Jaxon POV.

"It's okay Adry, it's okay" I say cuddling my sobbing husband, he's been going for the last hour, full on crying with big fat tears going down his face.

"No you don't understand, it'll never be the same" he says still crying, I hug him closer, kiss his tears splotches cheeks, his wobbly lips.

"It'll be okay, she can't be a baby forever" I say, wrong move, the sobs started again.

"But she's my baby" he says crying.

This whole thing was started when Madlyn finally decided she's good enough to go to daycare alone, she's growing up something Adrian is having hard time coping with. I was worried he'll demand to have a new baby, I love kids but I don't think our family can deal more than one baby. Madlyn is enough for us, but if Adrian would throw a fit every time our kid grow up, we'll end up having a new baby every few years, that won't be healthy for us or the kids.

"She'll always be our baby girl, even if she's all grown up now and want to go to the daycare alone" I say pet
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