Mr Celebrity’s Hidden Wife

Mr Celebrity’s Hidden Wife

By:  Success M.  Completed
Language: English
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Everything changed in Diana’s life when she saved Mr Celebrity’s grandma from the hands of death. Diana Jackson, was an orphan who lost her foster parents in an accident while trying to save her. She had given up on her dreams but things changed when she was arranged to get married to Leonard Smiths, a Celebrity known world wide. Will Diana finally achieve her dreams and also get married to her Prince Charming or will she get divorced instantly after the wedding.

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Queen jasmine
nice story
2023-06-24 15:52:58
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Nice book, wish to read to the very end.Thanks author for this great book….
2023-05-09 00:25:07
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Deborah Johnson
What an amazing read. Loved all the plot twists. Wonderful job author!
2023-09-18 22:11:15
38 Chapters
Chapter One.
DIANA The sound of insects and breeze was the only thing I could hear, I was just coming back from my third part-time job and was f**cking tired but waved it off when I looked at my pay for the day. I was thinking of a lot of things I would be needing before my next pay,I walked slowly as a result of fatigue and there was nobody at home who was gonna ask why I came late or early, I took a very quiet part to my house thinking about my life from the past years. My life has been a broken one after the death of my seventh but last foster parents. I could remember the day vividly, I was the one who told them to take me to the beach, and I was the one who made them leave the house that day even when they promised to take me the next day. I was with them in the car and I still wonder why they saved me, I miss them so much and I am hoping they will forgive me for making them lose their lives. They saved me, they made me alive instead of dying with them, and waking up every morning with guilt
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Chapter Two.
LEONARD "Hmmmmmm" Lisa or Lizzy moaned out as I keep banging her. "Oooh Leo am c*mming"I thrusted into her faster and when I felt I was about to come,I pulled out quickly and c*m on her laps making her slump on the bed breathing heavily, I laid beside her. "That was amazing" she said but before I could reply my phone started ringing, I sat up and took it from the bedside table and answered it without looking at the caller. " Leonard Smiths where the hell are you"a voice I know too well yelled making me roll my eyes. " I'm busy dad" "Busy you say, do you have a slight idea on what's happening, do you know that your grandma isn't home since last night?" He yelled and I jerked up from the bed when I heard the word *grandma* I love my grandma so much and I hope nothing happened to her. " what happened to grandma" I asked while putting on my shorts. "You know she left for those social ladies gathering of hers and she didn't come
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Chapter Three.
DIANA I breathe in and out thrice before knocking on the door and it was opened immediately. "Diana,what are you doing here?"he asked with a surprised face while I was busy ogling at hit bare six packed chest.wish I could just lick those abs. "Diana, Diana"he waved his hand at my face and I came out of my sinful thoughts. "What's wrong"he asked and a frown was on his face this time. " can....can I come in" I asked lowly with an obvious red cheeks. "Oh,a minute please"he closed the door and a minute or two later he came out not alone this time,but with two blonde girls who had a " just f*cked face"; they were smiling sheepishly as Miguel kissed them. "Until next time girls" Miguel said and the girls nodded and walked away but Miguel slapped one of their ass making me cringe. " Do come in" I walked in and I won't lie for the few years I've known Miguel this is the second time am coming to his house, he has a playboy and bad b
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Chapter Four.
DIANA Getting to the hospital,I entered the elevator this time cause I was too exhausted to use the stairs or walk on floors that took me to the third floor;and when I got to the room 204 I entered and was surprised when I saw her awake. "Ma'am you are awake"I exclaimed with excitement,I rushed to her bedside and held her hand "how are you feeling,do you feel pains anywhere,should I get the doctor yes the doctor"I pressed the button on the wall while she stared at me and the room with a hint of confusion on her face,the door opened and the doctor rushed in with two other nurses. "What's wrong?"she asked staring at me. "She's awake"I said pointing to grandma and she muttered an oh before commencing on checking her. "She's Alright and it's a miracle for her to be awake,I'd expected her to wake in a week time but seeing this I must say she's really strong,she just need some rest and some light food and she will be back on her feet again"the doctor reassured.
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Chapter Five.
DIANA When we got to the car park,their cars had already invited spectators who were gushing and wowing at the fancy cars,the police helped them to drive the people away before they could place grandma in and the rest entered their cars also. "Diana what are you doing today it there,get in"grandma said and I was surprised she called me. "Diana get in"I entered the car and I couldn't believe we are riding with Leo. Few minutes later we got to the presidential house and believe me when I say it was huge and gorgeous,a wow escaped my mouth we drove in the compound was filled with different flowers and trees,we all came down and the look ma'am Nicole was giving to me was not friendly at all and I don't really know why she's angry not like am staying here forever. After placing grandma in her room for her to rest,three doctors and seven nurses walked in with some machines,rich people and their lifestyle;they did some random check up on her and also said the said thi
