160. A friend

I couldn’t help but inwardly curse at Marcus for delaying our journey. 

We were supposed to start early in the morning so we could reach our destination by evening. But as usual, Marcus had an important business to take care of before we could set off. When I tried to fish the details out of him, he acted rather defensive, making me even more suspicious. So I instantly texted Bella to find out if she knew more, and she did. Her text went something like:

‘I heard screams coming from his room in the morning. Looks like he just revealed to Audrey that he was going to attend the ball with you and not her and that you two will finally get some alone time. Audrey obviously didn’t like it and threw a tantrum. I didn’t fail to hear Marcus say that he was sick of her being so jealous all the time and that she coul

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Sia Brown
Hey Rose! There’s a Marcus POV coming your way really soon <3 perhaps the next chapter. It’s about time that people understood how everything’s affecting him too
goodnovel comment avatar
Hi Sia! Just wondering why there’s no Marcus point of view for a while? It would be interesting to know how Mark feels the mate bond with kiara after being bewitched by Audrey. Only Kiara’s point of view is expressed so far ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Sia Brown
Thank you sticking around to see where this is headed <3

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