Mrs Smith

Mrs Smith

By:  OLIVIA JAMES  Ongoing
Language: English
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The narrative unfolds around Rachel West, the eldest daughter in a family with strong moral principles. Despite her high moral standing, she harbors unrequited feelings for James Smith, a man she desires but knows she cannot win. A one-night stand with James leads to an unexpected pregnancy, altering the course of Rachel's life. Rachel, aware of her condition, is compelled to become James Smith's wife. However, James, while respecting her grandmother's wishes, is far from pleased with the arrangement. Settling into the villa as the lady of the house, Rachel becomes a subject of envy and ridicule, particularly from her younger sister. As Rachel adjusts to her new life, her world is further complicated by the presence of James's concubine, Melody. Tragedy strikes with the death of Rachel's grandmother and Melody's sudden disappearance. The events take a darker turn when James accuses Rachel of murder and kidnapping, leading to her imprisonment. In prison, Rachel gives birth to twins but is denied access to them by James. She believes her children did not survive, adding to her emotional turmoil. A twist was introduced when a fire incident at the prison nearly claims Rachel's life. A Good Samaritan rescues her, offering a chance for redemption. She secures a job as a personal assistant, providing a glimmer of hope in her otherwise turbulent life. Simultaneously, James believes Rachel perished in the fire, unaware of her continued existence. The story leaves readers pondering Rachel's resilience and the potential twists that might shape her destiny. What fate awaits Rachel? Rachel's journey is marked by tragedy, betrayal, and an ongoing quest for redemption. As the narrative progresses, readers are drawn into the complexities of Rachel's relationships, her struggles against societal expectations, and the unforeseen events that shape her path.

