her skin."No! Please don't, I'm sorry!" She cried"You should be!" The man yelled smacking her again with the belt.Isabella's eyes shot open and she was sobbing and panting heavily. She thanked God that it was only a nightmare. She could feel hot tears down her face and her body couldn't function properly. Fear consumed her when she thought of that night. Suddenly the door slammed open."Izzy! Are you okay?" Megan asked while running towards her. She quickly engulfed Isabella in a hug and Isabella cried on her shoulder while she comforted her. "Shh, it was just a nightmare, nothing more!" Megan said Megan
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Chapter 3
Seth Anderson ^^~~~The next morning Isabella got up early because it was Monday, the day of her interview at Anderson&Co. She couldn't help but feel nervous about the day ahead and if she would get the job or not. I better get the job. She thought. Sighing, she got up from her comfy bed and went inside the bathroom to shower. After showering for almost half an hour, she wrapped a pink towel around her and got out of the bathroom. After looking for 5 minutes, she finally settled on wearing a black pencil skirt with a full sleeved turquoise blouse. After getting dressed, she quickly pulled up her hair in a high sleek ponytail and did some makeup which included mascara and a little amount of pink lipstick which matched her complexion perfectly. She collected some files about her which could be possibly needed and went downstairs where Megan was dancing on a Taylor Swift song."Megan" she said but the music was so loud that Megan couldn't hear her. "Megan!" She yelled this time which
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Chapter 4
Ellie Davis ^^It was Tuesday morning, the first day of Isabella at Anderson&Co. Thankfully, she got up pretty quickly and took a long and relaxing shower. After showering, she put on some clothes which included a white full sleeved blouse and a black pencil skirt with a pair of black heels. She wore the locket which their mother gave her. Thinking about Mother brought tears in Isabella's eyes but she hold them back reminding herself what her mother told her"You are a strong girl, Isabella" Those were the last words that her mother said before saying goodbye to this world. The death of her mother was all an accident which Isabella blamed to herself because of that man who used to tell her that it was all her fault but actually it wasn't. She was only twelve year old that time when she lost her mother and Megan was only five year old and Isabella had to take care of her own self and Megan too.Isabella shook away all the thoughts and wiped off the tears from her face while pecking th
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Chapter 5
Carson Anderson ^^Megan was on clouds when she saw Isabella's new phone, hoping that she would also get a new one pretty soon. The other night, she kept herself busy in clicking pictures of almost every single thing available in her room. She kept bothering Isabella that she also wanted a new phone but Isabella said that she didn't need one. So now, it was her mission to make her older sister allow her to buy a new when Isabella would get her first pay check. "Coffee, sir" Isabella said while placing the coffee on Seth's desk. "I need you to fax these documents" He said while giving Isabella a folder. "Okay, sir" She said while grabbing the documents and walked outside the office. She quickly went towards her desk and started faxing the documents. After almost 3 hours of groaning and faxing, she finally finished her work. She took off her heels and closed her eyes. I officially hate faxing. She thought. Isabella was too busy relaxing that she didn't even hear the foot steps nearin
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chapter 6
The next day in the office for Isabella went in a blur, with loads of work and earning some snapping from her boss. God knows why he was this angry all the time. Later that evening, Isabella went her home and started getting ready for the exhibition. After showering, she dried her hair and decided to keep them open and curled it from the end. She applied a little makeup with a red lipstick which wasn't too bright, after finishing her hair and makeup she got dressed into the dress she bought that day with Ellie and paired it with the matching earrings. In the end, she slipped into her red high heels which she already had in her closet. She looked over herself in the mirror and she must say that she looked really beautiful after a very long time. She flattened her hands over her dress, took her clutch and went downstairs. "You look really beautiful" Megan said "Thank you " Isabella replied and then the door bell rang and Megan went to open the door"Hello, ladies" Ellie said while ent
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chapter 7
Isabella woke up by feeling the warm rays of sun peeking through her window curtains. It was Monday again after a very bored yet lazy Sunday. She took a warm shower and quickly got dressed in her purple colored blouse and brown pencil skirt and paired it with her brown pumps. She tied up her hair in a neat bun with the minimal amount of makeup. She took her bag and went downstairs. It had been a month since that art exhibition. She got her first paycheck and bought some essential things for the home."Good Morning" Megan greeted to Isabella who walked down the stairs"Good Morning" Isabella replied while grabbing an apple from the fridge"Meg, I gotta go. I'm getting late for work. Make sure to lock the main door after you leave for school" Isabella said while walking towards the door but was stopped by Megan's voice"I wonder what it is today" Megan said, pretending to thinkIsabella clearly remembered what it was today, it was Megan's birthday and she was planning a surprise birthda
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chapter 8
The day finally arrived. The day when Isabella was going to travel Spain with her boss. It was a cold February morning and Isabella was walking to the grocery store with Megan. The cold and chilly winds hitting her face and the coat she was wearing was only the thing which was keeping her warm. She called Jessica and asked her if she could babysit Megan for three days and she replied with a 'Yes'. There was no way she was going to leave Megan alone in the apartment, it would be a wreck if she left her alone there. Seth and Isabella were going to fly to Spain later that evening so Isabella got enough time to get ready and to do some grocery shopping. "Let's start it" Megan said and went towards the part of the store where snacks were stored. Typical Megan. Isabella decided to get some essential things like vegetables, butter, eggs, juices, fruits, wine and many more. Megan came back shortly with her hands full of packs of Doritos and Pop tarts. They walked out of the grocery store aft
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