13. Poor Girl

I sat alone in class because I forgot to bring my sports uniform. Clarisa came into class with a limp and a bleeding forehead; the girl's face was also bruised. Clarisa didn't say anything and just sat quietly in her seat. No need to ask what happened to her; I already know that this is the work of the Aster Gang.

This stinks; hasn't the school gone too far by letting those thugs continue to hurt other people here? Just because of money, they all turned a blind eye and allowed the child they were supposed to protect to become a victim.

"Now, I know why you hate us so much. We should have helped you first, no matter what," Clarisa chirped, making me look at her, who was looking down while crying.

Ah, seeing her like that makes my conscience hurt. Someone has to take steps to stop them from bullying.

"I won't deny it," I said quietly.

"How did you manage to endure it all this time?" This time, Clarisa raised her head and looked at me.

How can I endure it? I couldn't help it, so I tried
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