My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

By:  Caroline Above Story  Updated just now
Language: English
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(Sequel of Pregnant and rejected by my alpha mate. Can be read alone. )Today I had my first kiss. It wasn’t planned. It was also with a complete stranger. As I walked through the halls of my school, Higala Shifter Academy, I paused when a familiar sense washed over me. My boyfriend, Scott, was nearby, and he wasn’t alone. “You are so naughty, Scott,” the she-wolf Sarah chuckled. “Only for you, babe,” he replied, muffled as her lips closed around his. At that moment, I felt sick to my stomach. “Oh, Scott. Stop it. You know we can’t be seen together. What if your girlfriend finds us?” “She’s in class. She’s never late. You don’t need to worry.” My heart was heavy in my chest, but also a wave of fury and resentment crossed me.“Lila?” Scott breathed, staring at me in shock “What are you—” Before he could get the entire question out, I turned to the gentleman beside me, placing my hands on his shoulders and pulling him toward me. He went easily, though his eyes showed nothing but confusion. I closed my eyes tightly so I wouldn’t have to see his expression any longer. Then, our lips touched. Later, I walked into my class but found,It was him… The man I kissed only moments ago in the hallway. The man I had given my first kiss to, was my professor.

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My Professor Is My Alpha Mate by Caroline Above Story is a werewolf novel with four and a half stars. Lila has a few life issues. She is almost eighteen but cannot shift yet. Her boyfriend Scott is kissing another girl. Sarah, the other woman, is terrorizing her. And out of the blue, Professor Enzo, an Alpha, steals her first kiss. Things get more complicated for Lila as time progress. Surprisingly her professor is her Alpha. Student and teacher relationships are taboo. Or can they make this work since their bond runs deep?

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J ann McDaniel
What is going on no updates for days?
2023-09-25 02:18:10
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Samman Khan
why is the main female character is so clingy??? doesn't she has self esteem? Enzo is staying with Connie and she is still following him around like a lost puppy, looking so irritating
2023-09-24 01:38:35
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Lisa Reed
Love this story
2023-09-22 01:43:45
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Nice read, I’m hooked. Kudos to the author
2023-09-09 02:43:20
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Lisa Reed
Thank you for the update
2023-09-08 00:02:52
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Sept 5, 2023: Up to chapter 180 on Heartify Dear Author, thank you for those chapters on heartify. I felt like I have waited forever for an update like that
2023-09-06 05:38:06
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Megan Latimer
Dnt read at almost chapter 200 an all that’s happening is the same thing story isn’t progressing
2023-08-22 07:32:44
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Amber Ivers
I love this story as much as all the others. I appreciate that you post a chapter daily as opposed to most who do only three a week or even those who do once a week. Keep up great work!!!
2023-08-18 01:51:19
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The author is too busy trying to get people to spend money on another app where she posted more chapters for this book. I thought this book was exclusive to goodnovel. why is she posting more chapters for an exclusive book on another app?
2023-08-16 07:55:07
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Its so frustrating that the author is only updating one chapter at a time! Please update multiple chapter per day!
2023-07-25 21:31:47
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Readers can’t honestly engulf in the story. Although we appreciate the author, only 1 chapter is uploaded PER DAY with a 1-2 minute read. It’s frustrating when you’ve breezed through a book, and are so hype for it, & all of the sudden hit a wall. The stop & go is upsetting not suspenseful. Loses us.
2023-07-19 15:29:49
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Judy Williams
I was so captivated by this book at first but now I feel like we are being strung along. This story has great potential if the author would get on with the story instead of dragging it out.
2023-07-06 11:00:11
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Laura Salgado deTorres
I absolutely love this book! I’m sad I have to wait for new chapters almost every day but I wait cause I love it!
2023-07-05 08:38:02
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Is there going to be more chapters to this?? Or when’s the follow on book coming and what’s it going to be calls
2023-06-24 23:13:02
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Jo k
Missing chapter 98! Massive jump that is very confusing for chapter 99. Please fix this ...
