My Mate is a Witch

My Mate is a Witch

By:  sprachi12  Completed
Language: English
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Heartbroken Caroline Haysbert, after getting dumped and cheated on by her ex-boyfriend and her best friend, left the city to fix her broken heart by taking a break from regular life, where she came across Artemis Thomas Gosling, who was determined to make her HIS after realizing that she was his mate and also to discover the hidden identity of her. *** “I won the bet,” Caroline said. “I told you that if you will come here without me by your side, then all woman will surely try to throw herself at you. After all, you’re so famous and rich, Artemis.” Wrapping his hand around her, he played with her and spoke with a smirk, “I promise, from now onwards, I will never ever leave your side. And just because I lost the bet, I’m all yours till eternity.” With this, he slammed his lips against Caroline’s. ‘Holycow! Did he really need to kiss me to act that we are actually together?’ She screamed in her mind. “I think you took that drama too seriously.” She spoke later. “No.” Artemis was quick to revert. “I just know how to keep promises. And I don’t make promises to break.” Sensing the seriousness in Artemis's tone, Caroline almost forgot to breathe. Book 2: My Mate is a Witch Book 1: Billionaire's Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies (Completed) *** Follow me on social media. Search ‘sprachi12’

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96 Chapters
Chapter 1: Her eyes were puffed?
“How dare he?” Caroline fumed in anger when she received a wedding card from her male best friend, Dylan. “I always told you that he is just using you to get Alice,” Dylan said in an equally angry tone. He couldn’t believe Caroline’s best friend Alice Fonda from college days did this to Caroline. He barely knew about that girl, but god knows for what reason; he never liked that witch. A tear rolled out of her eyes, still having a hard time believing that her boyfriend was marrying her best friend secretly. “But why?” She asked, not able to understand that why Mark Johnson, her boyfriend did this to her. “Do you still don’t get it, Caro? He was always after Alice’s money. He befriended you just to get near Alice because, in front of everyone, you’re just an Orphan, just a nobody except me, obviously.” Dylan said, shrugging his shoulder. Both Caroline and Dylan had been friends since she first came to the Orphanage on her seventh birthday. She started pretending as nobody after high
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Chapter 2: I won the bet
After Caroline checked into her room, she didn’t know what to do now because if she would stay in the room, then she would start crying again. She wanted to confront both Mark and Alice and ask them why they did do this to her. She was away from Grenoble and had gone home to Paris just for two weeks because her grandpa’s health wasn’t right, and he broke up with me with a text just two days after his wedding without giving any reason. She couldn’t run to him, leaving her family like an idiot, not when her grandfather had just started showing positive signs of recovery and also her younger sisters were going to shift for the first time on their eighteen birthday. So she shared about it with Dylan, and he found out the real reason when he landed at his place and met his parents as Mark’s friends, seeing all the arrangements for the wedding. And from there, he came to know that Mark and Alice had been in a relationship for more than a year now. ‘Is this why Mark never texted me first fr
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Chapter 3: Very much, SINGLE.
A minute later, Artemis broke the kiss and looked at his mate in his arm and then at Gaby, who looked like she would kill his mate at any moment. He was glad that she was a human, or she would have lunged on his mate for sure until now. And the second best thing about this nightclub was that it belonged to a werewolf, so he made sure to build this place with the help of magic so that no werewolves or any creature couldn’t use his or her hearing powers to listen to someone else conversation or anyone’s whisper. “Can you dance?” He whispered in Caroline’s ear when he kissed her right ear. Caroline’s knees went weak when he did so. She couldn’t help but wonder. ‘Where does he do for a living? Acting?’ “Hmm” Hearing it, Artemis wasted no time and brought her to the dance floor. Caroline felt someone throwing tons of daggers at her head with her eyes, and to piss her a little more, she rested her head on Artemis’s chest, wrapping her hand around his frame, moving her body to the beat o
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Chapter 4
“So, how long you’re planning to stay here?” Artemis asked to know her plan as she was here on a break. “It’s a fifteen days tour package of the whole of Spain, covering major places.” caroline answered, drinking another glass of mojito. They returned from the dance floor after Caroline got tired from dancing. They didn’t even realize when Gaby left the nightclub after feeling humiliated.“Wow!! What a coincidence. Even I’m here with a plan to enjoy Spain at least for fifteen to fifteen days. The only difference is that I’m not here on some tour package.”“Well… there was a discount on the tour package, so I chose that. I try to save money as much as I can and then utilize that saved money by helping the poor people.” Caroline responded, shrugging her shoulder.‘Woah! It looks like she doesn’t give a damn about your money and about the fact of helping the poor; we have seen that with our own eyes!’ Bolt said in an impressive tone.“So, Artemis…” Bolt purred out of happiness hearing hi
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Chapter 5
