Madlyn POV.

I love school! I get to spend time with Twixie, she's like the best of the best, she plays with me, teaches me, new big people, words. And don't allow anyone to bully or be mean to me, but the best news is, she's staying here tonight.

"Trixie's mom have to get out of town and get usual nanny just bailed" Dada starts.

"You guys mind if she stay over the night?" he asks, I cross my fingers in papa's lap, it's what Twixie told me to do when I want something really really badly.

"I don't guys, I'm cool with it, she can keep Mady company tonight" Daddy says, I turn to papa giving him my puppy eyes hoping he'd say yes too.

"Pwease, promise to behave" I say, well I might not behave but I'll try my best.

"Fine I'm cool too" papa says making me squeak with happiness, Twixie gonna spend the night with us, with me! I have to get my toys ready for her!

"Where are you going princess?" papa asks picking me back into his arms, I whined at being held, I was going somehwere.

"Down papa" I
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