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Chapter Six.
DIANA "Miss Diana, Miss Diana" a maid called out with a panic strain voice. "Yes, What's wrong?" I asked, getting up from the bed. "It's grandma" she said, and I felt like the whole world seized when she said that. "What happened to grandma?" I asked, this time holding her hand. "She.....she". "She what?" I couldn't wait for her to say anything, I rushed out of my room and went straight to grandma's room, on getting there I saw her lying on the bed with a pale face. "Granny What's wrong?" I asked siting at the chair next to the bed. "Honey What happened again?" grandpa smiths walked in. "I don't know what is happening, but my chest feels stuffy" granny complained. "Call the doctor" grandpa smiths instructed the maid, and she rushed out. "It's okay honey nothing will happen to you" he said affectionately rubbing her hand, the maid rushed back in with the doctor and he (the doctor) quickly examined grandma, he also asked grandma some q
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Chapter Seven
LEONARD I drove out of the presidential house in anger,how could Grandma set me up with that girl she brought home. We don't even know if she's telling the truth about not having a family or not,we don't even know if she have some secret motives;who knows if she's one of father's rival spy sent to get some information on us but I can't say no to grandma. I love her so much that I can do anything for her even if its cost my happiness but I can't marry that girl;she's a nobody and am popular,okay I know what to do!. THREE DAYS LATER "Okay grandma I will do it" I said with a sign,after contemplating for three days I've made a decision. "Do what?"she asked like she don't know what I was talking about. "Grandma you know what am talking about,I will do it. I'll get married to her" I pinched the tip of my nose when I mentioned *her*. "Really" She asked excitedly and I was happy she was smiling again even if it means sacrificing my own happiness.
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Chapter Eight
DIANA This was what I was afraid of, insults, it isn't my fault am a commoner or low life, it isn't my fault I don't have parents, and she had to run it into my wounded heart, I would rather not stay here I want to leave. I don't want to get married to Leonard anymore,I don't care about my dreams anymore I just want to leave this place for good *what about grandma*I thought, oh granny if I leave I don't want anything to happen to you and I don't want her to feel bad so am going to stay and take all the insults from my mother-in-law? Granny stood from her seat and walked towards me, she hugged me tightly as soon as I stood up and after some time she pulled back before going to her room leaving me, Mr. smiths and Liam in the room l. "Diana" Mr. smiths called, and I almost yelped, is he going to insult me like his wife did. "Yes sir" I answered cleaning my eyes. "Please don't take whatever my wife said personal, that is how she is;don't worry she will come ar
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Chapter Nine
DIANA As soon as I got to my room,I closed the door and sat on the floor crying. I've never felt humiliated in my life,everyone wants Jenna for Leo and why did grandma arrange this god forsaken marriage in the first place. I shouldn't have done this,I should just leave so they can get their Jenna to marry Leonard and my so called *husband* couldn't introduce me as his wife,am I that worthless that he couldn't introduce me to his sister as his wife. *KNOCK*KNOCK. The sound of knocking brought me out of my pathetic thoughts. "Are you okay Diana?."I heard grandma asked. "I...I'm fine granny."I wiped my tears hastily. "Can you please open the door."I stood and walked to my dressing table to make sure there was no dry tears on my face,then walked to the door to open it for her. "You know you will not stay in this room again." She said as she walked in and I gasped. "Why?, this has been my room since I came here or did I d
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Chapter Ten
LEONARD I woke up with a slight headache but paused when I felt something in my mouth, I snapped my eyes open and was beyond shocked when I saw Diana's boobs in my mouth, what happened? I closed my eyes trying to remember what happened last night and everything came to me speedily, how my grandma drugged me, how I pleaded with Diana and had s*x with her even when I promised myself and her not to touch her. I felt my d*ck still stuck in her and I pulled out slowing which caused her to moan lowly, I stood up from the bed and walked to the bathroom, I had a relaxing bath before coming out and met Diana still sleeping which was a good thing because I don't know how to face her after having sex with her numerous times last night. It wasn't my fault, though, I didn't have any plans to touch her. God, I wanted to avoid touching but thanks to my Grandma who thought she was doing a good thing by drugging me. After dressing up I went downstairs and met the family having breakfast, I jo
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