12. Try Not to Care

"What?" I looked at Tiana, who was standing beside my desk with a scared face.

"Clarisa..." Tiana looked very nervous; she only said Clarisa's name and looked down again.

I took a deep breath, then shifted to look the girl straight in the eye.

"What are you talking about?" I exclaimed, annoyed.

"Clarisa is now an errand girl for the Aster Gang; please, Kei, help her," whined the girl with a worried face. Tiana even shed tears while begging me.

Oh my! Quite surprising. I thought the Aster Gang had stopped because they failed to make me their butt. But apparently, they changed the target so easily.

And now Clarisa?

"I know you can help her; please, Kei, help Clarisa; after all, she is our friend," Tiana pleaded, tears now flowing freely down her cheeks.

Hum, it's not that I don't want to help; getting away from Marko and the Aster Gang is also not an easy matter. I struggled with it, so I wasn't sure if I could help Clarisa.

"Just like you, I'm also afraid of them; I don't want to get i
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