2023-06-23 07:23:19
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190 Chapters
#Chapter 1 – My first kiss
Lila’s POVToday I had my first kiss. It wasn’t planned. It was also with a complete stranger.I’ve always had my first kiss envisioned from the moment I learned what real love was. I imagined the sparks we would feel as we share that passionate moment. I imagined what my wolf would feel like when she recognizes him as our mate.Going to a large college, I thought I would at least find one person that would make me want to give him everything my heart had to offer.But I never felt what my mother felt for my father.I’ve had a boyfriend for a couple of months, but it still never felt right. I keep thinking that when I turn 18 and get my wolf, maybe she would recognize him as our mate. Maybe he’s the one I’m supposed to be with for the rest of my life, even if I don’t see it yet.But the moon goddess thought otherwise. As I walked through the halls of my school, Higala Shifter Academy, I paused when a familiar sense washed over me. My boyfriend, Scott, was nearby, and he wasn’t alon
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#Chapter 2 – Shifting and Combat 101
Lila’s POVI couldn’t believe that the man I had shared my first kiss with was my professor. Suddenly, it felt like the arena wasn’t big enough.Professor Enzo was extremely handsome and incredibly muscular. I ran my eyes from his gorgeous grey eyes down to his incredible 8 pack abs. His arms were large, and I could see small veins appearing around his biceps. His dark, wavy hair was kind of shaggy, dancing around his broad and manly features. He had sweat beading on his forehead and dripping down the side of his face, and some more sweat on his chest, dripping down his torso.My face instantly began to redden as he walked toward me.“Can I help you with something?” He asked, raising his brows, and meeting my eyes.“Sorry; I just transferred to this class,” I say to him, showing him my printed schedule. “I’m Lila…”He looked at the schedule briefly; silence growing thick between us as he pulled his eyes from the schedule and back onto my face.“You can join the other students,” he sai
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#Chapter 3 – A photo has been leaked.
Lila’s POV“Everybody needs to get off their phones!” Professor Enzo’s voice was deep and boomed across the arena.I couldn’t even move; my entire body felt frozen as I stared at the picture on Becca’s phone. I glanced around the arena only to be met with a bunch of curious and shocked expressions. Everybody was staring at me.Sarah and her friend were chuckling as they were glaring at me.“That’s one way to get ahead…” I heard her muttering.Professor Enzo grabbed Becca’s phone to look at the photo; I hadn’t even realized he was approaching us. His jaw twitched as he took in the photo.“This is terrible photoshop skills,” he said, shaking his head as he gave Becca her phone back. “You can clearly see the outlining around my body. Someone is really trying hard to spread nasty rumors.”Everybody pulled their eyes from me to look back at the picture, assessing it.“He’s right… this is terrible photoshop,” someone murmured.“How pathetic. Why go to that many lengths to spread this kind o
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#Chapter 4 – 18(th) birthday party
Lila’s POVMy mother took one look at my face and started laughing.“Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?” She asked.“Enzo is Blaise’s son?” I asked; I was completely and utterly shocked. “I had no idea he had kids.”My mother nodded.“I don’t think Enzo was ever close to his father,” she explained. “I believe he lived with his mother in a different pack. When his father died, he went back to Calypso. Being Blaise’s only living relative and all.”“If I had known he was Blaise’s son, I wouldn’t have invited him. I’m so sorry…”“Sorry? Why are you sorry? I’m glad you invited him. Your father will be pleased. He rather likes Enzo. Said he has a good head on his shoulder. He’s nothing like his father, that’s for sure.”“So, we trust him?” I asked, raising my brows.“Lila bean, we can’t fault Enzo for something his father did. You should know that better than anyone.”She gave me a small smile, staring around my concerned face. She placed a hand on my shoulder, causing me to meet her
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#Chapter 5 – Enzo’s motivation
Enzo’s POV12 year earlier“Enzo…?” My mother woke me up during the night, tears filling her big brown eyes, and dripping delicately off her long and dark lashes. I groggily woke, to find her standing over me. “Mom?” I asked, peering at her through the dark of the night. It was cold; we didn’t have much heat in our small home. We didn’t have much money to afford heat, but my mother never made it seem like we were poor. “What’s wrong?” I whispered to her, not wanting to wake the others that resided in the house. “Your father is dead…” she said softly, her voice quivering. She was frightened. But of what? “He’s gone, sweetheart,” she said again. From what I had heard of my father, he wasn’t a good man. He left my mother pregnant, rejecting her, and forcing her to live in another pack. She would often refer to him as a monster. “You are the only living relative left…” She continued. “His Beta is coming to collect you. You must go with him…” “What?” I asked, sitting up quickly in
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#Chapter 6 – Wolfbane poisoning.
