11. Glasses Guy

I deliberately woke up early and went to school early to avoid Kenan. I wasn't sure he would drop me off at school as usual, but it was better to be careful not to run into him.

Angry? Yes, let's say I'm angry. I feel entitled to know why. Shouldn't he just tell me? Why is he making things difficult for him?

I got out of the taxi and rushed through the gate. When I passed Lenny's class, I saw her and Miranda looking at me intently from inside the classroom. And of course, I don't care; as long as she doesn't bother me anymore, I won't do anything bad to her.

The atmosphere began to change, and some friends began to greet me. After what I've been through so far, I'm not sure if I can be friendly with them. Let's say I'm a vengeful girl. They once left me and ignored me; why are they pretending to be nice to me now?

When I passed the indoor court, my steps stopped when a guy who was familiar to me was playing basketball there. My feet moved automatically toward him.

"Hey!" I shouted, ma
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