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49 Chapters
Chapter 1 Into the Prison.
Rachel West crawls towards the door bit by bit, holding her high bulging belly.She was imprisoned for three days thanks to the man’s she lovedThere were some dirty rice grains spilled on the door, she stretched out her hand that was red with pain, picked up the dirty and cold rice grains and put them into her mouth little by little.Suddenly, the door opened: "Rachel Smith, someone is visiting you".Before she could be ready, she was roughly dragged out, washed, and pushed into the visiting room.Across the iron fence, she finally saw the man, the man she had loved for ten years.She held back the hatred in her heart and asked him, "How is grandma?""Do you still have the face to ask?"James Smith grabbed her neck and looked as if he was going to kill her: "Thanks to you, Grandma will never wake up.""You planned to climb into my bed and kidnap Melody, I can bear it, but you should never have touched grandma!"Rachel West can't stop shaking her head. She had loved him since she was
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Chapter 2 Run
"Ahh!"Rachel West woke up from her nightmare again.She hurriedly touched her lower abdomen; the flat lower abdomen made her heart feel desolate.There is nothing left.Her child was lost in the fire.Five years have passed, and she still has that nightmare every day.In the dream, a group of people beat and kicked her around her, and the strong fire surrounded and devoured her and the baby who was purplish and breathless and James Smith gloomy, cold eyes were staring at her. All the moments in the dream lingered in her heart. Even though five years had passed, she still felt heartbroken when she thought about it again.Suddenly, the phone rang, it was Linda Park."You fool, the start-up ceremony is about to begin, why haven't you come over yet?"She is Linda Park’s assistant and stand-in. Today, Linda Park is going to participate in the opening activities of a play, and she must rush to the hotel before the time she said.The bus had just stopped at the bus stop, and Rachel West go
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Chapter 3 No Escape for Her
Small damp basement.Rachel West huddled into a ball and crouched shivering in a corner."I really want to kill you.""You'd better give me death .""How did this kid come about, don't you have regrets in your heart, he is not worthy to come to this world at all."Her ears were filled with the cold, heartless words James Smith had said to her, and Rachel West buried her face in her knees and cried in grief.Since she was a child, because of the last word of her mother, she had tried to please James Smith in every possible way, but what she gets is his disgust.After he risked saving her own life, she lost her heart completely to him.But the man had only disgust and indifference towards her.Even after marriage, Melody Freeman framed and provoked her repeatedly but, he would always stand by her.He never believed her, never!.In the dark basement, only the light of the mobile phone screen keeps flickering.This is the eleventh call Linda Park has made to her since she escaped from the
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Chapter 4 Don't make me see him
But if she wasn't Rachel West, why would she run away when she saw him, and where did that familiarity come from?He was not convinced.“Max Holland!”"Yes, Mr. Smith.""Find her for me, right away, right away!"Seeing James Smith lose his soul made Alexa West feel bad."James, why are you doing this, my sister is dead""Shut up." James Smith interrupted her coldly. "I never believed that ashes could be her."Alexa West took two steps back unsteadily.It was said that the person he hated the most was his sister, but she knew that her sister was the most special to him.He has always been indifferent to everyone, except for her elder sister.She would rather have that kind of disgust than that kind of indifference.As soon as James Smith left, the lounge was lively.Someone patted Linda Park on the shoulder: "Hey, you're going to be hot this time, your assistant turned out to be Rachel West.""Who? Rachel West? Who is Rachel West?"" Rachel West, you don't know, she is Mr. Smith's ex-w
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Chapter 5 Just Kill Me
Seeing this, the housekeeper hurriedly comforted the two little babies: "Who said you don't have a mommy, your mommy is just far away, and it's inconvenient to see you.""Where is that far away?" Olivia Smith looked at the butler with big black and white eyes.Oliver Smith: "Is there any place in the world that Daddy can't go to?"The housekeeper was at a loss for words. It seemed that he really couldn't lie to the children. The children were too curious.At this moment, Max Holland hurried in: "Mr. Smith, someone brought her back, she's downstairs."James Smith’s heart trembled slightly, and he looked at the housekeeper: "Diana, take the two little babies back to the room first.""Yes, sir."When walking to the door, Olivia Smith suddenly looked back at James Smith: "Daddy, where is my mommy?"James Smith was silent for a while, then said, "Daddy will tell you later. Telling you now will put her in danger."This is always the answer, Olivia lowered her eyes in disappointment and foll
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Chapter 6 You seeking Death!
"Threatening me?" James Smith gritted his teeth, his brows full of anger. "Five years ago, you kidnapped Melody and seriously injured grandma. This time, if I'm not threatened by you, who do you want to hurt?""Grandma didn't hurt me."He can slander her in other things, but he can't rely on her grandma's affairs.He respected her grandmother so much and always regarded her as his grandmother. How could she slander and hurt her?James Smith gritted his teeth and growled: "There's nothing you can't do!"Heh, he always thought of her so viciously, even five years later, that still hasn't changed.She took a deep breath and said indifferently, "I will prove my innocence in the future about my grandma. As for Melody Freeman, if you want her to be fine, then let me go.""You dare to touch her?""So what if you move, if you have the ability, you can kill me directly.""You think I don't dare?" James Smith gritted his teeth, He was so angry that he lost his mind, grabbed her by the collar an
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Chapter 7 Less Pretending Here
She sat powerlessly on the ground, and the initial grief and anger slowly turned into a helpless plea: "James, please let me go, okay? It's my fault, I shouldn't like you, let me go, I swear, in the future I will never have any feelings for you again, and I will never appear in front of you again, just please let me go, please"On the stairs, James Smith’s hand holding a tray clenched secretly, and his dark face was incomprehensible.Oliver Smith cautiously ran up to him and asked, "Daddy, who is that auntie, why are you locking her up ?""Go back, don't come up!"James Smith dropped a serious sentence and walked up with the tray.Oliver pouted, there must be something wrong.The door of the attic opened, Rachel West hurriedly crawled over: " James Smith, please let me go, I will prove my innocence about my grandma, and I will help you find Melody, I know you have always hated me, even my feelings for you make you sick, don't worry, I will go far in the future, and I have not liked yo
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Chapter 8 Who are You?
After James went out, Oliver left the housekeeper and took Olivia to the attic on the top floor.Olivia Smith was full of curiosity: "Brother, why did Daddy keep Auntie in the attic?"Oliver Smith shook his head, but because of this, he felt that the aunt had an unusual relationship with Daddy, maybe she was really related to Mommy.Thinking of this, the little guy was very excited.The attic on the top floor was so remote that Olivia Smith twisted the doorknob but couldn't."Brother, the door is locked, we can't get in.""Don't be afraid, brother has a way." Oliver Smith said, sliding a cover above the keyhole, and the key of the combination lock suddenly appeared in front of the both of them.Olivia Smith said in surprise: "Brother, how do you know that this door has a combination lock?" In the end, she said disappointedly, "But we don't know the combination."Oliver Smith tilted his head and thought for a while: "Brother try first, if it doesn't work, go ask Diana .""I don't think
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Chapter 9 Do You Know Who You Are Holding?
Having said that, he hurriedly called the bodyguard to take Rachel West back again.Seeing the bodyguard approaching, Olivia Smith quickly winked at Rachel West.Oliver Smith also reminded in a low voice.Although Rachel West was flustered, she quickly took out a fruit knife and slid it across Oliver Smith’s neck.The butler was shocked when he saw this."God, you are so bold, you dare to hold Oliver hostage.""You all stand back or I'll cut him and see how you explain to James Smith."Olivia Smith hurriedly grabbed the butler's arm, crying in a milky voice: "Save brother, Diana, save brother quickly"The butler was sweating profusely, and shouted to the bodyguards: "You guys get back, get back, Oliver is the life of Mr. Smith, and he can't get hurt in the slightest."For a while, the bodyguards all backed away, making way for Rachel West.Rachel West was overjoyed, and hurriedly limped outside with Oliver Smith held hostage.Just as she stepped out of the gate of the villa, she was g
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Chapter 10 Special Contracts
James Smith stared at the vanishing car, the hatred and anger in his eyes could almost shoot someone to death.The bodyguards around didn't dare to let out the atmosphere The butler dared to ask: "Sir, do you want to arrange for a vehicle to catch up?"James Smith didn't speak, and the silence was even more shocking to everyone.At this moment, Alexa West suddenly said: "James, don't be angry, my sister can't escape."James Smith frowned at her. "What do you mean?"Alexa West said: "I heard from Linda Park that she has a special contract with my sister.""Special contract?""Well, wasn't she Linda Park’s assistant before?"James Smith looked at her, waiting for her to continue."If Linda Park voluntarily dismissed her sister, then Linda Park would have to compensate her for an astronomical amount of liquidated damages. Of course, if she voluntarily resigned, then her sister would also have to compensate Linda Park for a large sum of money. With that contract in place, sister will de
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