His Rejection And Regrets

His Rejection And Regrets

By:  Khads  Completed
Language: English
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Alia didn't see herself getting engaged at 15 years to the chairman's son. The age where she was yet to enjoy her teen years. Never want to embrass her parents, Alia maintained her purity for a complete six years. Only to be rejected by Mozey her soon to be husband for his classmate. Linda. But fate was on her side when she run from the humiliation and bumped into Shadrack Lule's car. And then there love story begun making Mozey regret rejecting her. Note;l dont own the book cover

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woww... am really likin' this book so far.😊 l hope this won't be a long one tho.😁 Just love Alia & Shadrack😊 pls do update soon.. tnx
2021-05-18 12:34:54
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Nice story. Loved it. Plz update soon
2021-05-16 11:46:43
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Am sorry my readers l mistakenly update a chapter entitled Wendy which isn't of this book. I will contact my editor immediately to remove it. So so sorry
2021-06-27 13:11:25
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Kasozi Khadijah Ka
This is Uganda based story try it out you will love it.
2021-03-11 14:22:48
76 Chapters
You will get engaged
Alia baby you look stunning in this outfit.You know its a descent one and compliments your figure well.Said mrs Babu Alia's mother.Alia was confused the moment she came  back from school,she was told to wear the dress.Although the dress is beautiful and she liked it,she doesnt understand why her mother is this excited today.lsn't it just a dress? she thought to herself.Being curious for a while Alia couldn't take it anymore so she went on to ask her mother where she got this beautiful dress.She knowns that their financial status isnt that good to buy the dress which looks expensive.Dear l will explain everything to you when your father comes back.For now go to have your food l have already placed it on the table.And yes be quick we have visitor's in the evening.Alia said ok and went to her room to freshen up and eat her food.While having a bath,her mind went back to how her mother was weird and she felt something might be wrong somewhere but what is
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Did you gree
After about 15 min,the door was knocked.The Babu family is among those poor families in Lusaka village that doesnt even have a door bell.Listening to the knock outside,Mr Babu went to open the door.The Ouma family were right in his sight.You are all welcome to our humble home please first get in.he said to them in a polite tone. Mr.Ouma said thank you and motioned others to enter into the house.Although the house was small with nothing expensive in it,it was clean and tidy.This gave the Ouma family a good impression of these inlaws to be.You are all welcome to our home.Please sit down.Said mrs Babu with a smile said.They smiled back to them and sat down on old fashioned sofas.Mrs.Babu left to bring tea for the visitors while mr.Babu gave them company.Among the Ouma family members was a boy who just turned 18 this year.His name Mozey Ouma.Two weeks back he was shown a picture of a shabby girl.They told him that he was to get engaged to her.Exce
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Alia's first dowery
The dinner was served and everyone enjoyed the meal.Alia and her mother cleared the table and they came to sit in the leaving room afterwards.Mr.Ouma and mr.Babu were at one side of the leaving room discussing the price fluactuation of agricultural products that had occur recently.lt had affected many farmers in the village. They had yielded a lot of agricultural harvests but the prices of also decreased. This left farmers sad and some lost interest in continuing to go to their gardens. And mrs.Ouma her eyes were glued to Alia.The more she looked at her the more she liked the girl. Recently when the women were gathered for their developmental organisation at the village square, they talked about how this Alia was well mannered,calm and sensible compared to her fell teenagers.She recalled every word they talked about her. One woman even said; lts too bad that my son is five years young than Alia l would have requested for them to be engaged
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It's good to have daughters.
After giving out the dowery,the Ouma family bide goodbye to the Babus' and they left for their home.lt was not far and it took them only 20mins to reach.When they reached they went in the living room.There was an old woman in her 70s that was waiting for them.She said; Welcome back.How did it go.Mrs Ouma; Mother in law everything went too well and l really like your choice .That girl will make a wonderful wife.Our Ouma family is truely blessed.She is so beautiful mother. She said while holding her mother in laws hand. Old woman ; yes l know this girl is sweet and capable.Mozey how do you see her?Mozey ; Not that bad granny.At first Mozey's aim was to just accept anything that his family suggest but when he saw that girl,there was a strange feeling he himself couldnt understand.She is too fat.He thought that she eats alot but when they were eating she only ate little rice and greens which cant make anyone big.He so realised that she is j
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Put that ring on
