Ms. CEO And Her Assistant

Ms. CEO And Her Assistant

By:  Amelia Davis  Ongoing
Language: English
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Caroline MartinezCaroline is CEO of ‘Martinez's Textile Company’ who lost her parents a few years back in a car accident. She is a 24-year-old strong-headed woman living her life working for the company with no expectations from life. She keeps most people at distance knowing everyone will leave eventually and no one is going to be there with you forever.Samael Wright is a 25-year-old man who has recently moved to Fairfield, California, and looking for a job. He is a soft-hearted person with some strong believes and always aims to take care of his sister. He has the responsibility of his sister who is 10-years-old. Samael has an ugly past which still haunts him and believes that he is unworthy of love. What happens when these two, bump into each other’s life who has different yet somewhat similar personalities? A massive secret about Caroline’s parent’s accident is revealed, will she be able to handle it?Samael’s past comes haunting him, will he be able to handle it again?In all this drama, how will Caroline and Samael who hates each other first will become each other’s happiness?Some secrets are revealed, some relations are made and some are broken in this journey. Join Caroline and Samael in their adventurous story, which has a rollercoaster of emotions!

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43 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Get up, Samael!” the man shouted and kicked the boy laying on the floor. The boy looked up at the man who happened to be his father and his hazel eyes filled with fear. Though it was tough for him to stand up with one broken leg, yet he managed to do so with the help of the wall. As soon as the boy stood up, the man held his jaw tightly as he looked at him with pure anger and disgust. “You are unfortunate kid, aren’t you? I was going to be a father but you took her life too!” he shouted at him and tightened his hold more on the boy’s jaw. “I – I didn’t do any-.” The boy was cut off when the man shouted, “Shut up!” “Shut up! You ungrateful kid, I gave you a roof on your head and a meal once a day. You DO NOT talk back to me! Do you understand?!” The boy nodded his head as he sobbed silently because of the physical as well as mental pain he was suffering through. “Good. I did
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Chapter 2
“Well, I am Ava Thomas HR and this is Ms. Caroline Martinez, CEO of the company. So, Mr. Wright I just saw in your cv that you left your previous job. Why did you quit?” Ava asked him but his eyes were on me and looked embarrassed and nervous and maybe a little bit scared after knowing he spilled the coffee on the CEO of the company he is trying to join. Well, he ruined my shirt, he deserves to be nervous. His fingers tangled with each other and he gulped randomly, he is nervous. ‘This is going to be fun!’ I thought with an evil smile on my face. *** Samael’s POV I stopped the car as soon as I reached the school and looked to my right. “I know you don’t need it but all the best for your interview and I know you are going to get the job.” Ella, my little sister said. She is 10-years-old but has behaved like she is a lot older than that. Her blonde hair was tied in a ponytail and her green eyes matched her jumpsuit.
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Chapter 3
Samael’s POV I looked up from my phone when I heard the door opening. Ella entered the house and a smile appeared on her face when she saw me sitting in the living room. “How was your school?” I asked her as I kept my phone aside. “Same old, same old brother. We changed our place, not my school. It’s still the same.” She said as she took off her shoes and kept her bag on the floor before sitting beside me. “Wait why are you home early? Did you get the job or not?” she turned towards me and asked me excitedly. “Yes, I did. I start from tomorrow.” I answered with a smile and her smile brightened. “Oh my god, that’s amazing. Congratulations!” she said and hugged me. “How are the office and your boss? Is he good or rude?” she pulled away and asked me. “The office is amazing and huge and the boss, well it’s not he it’s she,” I said while she sat beside me comfortably looking at me. “Something happened? W
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Chapter 4
Caroline’s POV “Good morning mam.” Lucy greeted me as soon as I entered the Martinez’s Company. “Morning Lucy,” I said with a small smile as I walked towards the elevator. I got out of the elevator as soon as I reached my floor while I took a sip of my coffee. I opened the door of my office and I saw someone standing in front of the glass wall. The person turned after he heard the door opening. “Mr. Wright,” I said as I walked towards my table. “Good morning, Ma’am.” He greeted with a smile. His glass reflects the sunlight coming from the glass wall. “You are on time, Mr. Wright. I am glad we dint bump again.” I said with a teasing smile, as I kept my bag and coffee on the table. He cleared his throat awkwardly which made my smile grow more. “I know I have already apologized but I am sorry for bumping into you yesterday.” He said sincerely while adjusting his glasses before continuing, “And I also wanted to ask
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Chapter 5