The following day, Caroline opened her eyes to a continuous knock on her room’s door. She checked the time and saw it was just six in the morning.‘Who has a death wish?’ She muttered in a sleepy tone and left the bed to open the door and was really not surprised to see Artemis standing in front of her in a fresh sky blue casual shirt and black jeans. His grey eyes were hidden because of his goggles.“Good Morning, Regina.” He greeted her with a big smile on his lips. [Regina means Queen in Italian.]‘He looks good with that beautiful smile on his lips.’ She mentally thought before replying. “I’m not ready, Artemis, and I have to sleep for at least two hours more. You can come later.”“Don’t be that cruel. At least let me in. You agree to give me those fourteen days, remember?” Artemis pouted. Narrowing her eyes, Caroline let him enter her room and then locked the door behind her. Walking inside, Artemis looked around the room and found the room in which she was staying, an average ro
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Chapter 6
“Are you trying to know from where I belong?” Caroline asked, changing the topic. “If yes, then I stay in Grenoble, not Paris.” She said in such a way then Artemis won’t be able to sense her lie. My parents or say my family left me in an orphanage when I was bare of few hours.” She told him but didn’t tell the story that happened next, how she got adopted, and other things.“I… I’m sorry about that.” Artemis apologized. “Maybe they were not ready to become parents but don’t worry, my parents will be blessed to have a daughter they never had,” he said with a smile and pinched Caroline’s cheek to cheer her mood.“And I don’t give a damn to your background, Sarah. Even you’re a nobody and poor.”Caroline smiled at his words, and by that time, their breakfast was already served at their table. “Don’t get me to know, but how did you manage everything until now, then? I mean, what do you do for your living?”“Well, a generous and kind couple adopted and helped me with my studies till high s
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Chapter 7
“Also, see that leech that has been following me since the moment I had in Spain.” Artemis groaned in irritation, knowing Gaby had been keeping an eye on him and Caroline since morning.“God, what is wrong with this woman?” Caroline hissed, seeing Gaby, who just hid her face with the magazine.“She is from Spain, so I doubt that she is going to leave me alone till my stay in Spain. So please, Sarah, save your rè, just like you did last night after all my re·gì·na.” Artemis said in his Italian accent, acting like a helpless man, but Caroline very well knew that she was capable of saving his ass on his own. “Even if things won’t work between us, just help me to get rid of her.”“Okay! Okay! Now stop acting like you are some helpless man, even though you’re. I will help you.” Caroline agreed, ‘Help him or help myself?’Artemis leaned toward her and kissed her cheek before whispering in her ear, “There will surely be more than one room in my suit.” With this, he moved back to look at Caro
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Chapter 8
“So tell me about your family.” Artemis asked, munching the breakfast.“From where does that question comes all of a sudden?” Caroline asked because she was taken aback by that question of Artemis. She knew that she couldn’t lie to him because of his nose, which could smell lie anytime.“Now that I’m going to marry you. I should know about all your family members, shouldn’t I? So, tell me.” Artemis said, sensing the reluctance to answer his simple question. He narrowed his eyes and started waiting for her to speak. ‘What are you hiding, Sarah? Tell me. What is about you so mysterious?’ He mentally thought.“Don’t you think that you are taking everything too seriously?” Caroline gave him a weak smile by saying this, but Artemis eyed her suspiciously.“I’m taking everything seriously because I’m serious about you, Sarah. I won’t ask again if you don’t want to tell me.” He said with a poker face.“Umm.. my dad is a game programmer. And my mother… she sews and knits clothes for babies.” C
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Chapter 9
‘Come on, Artemis, if you want her to trust you with her truth, then you will also have to trust her and share everything about yourself.’ Bolt encouraged Artemis while having breakfast the following morning when they were having breakfast at an open restaurant near the Atlantic Ocean in San Sebastian.“I’m a werewolf,” Artemis said all of a sudden, shocking Caroline. And her eyes widened in surprise, not expecting Artemis to share such important information about him.As per werewolf law, they were allowed to disclose this fact with any human unless they were mates or too close to them. Well, to be honest, this rule wasn’t applied only to the werewolf community but also to the other community that was different from humans.“A werewolf is a man who can shift into a wolf. Some of them can shift at any moment as per their wish, while there are some who can just shift at night, some of them can shift only at full moon night, and many more. It depends on many reasons like their parents,
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Chapter 10
‘Finally,’ Artemis was beaming with happiness after knowing the full name of his mate. ‘Caroline Sarah Haysbert.’ He was trying to search for anyone with this name and with a picture of his mate over the internet, but surprisingly, he couldn’t find anyone.‘And there I thought that once I will get to know about her, then I can find out everything about her.’ He mentally cursed at his stupidity. “Artemis, take my pictures at this place too.” He heard his mate’s voice, who was giving a pose in front of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.“Sure, Regina.” He gave her a smile and took some pictures of her. She came running near him to check the pictures and smiled seeing her pictures. ‘Why are you still so mysterious, mate?’ He asked in his mind. He could see that Caroline was opening up with him in these seven days, so yes, he could say that he was making some progress, but his mate was still a mystery to him.“Let’s take some pictures together.” She said, taking Artemis’s phone from his phone
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