Madlyn POV.

"Why don't you go play with the other kids?" Miss Anna suggested, I held closer to my papa, I didn't want to go play, I want to stay with him.

"I can go with you, while daddy interrogates Miss Anna" papa suggests with a chuckle, daddy nods his head, if papa is coming I want to go.

Papa took me toward the other kids, most of them were with their parents, the kids were all scared, some are crying, some playing with their daddies or mommies. I didn't like that, if I have to come here to play with papa I would've stayed home and played with my papa.

"She's cute" a girl says, she's older than me, she has two ponytails, each one was a different color, she even had a star on her face, she's pretty. I look at her with a smile, she started making funny faces for me, making me giggle even more.

"Trixie!" a female voice calls making the pretty girl groan.

"Yes mama?" she replies with a huff her eyes still on me, a woman gets in the view, she looks similar to the girl whose name I gu
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