The Video

Gabriel plugged the USB into his laptop, opened the video file and pressed play. His grandma’s smiling face popped up and she started talking.

“Hello, my dear grandson. If you are watching this, it means I am no longer with you. I am so sorry I couldn’t do this in person. I am so sorry I didn’t tell you any of this sooner, but I wanted to protect you. I couldn’t lose you too. I hope that by the end of this video you will understand my actions and you will not be angry with me. I had no bad intentions, I only wanted what’s best for you. I thought hiding this from you is the way to go, but I was wrong, and I am sorry. You know I love you. But, let me start at the beginning. I was a young witch, about 20 years old when I first heard of a warlock named Victor. Supernaturals were talking about him like he was their God. They were saying he wanted justice for our kind, that he was going to fight for us and improve our position amongst humans. I liked what they were saying, and I wanted to k
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