My CEO, My Temptation

My CEO, My Temptation

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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"I want this," I repeat my words. "And what exactly is this?" he smiles and holds my back with his hands in all his casual sexiness. "I want my orgasm," "You're not there yet, baby girl." He stated softly, his hands trail down to my ass and squeezed them making me pouted at him. "I can get there, you can get me there." "I will, but not right now," ***** Jessica had tried her hardest to rebuild the family legacy, but her brother's scandalous past has proven hard to make her bounce back. And when her family business was bought out, there was nothing she could do but follow her lawyers' advice. But what she didn't expect was her new boss. The fact that she has someone to report to annoyed her, and for that someone to be handsome and smart it infuriates her. She knows he's a player, he knows she's a fragile woman with a very dark past. Can she shake him off and live peacefully with her job? or will he push himself and break out from his comfort zone to make her fall for him? ***** The love story will be emotional, irritating, and eh...I'm still not sure what else :p But the happy ending will be inevitable. So, add this book to your library and join me as we read about Jessica's happy ending. ***** Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*

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Lisa Turner
I still want to know what they were fighting about at Ralph’s wedding.
2023-07-17 07:52:13
user avatar
love your books.. i thought there is about larry and gemma.. or I'm the who don't noticed the sequal about them?help me writer..tq
2022-09-07 06:41:56
user avatar
nice story also, big thumbs up ...
2022-03-19 09:08:21
user avatar
Shaira Tashnub Torsa
nailed it as always!!
2022-03-15 20:58:16
default avatar
The plot was good. Overall good story, your credits will not get wasted if you read this.
2022-03-13 23:57:53
user avatar
Love love love. It is a wonderful story. I love that all the Richardson boys and the gang are mentioned also. Thank you Cassndra for sharing your stories. You never disappoint!!!.........
2022-02-12 04:30:06
default avatar
Good read! Love this!
2023-03-29 18:48:46
user avatar
lovely love story
2021-12-06 06:16:17
43 Chapters
1. Meeting the CEO
JessicaWhen Troy died in jail, I thought all of my troubles would be gone but turns out I was in for a more dreadful one.It has been months since the company was struggling, I have been working all day and night but the impact seemed very little. Every month I kept on firing people and did more budget cuts just to keep the company afloat."Jessica, you should consider their offer. We can't keep on firing our employees," my assistant Kayleigh has been pushing me again with the new contract from the Richardson worldwide enterprise.But I just look at her and keep on scrolling on the Excel sheets trying to find ways to minimize our cost. Though I understand cutting costs is just a temporary solution, in my mind, I was already considering signing their contract."Look, Aaron is here I think he's trying to get back to you..."I sighed knowing I don't have tim
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2. Meeting the Boss
TylerIt took us almost an hour to reach her family home after a quick stop at Barney's to pick up our takeout dinner. And I was shocked to find that she was living alone in the two stories mansion.I've read her file, her parents had passed away, her brother was jailed for spousal abuse and died there not long ago. Her family was known for her brother's scandal and the company was suffering because of the neglect and mismanagement.It was an easy fix and I was needing her company for an expansion project that me and my brother Larry was doing."Let's eat first, and we will talk about work later."I have never found a woman with such determination before, she's very thin and pale and strangely still looked beautiful. I was quick to open the door for her while carrying our dinner with my other hand.She was moving methodically turning all the lights in her
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3. The Other Brother
JessicaThat night I struggle to sleep in my bed and the nightmare came just like they always do.Since my first nightmare I've never bothered to sleep in my pajamas, and that was how that night I went to bed in my working attire thinking it was too dark to change.The same old excuse. I was quick to hide under my blanket just like my usual coward self and then woke up with a panic attack. My heart was beating so fast and the deafening silence was suffocating me to the point that I was breathing heavily.I tried to calm myself down, but I was teary and my hands were shaking. It was two in the morning, though I know it was too late to get back to the office. But I panicked looking at the dark corner of my room, and that's when I decide to grab my things and took a taxi back to the office."Mam, did you left something at the office?" the security g
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4. Busy Day
Tyler It was ten in the evening when I arrived back from work. Larry was smoking his cigar on the back porch when I remembered seeing Jessica's reddening hand and her awkward gesture of how she kept on hiding her hand.  "What happened to her hand?" "Hello big brother, take a seat, have a cigar, tell me about your day?" Larry smirked but answered my question seconds later. "...her assistant said that Jessica accidentally touched the hot coffee plate, she was surprised by her when she was refilling her tumbler." He puffed out the smoke and crossed his legs while he looked out at the beautiful starry night. "She is a bit jumpy, don't you think?" Larry shrugged at my question, telling me that he hadn't known her long enough to give any opinion on her traits.  "She said that you took her home yesterday? insisted on having business di
