Madlyn POV.

I hate being sick, dada took Lulu away, then Papa yelled at me for pulling the stupid doggie, I was pouting now. I waited for dada and daddy to come back, I did grabby hands toward daddy, I want him to hold me, he's always nice to me, nicer than meanie papa.

"Daddy, daddy" I cry out, he pulls me toward him while I keep crying, he set me against his chest, I started to bite on his neck, I'm hungry, although daddy doesn't feed me as often as before, I do get real food these days, I still wanted some milky.

"Hungry princess?" he asks and I nod my head yes to that, I'm really hungry, crying and vomiting take too much on me.

"I'll feed you at home baby," he says but I keep whining, I want to eat now! I bite over his shirt trying to get my milky, he screams out in pain and pulls me back yet again.

"Madlyn, don't bite daddy. I'll get you a bottle in the car" he says making me cry, I don't want a bottle I want milkey. He just bounced me around and took me to the car, he strapped m
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