My Ex-Husband’s Regret

My Ex-Husband’s Regret

By:  Success M.  Updated just now
Language: English
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Gwendolyn left everything behind to be with the one man that she loves. Her dreams, her home, and those who loved her for a man but what happened when that said man didn’t give her the happiness that she was truly hoping for?

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Annie Bucchan
Emily baby must not be his child
2024-05-24 12:57:40
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Soundarya Sinha
Please don't let henry mf and Gwen end up together Ryan deserves Gwen not that a*shole Henry!!
2024-05-23 22:56:04
user avatar
Bessie McKnight
This is a good book .Moving at a snail pace now unfortunately. I would like to see the family unit reunited Henry and Gwen ,and for Emily to rot for what she did. No spoilers!
2024-05-22 02:26:23
user avatar
PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT LET GWEN & HENRY END UP TOGETHER!!! Please let Emily's baby not be his.
2024-05-17 07:09:22
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
112 chapters 5-13-24
2024-05-14 06:32:34
default avatar
Found this book and I love it! Looking forward for more updates! Xoxo
2024-05-11 20:22:30
user avatar
Kaur Jaspinder
this is wonderful story.i
2024-05-01 02:04:52
user avatar
Kaur Jaspinder
this is wonderful story'. i like this story
2024-05-01 02:03:28
default avatar
I love how this book is straight to the point the writer doesn’t drag out the story. I luv it definitely recommend this book to my friends
2024-04-30 02:43:02
default avatar
more chapters please.
2024-04-29 01:07:46
user avatar
Success M.
I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the repeated chapters🥲. I made a mistake but I’ve edited it, I have contacted my editor already and this problem will be fixed soon.
2024-04-28 16:03:48
default avatar
Not sure you are aware that the last few chapters are the same and the chapter numbers are a bit skewed.
2024-04-28 10:02:59
default avatar
Love the book. Just don’t make it too long.
2024-04-27 07:39:19
user avatar
Gigi hadid
Love this book!!
2024-04-15 17:50:52
user avatar
Adeniyi Onome
I don't like the repetition of events in the new chapters, overall a lovely story.
2024-04-11 16:46:01
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148 Chapters
Chapter One
Gwendolyn’s POVEveryone thinks getting married to a rich man, not thinking about how to pay bills and all that would make one happy. It might be for them, but not me.And also, everyone thinks getting married to their heartthrob would be a blissful feeling. Well, it was for me for the first year of my marriage to my sweetheart, but the year after was hel for me.Here I am, five years later married to my sweetheart but still gets cheated on even after all his promises. I thought my life would be colorful as long as I was married to Henry, my first love and everything, but who was I kidding? My life has been hel after our first year of marriage, and I still decided to stay with him. Stay by his side to see if he was going to change his ways, it was old news to me that he was cheating and the media made it known every day. He always liked to twist his words, telling me that the women were his business partners and nothing was going on between them.I used to believe that lie, believe th
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Chapter Two
Gwendolyn. I know alcohol wasn’t going to help me, but I still opted for it. It gives me a temporary relief from my heartache and the pain of knowing Henry was cheating.I opened the wine and poured a large amount on the glass then gulped it down, letting out a sigh of relief. Normally, I only have a glass after Henry’s drama but soon when the pain became too much I turned it to two and then three, and it went on and on.While sitting there I started thinking about my life, and if there was one thing I can totally agree of that will be this. This wasn’t the life I envisioned with Henry after getting married; me getting almost drunk every time we had a quarrel and he, cheating on me with his lover. I didn’t plan my life this way, when I ran away from home to be with him, this wasn’t what I was expecting.I had dreamt of a bright and happy future where Henry and I were happily married with three children, living in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with either a cat or a dog. But this,
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Chapter Three
Henry's POV. I stepped out of my car with my head banging and the harsh sun shining on my face was doing me no favors. Last night was a blast, and I’m not sure if I have had that much happiness since I got married five years ago.My lover, just as my wife calls her, was truly my first love. She was Gwen’s best friend back in high school, and immediately I saw her, I knew she was the one meant for me. Emily would always be the one for me, and no matter how much Gwen tries to make our marriage work, there’s nothing that’s going to work. Everything was just a scam right from the onset.I walked into the house with a happy grin on my face, reminiscing last night. The lovely dinner Emily and the wee hours of this morning.I walked to the living room and noticed that the usual amazing smell of Gwen’s cooking was missing, the TV was on, and my little daughter was sitting idly on the couch watching cartoons.Jasmine was the only reason I decided to marry Gwen. She got the baby for me and my
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Chapter Four
Henry. I walked into the room after contemplating on what to say to her, my steps halted when I saw the miserable position she was in.She was my wife, after all, so I really get the pleasure of seeing something as delicate as her suffer?Yes.That was the answer to my question, Gwen deserves everything happening to her and maybe even more. If she hasn’t been such a cunning biitch who only wanted me to herself, then she wouldn’t be in this position today. She wouldn’t be here sitting with her hand on her head and crying softly if she didn’t make that drastic decision years back. And I wouldn’t be here trying to haul more insult at her for trying to be herself.“You walked out on me, Gwen?” I asked. My hands were clenched by my side.Slowly, she raised her head up and stare at me with tears in her eyes. Trust Gwen never to hold a grudge, regardless of what you’ve done to her, she wouldn’t hold it against you. Instead, she’ll be looking at you like she was a god who doesn’t sin and tha
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Chapter Five
Gwen. In no time, we were out from the house, and I can confidently say that this was the first quality family time we have had in years. Henry rarely has time for us, he was either occupied with his mistress or engrossed in his company affairs. My heart swelled with joy upon seeing the gleaming expression on Jasmine's face; one glance was enough to tell her exhilaration for this outing. Witnessing my daughter radiate happiness like this was my ultimate goal; she was my greatest source of pride, after all. The drive seemed to be longer than I anticipated, and I couldn't help but wonder where Henry was taking us. Despite my polite inquiries, he refused to say anything to me, he was too preoccupied with making calls and barking orders at whoever was on the receiving end. At one point, I chose to remain silent and enjoy this rare opportunity to spend time with Henry… peacefully. Jasmine was beyond thrilled and couldn't stop talking; she bombarded us with questions every time we passed
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Chapter Six
Standing there with a shattered heart, I observed the pair in front of me. My thoughts wandered, wondering why Henry would bring us to this place when he knew his lover would be here. Why did he even take the time to be with us when he knew he couldn't be fully present?I tried to calm my racing heart and consider my options: should I go back inside to meet jasmine, or approach the two of them? After much contemplation, I decided to confront them. As I approached, it became clear that they were engaged in a heated argument. Henry's body was tense and alert, while the woman was the one doing all the talking."What's happening here?" I inquired, focusing my gaze on Henry and pretending not to see the lady next to him."Perfect! It's great that she's here, Henry. Why don't we fill her in on what's going on?" She sneered.I turned to Henry, but he refused to even acknowledge my presence. "Henry, why are you here? Jasmine has been looking for you," I said, trying to brush off the woman's c
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Chapter Seven
Gwen.Throughout the car ride home, Henry remained silent, completely disregarding my presence. But I paid no mind to it; I knew it had become his preferred course of action. We arrived home just before dinner, and I carried the sleeping Jasmine out of the car. I turned to Henry, who had not bothered to come out."Are you not coming in?" I inquired. Sometimes I wondered why I even bothered with him, but he was my husband after all."No," he replied before turning the car around and driving off.I stood there, watching the car leave our home, for a long time. I only went inside when Jasmine stirred in my arms. I first went to her room and laid her down on her bed. I removed her dress and tossed it in the laundry basket. Then, I grabbed a damp towel and wiped her body, knowing she wouldn't sleep comfortably with a sweaty body. After that, I dressed her in a light nightgown and left the room once I was certain she was comfortable.Thankfully, Sheila was not around. It was a double stroke
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Chapter Eight
Gwen's life flashed before her eyes as the word “divorce” echoed in her mind. She couldn't believe it. Henry was divorcing her - no, he had already divorced her. All that was left was for her to sign the papers, and that thought terrified her.