Lila’s POVI wasn’t feeling good.I don’t know if it was something I ate; perhaps I had too much cake. Or maybe it was too much to drink. I only had a couple of glasses of wine at most.But I was suddenly feeling lightheaded. I was also feeling a wave of heat crossing my features. My heartbeat was heavy, and I needed to sit down before I completely passed out. “Lila bean, why don’t I take you to your room so you can lie down,” my mother suggested, sitting beside me on the couch. I was faced with a few concerned eyes as I tried to maintain my breathing.“I’m okay,” I tell her.I would hate to leave my own party early. My parent’s worked so hard to make this evening perfect and I didn’t want to disappoint them.“You are burning up, you might have a fever.” “I don’t want to be rude,” I say, looking up at her. “Some Alpha’s traveled far to be here.”“Your health is my only concern right now.”I knew there was no arguing with her; though, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it
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#Chapter 7 – Is my mate a Volana Wolf?
Third Person POVIt was easy getting into Lila’s party when Scott’s dad was there. Scott and Sarah didn’t even need an excuse to attend. Actually, Scott’s father insisted that he showed up.Sarah spent the better part of her morning picking wolfbane from her personal garden.She turned the wolfbane into a powder and placed it in a small vile she wore around her neck, tucking it into her shirt; hidden and out of sight.Sarah wanted to destroy any chances of Lila getting her wolf on her birthday. Even though Lila was skilled in combat, she would still be known as lesser without her wolf. Sarah would remain superior in her wolf form.As they got there, Lila was mingling with her guests and laughing. It annoyed Sarah.She took note that Lila had a wine glass that was placed on the table before her. “So, what exactly are we doing here?” Scott asked; she hadn’t told him her plan, other than to crash the party.“We are here to support the birthday girl,” Sarah said with a pleasant smile.“
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#Chapter 8 – Recovering
Enzo’s POVWas she about to tell me she was a Volana wolf? No. It wasn’t possible. Volana wolves were said to be the most powerful creatures in the universe. Lila might have been talented, but she certainly wasn’t powerful.But still, the girl was undeniably strange. But what’s most strange is how captivating she is.Lila wiggled uncomfortably in her bed; I found myself wanting to take care of her. I adjusted her blanket to cover her entire body and fixed her pillow.If she was really a Volana wolf, could she use her powers to manipulate my wolf? “Don’t say such cruel things about our mate,” Max whined.“If she is our mate, it would be better if I just reject her,” I say to him in return, much to his dismay. “It’ll be better for her too…” I thought of my mother and how she remained in that horrid town. They were rogues, living under no leadership. Most of them were too afraid to return to the kingdom, my mother included. My father’s followers still lurked in our lands, even as B
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#Chapter 9 – The drive back to campus
Lila’s POVWhy did it have to be Professor Enzo that comes to pick me up?How was I going to get through an entire drive back to campus? It was an hour away.He showed up a few minutes after I finished packing. I could hear him speaking to my father in the foyer of the packhouse.“Thanks again for taking her back to school. I don’t want to take any chances,” my father said to him.“Any leads on who could have done this?”“None yet; she thinks it could have been her ex-boyfriend though. Or possibly the girl he was with. I don’t have any evidence on that though.”“I can look into it as the school,” Enzo offered.“I appreciate that. Report to me any findings. I might send some of my men there too. Just to be safe.”“We’ll keep in touch,” Enzo said, shaking my father’s hand.“I know I can count on you,” my father said in return.I cleared my throat as I made my way down the stairs; they both turned to look at me. My father with a worried look and Enzo… well … Enzo once again had no expres
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#Chapter 10 – Meeting my wolf.
Lila’s POVValentine bowed her head to me, a smile playing on her long mouth and her white, razor-sharp, teeth being revealed. She was big and glorious; I had never seen anything like her before. This place was so life-like and incredible as well. I could practically feel the mist of the ocean on my features and the light breeze brushing through my hair.It felt so freeing as I could finally breathe. There was no pain and there were no anxieties. It was just happiness and love all around me. Most importantly, there was my wolf right in front of my eyes.“Valentina…” I whispered, running my hand down her soft fur, allowing it to tickle my palms. I had no idea having a wolf would feel like this. I already loved her so much.“You are so beautiful, Lila. I’m so glad to finally meet you. I’ve been waiting to appear for some time now…” she paused. “But I couldn’t…”It was surreal; her mouth wasn’t moving when she spoke, but I could hear her words echoing in my mind.“The wolfbane,” I told h
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