Madlyn POV.

This party is taking forever, everyone is busy, no one is even looking at me, papa gave me up, daddy was nowhere to be seen and dada had too many people next to him. I felt like crying or maybe hiding but where would I go, the stairs upstairs had some kind of a gate on them so no one can go up and down.

I didn't know any of the people around here, I went to one of the empty corners to hide, I felt tears start going down my face, I was hiccuping now but trying to hide the fact I'm crying. I wanted my daddies but they are all busy, too busy for me, I didn't even get the juice I was promised.

"Here's my grandaughter" grandma says picking me up, I was still tearing up and crying, she kiss my teary cheeks, caress my face.

"Why the tear princess?" she asks.

"Dada busy, no find daddy, papa tawking with scawy friends" I tell her really sad now.

"Oh no honey, papa sent me to get you some juice, daddy said to keep an eye on you and dada said you're the most beautiful one in the w
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