My Billionaire Boss

My Billionaire Boss

By:  Little Fish  Ongoing
Language: English
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This story will be like be dark romance, an erotic romance, so there will be sex. Nicolette Gray is a 25-year-old young woman who will start working at Manson Construction Co, the company that makes her dream. She wants to just enjoy her life and even not to believe in love. She believes in one sentence; if a man wants to satisfy her, he must cook well and be good at bed. Carter Darren is a young man who is more than lusted today; he is beautiful, rich, and above all, young for the empire he manages. He is only 28 years old, and he is already a billionaire. Carter Darren and Nicolette Gray; The two should not be together, and yet their attraction and desire to each other will be stronger than their reasons.

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Sherene Newman
wtf 4 chapters
2021-08-07 17:54:11
4 Chapters
meet with a handsome boy
I didn’t believe in fate; I didn’t believe in love. I always thought that I would never fall in love, especially with someone powerful; Rich. Yet fate and love fucked me in the face and I opened my eyes. I just want to enjoy my life; every moment; every second.One evening, one meeting, and my whole life will change. My job, my friends, my family, everything will change for me.Between love, betrayal, relationship, friendship, work, and family, will Nicolette Gray come out of this story happy, or will she fade away?Discover the story of Nicolette and Darren and the answers to all the questions that you will ask yourself.Saturday evening, October.Tonight, I’m going to have fun with some friends. It’s a special girl outing, I love these evenings. This is the last one I can do besides; I start work on Monday and I want to be in great shape during my work. Yet that danger may not be good on Monday, but
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one night stand
We have just arrived at my place; Darren has agreed to come up to the house. It’s a surprise for me when I tell him once to come to my house, he agrees. I am surprised but it makes me happy when he accepts my invitation to come with me. I open the door and let him pass, which allows me to watch him a bit; he is much taller than me, but it’s not a big deal. I go in my turn, put down my keys, and take off my shoes while talking to Darren.“Set up, make yourself comfortable.” I see him standing, asking to sit on the sofa.“Thank you. Your apartment is very beautiful, well decorated.”He settles down on my sofa, I go to my room smiling.“I have had it since I was 21, I had time to decorate it.”He doesn’t answer, I take off my dress and then I go to my bathroom to remove my makeup, remove my jewelry and tie my hair up. I take a rubber band and brush my hair. I retrieve my dressing gown that almost t
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Start new job
Summary of the previous chapter: Darren left by offering pastries and his number to Candice. Her family will come to her house.  The doorbell rings, I put my cup down on the table and go to open the door quickly. My little sister jumps on me, I take her in my arms, laughing. I give her a big kiss and put her down to say hello to my parents. We go to the living room; I just get some drinks from the fridge. My little sister has already taken my tablet, I have games for her on it; she likes to play games. I take her on my lap and talk to my parents. Suddenly My mom looks at the notes that Darren leaves for me. She takes Darren’s note, I’m in deep trouble. ‘FUCK! I forget it.’ “Who is this Darren?”“Nobody.” I said as quicly as possible. “Will you present him to us later?”“No, because I hardly know him and I don’t risk meeting
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Darren my boss!
I am finally home, I take off my shoes, my jacket and I collapse on my sofa. I’m exhausted, but happy with this day. Roxanne is a real ray of sunshine; I love her too much. She gave me confidence, which makes me like the company in which I work. This day was really good for me. When I feel a little less exhausted, I get up and go to my room. I remove the elastic, shake my head a bit, and open my shirt. I brush my hair quickly and go to my bathroom, dressing gown and pajamas in hand. I do my little care and I change quickly. My stomach is growling, I’m really hungry. I go into my kitchen, closing my dressing gown, I take a look at what I have in my cupboards. I get what to make my pasta with salmon and it’s gone. I love to cook; I like to eat well too.  If a man wants to satisfy me, he has to
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