Dad whether the money is mine or not we can just use it as a family.l dont have anything that l want money for.So you and mum should decide what to do with it.Mr .Babu lovingly pinched Alia's cheeks and said my daughter is really sensible.He looked at his wife and asked about her opinion and Mrs.Babu said; Husband recently there has been new constructed shops for renting near the village square.How about we open a shop there.We can keep the money as well as gaining more profits.ln this way we can also relieve the Pressure Aziiza has to provide for us.Mr .Bubu said wife you have a point there lets make something productive with this money.We are not going to waste it. The villagers are looking at us with sharp eyes. If we don't invest it properly, we will be the talk of the village in the future. That night they made budget for the 6millions they got.They concluded that some of the money should start a family shop near the village square.
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Call me mother
lts okay mum l will put it on.Alia said.What she really felt was fulfilling a debt when putting on that ring.To be honest she wasnt sure whether that guy will want her as a wife.Her inlaws treated her well but so what!!!What matters is the man she was engaged to.When she was at school she got to admire those student couples.She wish that her life was like them.Doing home work for your boyfriend.Move around school while holding hands.And other things of that nerture.But unfortunately life choose a different path for her.For her the happiness of parents come first.She loves them so much. Alia got the ring from her mum's hands and placed it on her finger.Although it has been with her mother for three years,but the ring still looked too good as if it has just been brought.Yes it pure gold like how her mother in law said. They are all happy for her.She went back to her room with her elder sister Aziiza.They chatted happily until midnight and f
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Am a luck child
Two weeks later Alia was called by her former school.They informed her that she had won a half bursary to Makerere University which is the best university in Uganda and the second in Africa.The caller also informed her to go for admission any day from tomorrow.She couldnt be any happier than this.She shouted even more.Called the name makerere like hundred times.She was with Robinah her best friend thus she said;Robinah my friend pinch me l think am dreaming.But its day light.Do l day dream? she asked herself.Robinah pinched her so hard.Ouccch it hurts you dont have to extert all your strength on it.Alia snapped.Serves you right... said Robinah with a smile.Alia couldnt believe it that she is joining that university.Her friends all wanted to join but the tuition is too high.What about she only have to pay half.This is unbelievable. She voiced out loud. She danced again and singing as well.Yeah,yeah am a luckychildYeah,yeah God lov
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Am coming home
Alia reached in the city at exactly 8:00am in the morning.She called her sister Aziiza and informed her about her arrival.Aziiza was off work and immediately went to find Alia who was still waiting at the bus park.Seeing Aziiza Alia jumped into her arms.l missed you big sis she said.l missed you more baby sis said Aziiza and they hugged each other again.Here are what mum sent for you take it first with you at home am going to the university to get the admission forms.We will talk later said Alia.Ok baby be safe on the way we will celebrate when you return.Aziiza said happily. She is happy that her sister is getting what she didn't get. Education. Back then their parents were so poor to even send her to school to further her education after she had completed her ordinary level. So she choose to come in the city and work to support the family. She wasn't clever as her young sister who won free education from primary one to secondary. May be if Alia stu
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That night Alia couldn't  sleep.She kept tossing in the bed.She finally managed to sleep late in the midnight.She had a dream.she was walking too speedy and as if trying to catch up to someone.But the person who she was after too was also walking on a very high speed.She frowned trying to stretch her legs to move faster but couldn't. She stopped chasing him and he disappeared in the dark alley.She felt sad and her mind was sure that the person was very important to her. But seems that he didn't care about her at all. When she turned to go back to where ever she came from,She met eyes with her grandma who said to her.Dear things always happen for the reason dont panick always be calm.Dear also some things may become like a mistake but they may also become for the better stay strong.She woke up.Alia was confused about the dream.Who was the man she was chasing? And Why did her dreamt of her dead grandma speaking to her.She was ou
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Finally am home
The two Babu sisters left from their parents home to the Ouma family.All the way Alia was anticipating of how she is going to face her would be husband soon. May l just let nature take its course. She sighed. Currently at the Ouma house hold everyone is busy  with anything he/ she can do.Workers are every where trying to redecorate the house. Mrs Ouma wants only the best. Although she lives in the village but she 5hebsame standards as those city women. She isn't inferior to them. And Mozey her other son has been a way from home for many years so she wanted him to find some changes. The family has three sons Musa,Munir and Mozey with no girls.Musa is the oldest,Munir the second and Mozey the last born.Musa is married to Alaysa the daughter of the vice chairman of Lusaka village and works and owns an electric appliance shop in the neigbhouring big town Villa maria.They have two kids both boys.Munir is a footballer at the national team of the
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