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5. Attention
JessicaIt was six o'clock when Kayleigh stopped by my office, she's giving me reports before she goes back home."You wouldn't believe the day I've had.""Yeah? I thought you'd like it here." She smirked, nudging her head to the office beside me."Oh my god, Kayleigh...I missed you so much. When are you mine?""Oh, shit Jess, you just made me feel so giddy on the inside." She giggled while digging through her extra-large purse and pulled out my sandwich dinner."So, is he okay with you staying the night here?""I think he's too busy with his PA to noticed.""Really? hmm...I didn't tag him as that kind of boss." She shrugged and showed me a few paperwork that needed my signature.I relaxed back to my seat and start eating my sandwich while listening to Kayleigh telling me about her day assisting Larry from
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6. Truth be told
Tyler"Just take your time. I'll call Kayleigh if I need anything, the next couple of days will be about the transition. I will need your best game when we start with the re-launch.""Re-launch?""Yeah, branding, I will have people from marketing, we will meet them and discuss more."She sounded nervous when I call to check up on her. She was taking the day off and I was thankful that I didn't have to push her to take it. From our last meet, I learned that she's a far more complicated person than she appeared to be.I ended the call when Elsie entered my office, last night we had our usual encounter. We would meet once a week sometimes more, she has been conveniently available for me. Though lately she's been getting too clingy and I know Larry would mock me once I need to transfer her to another department, just to end things between us."Is that her agai
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7. Nosy CEO
Jessica"Jessica, I missed you so much! how are you?"I was meeting Amanda for a Sunday lunch, we would meet up a couple of times a month. I know Amanda felt bad about what happened to me and she was making sure that I was getting better.She recommended me to my psychiatrist, Dr. Sheridan, she even accompanied me to my first visit. Amanda takes care of me to the point that I wanted the room to breathe.And as for our lunch dates, I was satisfied with the intervals and she can be very good company."I'm good, how are you? how's little Mable?""Mable is lovely as always, I'm great! and I'm pregnant.""Oh my god, Amanda! congratulations! I wasn't know, I thought...""Nooo... you think I'm fat? I should kick your ass, but I'm too hungry to do it." She laughed and told me to start choosing our lunch while telling me
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8. Clumsy Partner
Tyler"What happened to your hand?""I cut myself, I'm very clumsy.""You should rest your hand, tell Kayleigh to assist you today."Jessica looked pissed at me, but that bandage looked big for a wound caused by clumsiness. Looking at her, I seemed to want her to be placed inside a bubble just to make sure that she'd be safe.These protective feel made me uneasy with myself, I just saw her yesterday, we kissed. The kiss itself was too awkward as if it was her first, and the knowledge kept me up last night. But when morning comes, all I want to was to see her and I wanted nothing more but to kiss her again."Sir, your ten o'clock is here.""Thank you. Oh, Elsie, I will need you to contact Kayleigh, Ms. Robinson's PA to work here for the next couple of days, and set her working space."Jessica looked annoyed, and I smirked k
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9. Not ever
Jessica"So, he kissed you? wow, no wonder things have been awkward between you guys."Kayleigh finally digs the truth out of me because of the not-so-subtle business lunch that she bumped into hours before."...and his PA kept on looking at you as if you just snatched her campus jock.""Kay!" I reminded her as I closed my office door.It was almost the end of office hours where we usually chat about our days."It was an awkward kiss, I never..."She almost falls as she takes her seat, but then Kayleigh looked at me in amazement."I thought you and Aaron...""No, Aaron and I are not like that, we're friends. He's Amanda's brother he knows what happened,""Jess,""I can see it in his eyes, it's there. And I know Tyler would know about me eventually, and I can't."
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10. First kiss
TylerJessica left my car in a hurry and I was going to catch up to her, but then my phone buzzed with Elsie on the other line.Damn it! I owe it to her to answer the phone, also because I know Jessica was not going anywhere. I will go to her in a few moments, I just need to answer Elsie's phone call first."It's her, isn't it? you're ditching me because of her?" she was sobbing from the other line and I cursed myself for dragging our office hookups for far too long."Elsie, you know from the start what we are? it's just sex, I'm sorry if I was leading you on. But you need to understand that we are done.""I'll be clearing my things, I'll...""I'm not firing you, you're a good PA we can still work together. But if you prefer otherwise, I'll arrange something with HR.""Okay,"She hangs up on me,
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