Caroline’s POV As soon as I was out of the meeting room I am face to face with James Maxwell, the accountant who works here. He was holding a stack of files in his hands. “Mam, there is a problem. You need to see this.” He said, concern written on his face. “Okay Mr. Maxwell, in my office,” I stated and started walking towards my office, James Maxwell followed behind me. After we settled down in my office, he started to open some of the files. “What has happened?” I asked him as a frown appeared on his face. “There are some transactions from companies account that are unknown.” He said as I looked at those files and papers presented by him. As soon as I heard him, I halted and looked at him. “What?” I asked him as I was not able to believe him. “From the past few months, there are some transactions from the company’s account that are unknown. We have no idea who is behind this.” He explained to me with a fearfu
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Chapter 6
Samael’s POV I sat and occasionally sent Ms. CEO some hateful stares while typing and sending a whole lot of emails which seems to be endless. She kept typing on her laptop and phone while I was trying to concentrate on my work but was not able to because my mind kept worrying about Ella. After a few hours, I got a call from Justin. Excusing myself I went outside the room and answered the call. “Hello” I greeted as I closed the door behind me once I was out. “Hey, bro. I made Ella dinner and played with her, but now it’s her time to sleep and she is not able to do so. She says that she wants you, man.” Justin said and took a sharp breath. “Thank you, Justin, can you give her the phone?” I said as I massaged my forehead with my fingers, while Justin passed the phone to Ella. She is big enough to sleep on her own but it’s been a habit for years for her. I use to make her sleep every night when dad and Mia use to have fought almo
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Chapter 7
Samael’s POVAfter I tucked in Ella, I kissed her forehead as she slept peacefully on her bed. I slowly got out of her room and walked into the living room where Justin was sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone as he moved his hand through his blonde hair.“Is she asleep?” Justin asked me without taking his green eyes off the phone.“Yeah. Thanks for coming, Justin. Tough you were not much help, like always.” I said playfully as I sat in front of him on the chair.“Seriously bro? I left my date for you, to look after Ella. I played with her toys with her and fed her what she wanted to eat when you, we’re sitting in the office because you had work. Come on man, give me some credit!” Justin said with unbelievable expressions which made me smile but he knew I was always thankful to him whenever he had helped me.“Yeah, I think I lost my job today.” I blurted out as
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Chapter 8
Caroline’s POV This business trip to London is one of the longest ones, most of the business trips I do are for two to three days but this one is going to be four to five days, as I am going to do more meetings with all the huge companies to tie them with us. I have got a few presentations done by myself and a few by Samael. As soon as I reach the parking lot of the airport, Peter took my luggage with him as we enter the airport. I spot Samael and a girl around 10-years-old, who I assume is his sister. She is wearing jeans and a yellow top, and her blonde hair were tied in a ponytail as she looks at me with her green eyes, curiously. Samael waves his hand at me as I walk towards them. He is wearing a peach t-shirt with a black jacket and black pants. He looks good in casual as I have always seen him in formals. “Good morning, Ms. Martinez.” Samael greets me with a smile as soon as I reach them and sit on one of the chairs, in front of him.
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Chapter 9
Samael’s POV The dinner went well as Ella kept talking with me, Caroline and Peter. Peter seemed like the serious guy at first to me but with Ella, he was joking and smiling around. Caroline was silent most of the dinner as she made few conversations with Ella, but nothing more. After we had our dinner, everyone went to their rooms and Caroline dint spare me another glance. “I am going to take a bath, I am tired,” Ella said as she searched for her clothes. “Okay” I replied and I went to stand on the balcony of our room after I heard the bathroom door close. I took a deep breath as I remembered what happened in the elevator with Caroline a few hours ago. It was the first time we were standing so close to each other I was able to feel her body’s warmth while she stood in front of me. When she turned and looked at me, I was so lost in her blue eyes that I forgot to breathe. They looked different up close that was more beautiful than befo
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Chapter 10
Caroline’s POV Knock, Knock I got up from the sound of knocking. I looked at my phone and it was currently 1:47 am, I frowned thinking who might that be this late. Getting out of the bed I walked towards the door and switched on the lights before opening the door. “Ella?” I saw her standing with worry laced on her face and her eyes teary. “Ella, what are you doing here darling? It’s so late, where is Samael?” I asked her as I frowned and looked behind her to find no one with her. “Caroline, I – I don’t know what to do. I woke up and I was alone. I got afraid when I dint see Sama anywhere and I don’t know where he is.” She said and her voice was so small that I could barely hear what she was saying. I decided to take her to her room and then talk with her. I took my phone from the bedside table before walking towards her and switching off the lights. “Come on, let’s go to your room,” I said softly and we went t
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