20. Complete surrender

Marcus’ POV

Under the alluring luminescence of the moon, I watched as Kiara let go of the confines of her human form to welcome her primal form. As her body expanded to limits she had probably never imagined, I was taken back in time to the first time I had transformed into a wolf. That night was unforgettable, as it was that precise moment that I felt truly liberated to realize my potential.

It was only then that I felt like I was a power of nature. The dark forest had engulfed me in entirety, proffering me its own energy so I could finally unite with it. All the tales and legends I had heard about that night were coming to life, yet, my experience remained unique, untold and unheard of in any part of history. A sense of belonging emerged within my heart, now beating with enough strength to send a bout of exhilaration through my veins, and I finally became a wolf of my pack.

Today, as I watched the silvery furred wolf reclaim its purpose in front of my eyes, I was welled with prid
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