Mysterious Obsession

Mysterious Obsession

By:  Nihc Ronoel  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Where can your obsession finally lead you?" Aris Sandoval was such a good-for-nothing type of a Casanova, but behind his charming looks that were effortlessly used to leave trails of brokenhearted women wherever he went, lies an obsessed heart longing for an extraordinary woman from his past. Will he still continue his mysterious obsession, once he found the right love with a different woman? [You can listen to my international radio interview in the U.K. here: (29:00 to 33:00)]

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56 Chapters
DISCLAIMERAny reproduction, distribution, or usage of this work in whole or excerpt form, in any online or offline media, using technology now known or hereafter invented including photocopying, mobile technology, and recording are all forbidden without written and signed permission from the author.The story is written in English. However, please be advised that English is not the first language of the author. The author did not know the story of "The Little Mermaid" as well so please do not compare. The author assures you that this is not a typical or cliché type of mermaid story.While El Nido, Palawan exists in the Philippines, all characters and events in this book are products of the author’s imagination and have no relation to any namesake. All incidents in this body of work are entirely fictional and are in no way related to anyone who is known or unknown to the author.Plagiarism is a crime and therefore, punishable by law.Copyright, Nihc RonoelAll Rights Reserved 2020MYST
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His P.O.V.I was playing at the back part of the ship that we were cruising on for our short trip to El Nido, Palawan when all of a sudden…“Mom, Dad… help!” I cried when I fell from where I was.It would be a few rapids away and we would be docking at the nearest port, when I accidentally slid off along the stern to the sea while reaching for my brand-new PlayStation Portable or PSP. If only I were able to carry my orange life jacket or rubber ring, I would no longer be in this state of immediate danger.I wanted to calm myself as much as possible but no matter how much I tried, my mind already panicked. It blinded me from all the possible things I could think of at the moment.“M—om! D—ad!” I wasn’t able to scream gradually as I was being distressed by the waves to be eventually lured by the sea. The freezing seawater even contributed more to the fear and foreboding anxiety that I was feeling. Not to mention that the cruise ship was already sailing far away from me.I didn’t know how
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Mysterious 01: The Flight
Aris Sandoval’s P.O.V.I sprang from my seat when that dream came to visit me again. Well, that dream happened in reality when I was only fourteen years old and that was almost twelve years ago.I brought out my hanky from my black suit inner pocket, wiped some beads of sweat in my forehead, and maximize the air conditioner above my head. Now, I couldn’t help myself to chuckle when I remembered everything that happened.Tsk!I guessed I looked like a crazy guy now. I remembered the time when I nearly died and yet, I was still smiling at all?Stupid weirdo!I fixed my tie which seemed to be choking me. I hand-combed my unruly hair then secured the loose sleeve buttons on my wrists. I checked the time and it was already forty-five minutes past eleven in the morning. So every year after that incident, I always compelled my parents, convincing them persistently to take me back to El Nido, Palawan—hoping that I would be able to see her again. I missed her so much and not in a single moment
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Mysterious 02: Strolling Around
Aris Sandoval’s P.O.V.This woman in front of me just carelessly slapped my handsome face!What the? I didn’t see that coming!“Pervert!” she said fretfully as other passengers had witnessed what she did to me. Some don’t care at all but some were already murmuring on their seats… and this woman just placed back her headset to cover her ears like nothing had ever happened?I must admit, I was really ashamed.I was wide-eyed for a few seconds. What she did left me shocked to the point that I got utterly speechless while holding my left jaw. This was the very first time I got lost for words. True enough, her slap wasn’t that strong, it doesn’t even move me from my seat. Nevertheless, it would never change the fact that she had the urge to slap my strikingly handsome face. In fact, she already did.I bitterly chuckled.Wow! Never in my entire life had I been slapped in the face. The face that could tame thousands of women in just three seconds… got slapped after three seconds as well. I c
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Mysterious 03: A Huge Favor
Aris Sandoval’s P.O.V.It was her!That ferocious woman who slapped me earlier in the plane—was the same woman who was again throwing me some deadly stares. I guessed, she wasn’t yet able to move on from what happened.But wait… if she is the sister of this kid, meaning to say, she was also the one who created this painting? So, she is definitely none other than Drey Laxamana? The artist?I gulped hard and my jaw literally dropped when I realized it. I was tongue-tied all of a sudden. I opened my mouth but I wasn’t able to say anything and this would be the very first time it ever happened to me.That explained why they were so look alike, most especially with their long eyelashes and pointed nose. I even thought a while ago that the kid’s eyes represented someone very familiar to me, little did I know that it was all because of the woman from the plane incident.With the clear lights here, I could say that she was more than prettier than earlier. Most especially now that she was proud