Struggling to control her breathing, Gwen looked at Henry. He was staring at her like he was looking at something other than a person. 
“What do you mean, Henry?” She asked, still unsure of what she heard. 

“Don't tell me your ears are broken as well?” He sneered.But Gwen didn't have time for his taunts. If he wanted to mock her, he could do it later. Right now, the situation was far more serious than he could imagine. How dare he think he could divorce her whenever he pleased? When they signed the marriage certificate and exchanged vows, he promised to be with her until death did them part. So why was he suddenly bringing divorce papers to her?“I still don't understand what you're trying to say, Henry,” I said, picking up the papers from th
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Chapter Nine
Gwen. I was right when I said that Emily was nothing but a slut, and she will continue being one. Henry knew it was true, but he wouldn't admit it. I mean, who would? Who would sit quietly and let someone insult the person they're in love with? As much as he tried to deny it, I was right. We became silent for a moment, both of us looking at each other straight in the eyes. Neither of us spoke, but with the tension and quietness around us, one would think we were preparing for war. He looked away and pulled back, his eyes staring at me as his nose scrunched up in disgust. “You'll sign those papers, and I swear you'll do it today.” I scoffed. So this was his way of avoiding the subject. But guess what? I wasn't done. “Do not try to avoid the subject here, Henry. We both know that she's the cause of whatever rift we have between us. She is the reason your daughter had to spend countless nights waiting up for you. She's the reason you abandoned your family and left us to stay in th
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Chapter Ten
The next morning, Henry was up, and his side of the bed was cold when I woke up, which meant that he had left many hours ago. I sighed, but didn't let that trouble me. My gaze peered at my little sunshine who was still sleeping beside me, a smile graced my lips, and I marveled at how peaceful and cute she looked even in her sleep.
While sitting there lost in my thoughts, my mind went back to the conversation we had last night.
“The divorce.”
Henry was so persistent about it, and I wondered why I didn't give him what he wanted last night. I mulled over it last night while pretending to be asleep, there was no need to fight for him when I have already lost the fight. It was clear as day that Henry didn't and doesn't belong to me.
He wants a divorce, so why not give it to him? He can go stay with Emily and his little family for all I care. I was done taking his bullshit and his tantrums, done hoping he would one day change his mind and be with me fully.
Like they say, everyone
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