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Mysterious 04: Heated Argument
Aris Sandoval’s P.O.V.“You’re impossible! If that’s what you want, we don’t have anything to talk about here then. For your information, I don’t sell any of my paintings and most especially, I don’t need your fucking money, sports car, yacht, or condo! You can have them all by yourself including your damn massive ego! Excuse us. Nickos, let’s go… and please, don’t you ever try to follow us again, mister!” She sneered.She even pointed her finger right in front of my face. She had these long and beautiful nails painted with a crack-styled cuticle that could scratch me anytime. “If you were used to getting things that you want, well this time, it won’t just work out.” She continued as if she had read what my mind was saying before she held her brother’s wrist again and started to walk away from me.I used to reject people and this was the very first time in history I felt that I somehow… got rejected. I couldn’t accept this and I guessed, I had to make another way. I shouldn’t get my mo
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Mysterious 05: Secret Tailgate
Aris Sandoval’s P.O.V.“Aris, help me!”I heard how Juno cried out loud. She was not opening her mouth underwater, but I was one hundred percent sure that she was urgently asking for my help based on the tone of her voice screaming for my name.Unexplained dread and horror could be read through her entire beautiful face and I was such a fucking asshole that I couldn’t do something about it. I could feel how she was easily frightened by what was happening, but all I could do was just stare at her helplessly.She was imprisoned in a black cage covered by dead kelps, eerie seaweeds, and water snakes. Her beautiful wrists that were handcuffed and chained at each end of the cage were being wounded every time she struggled to be free from those rusty shackles.As some of her blood was getting mixed up into the sea, her golden tail that was also tied up front seemed to lose its vibrant tint. It was slowly and erratically varying into white, which could be the reason for her gradual weakness.
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Mysterious 06: Pity Over Fragility
Aris Sandoval’s P.O.V.Like the old times of stalking her — I was wearing my shades again as I was also carrying a newspaper that served as props in case I needed to fully cover my face. I was wearing black pants and a white-striped polo, where the first three buttons were open exposing a part of my hard chest and the sleeves were folded up to my elbows emphasizing my muscled biceps.Too handsome for a stalker!I saw her heading to the second floor of the coffee shop, where I could only see two to three people in the entire area. I still followed her until I saw how she eagerly took her seat in front of a man wearing a red polo with long sleeves up to his wrists, who I thought, might be her boyfriend.Wow! And they are both wearing red, huh? Was it Valentine’s in July?But I never saw him in her videos or any news associated with her. Did I even research her well?I decided to take a seat closer to them and used the newspaper to partially cover my face. I settled behind Drey so that sh
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Mysterious 07: State Of Shock
Drey Laxamana’s P.O.V.Despite my beautiful face, it was quite ironic to say that my whole life was just a mess. A complete-package mess!When I was a kid, I used to believe in fairy tales. I used to believe that ‘happily ever after’ endings do really exist. I wanted to get tangled with that kind of eccentric destiny with my one and only prince charming. I believed in magical spells, fantasies, and worst, I believed in mermaids.Who would have ever believed that those creatures were real?And not just believe… I was obsessed with them. Yes, I got totally obsessed with mermaids!That was the reason why I got bullied way back my childhood years — because of my crazy obsession with mermaids. All of my things from head to toe must include mermaids. My bags and shoes were even customized with mermaids. I told my classmates that they were real, but they only cackled at me.We used to have a vast infinity pool in the house before and I would always wear my gold costume to swim like a mermaid.
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Mysterious 08: Conversation
Drey Laxamana’s P.O.V.Wasn’t he that conceited guy who took advantage of me during my flight from Tokyo coming back here? That infuriating guy who kept on asking about my painting?But what is he doing here? Oh no, was he stalking me ever since that plane incident? Damn it! I think I’m in big trouble again.He was nothing but trouble. I loathed him ever since and he looked like a freaking stalker!He was towering over me but I didn’t let him notice that I was quite surprised by seeing him. I knew it was savage but I hurriedly threw the handkerchief on him just to show what I supposed to feel that he was in front of me again, but he was fast enough to catch it even before it reached his face.“Hey, that’s rude! Is that how you treat people who wanted to help you?” he yelled at me.I rolled my eyes as I scoffed. “I don’t need any of your help, mister. I don’t even know who you are and why are you here. Mind you, no one is asking for your help. So back off!”“Uh oh, so you’re now differe
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