Never to look back

Never to look back

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Emile Burke was your classic happy-go-lucky girl till she fell in love .... fell in love with someone who didn't love her. Emile fell in love with Daniel at first sight but Daniel had someone he liked. She knew she was destined for disappointment till fate played a trick which bound her to her first love by marriage. Despite fate's intervention and the marrying her dream lover, Emile's life went from miserable to more miserable.... Will Daniel see her devotion and love for him? Or Will Emile wake from her obsession of holding on to her first love?

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what about Daniel's am yet to read ut
2024-03-07 15:38:31
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Katheryn Scott
I am loving this book cant wait for an update
2024-03-02 08:02:23
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when will you update?
2024-03-04 14:43:16
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Emile sat by the windowsill hugging her knees and looking at the endless night with a desolate expression trying to filter out the annoying sounds coming from the master bedroom. She let out a soft sigh thought about her miserable existence. Eight years of infatuated love and 3 years of marriage with absolute devotion left her with nothing but endless shame and an empty house. In the three years of marriage, there was not a day that the newspapers and entertainment world did not have a news of the colorful scandals for her husband. Emile rested her chin on her knees as she thought back to the folly of her youth. She met Daniel during her first year of university at a gathering of family friends. If at first, she was mesmerized by his handsome face and his domineering aura, later she fell in love with his brilliance and character. Emile was an outstanding bubbly and beautiful girl. She was the goddess in the hearts of almost all the young men at her university, but she had eyes only
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Emile woke up with the first rays of sunlight. She hummed a tune as she busied herself in the kitchen making breakfast. Her steps were lighter with the joy of determination after a torturous night of self-evaluation and reminiscing. She finished her breakfast and left home without waiting for the Daniel to wake up.Daniel however was already awake. He lifted his eyebrows curiously as he heard the happy humming coming from outside. But he didn’t get up as Michelle was sleeping nestled in his embrace.Emile first visited her grandfather trusted aide, Lawyer Hee and spent the whole morning discussing and drafting her next steps. In the afternoon she visited grandpa Holston.“Grandpa, I am here to visit you.” Emile stood at the entrance of the living room after the butler had announced her arrival.“Come… come….” Grandpa Holston waved his wrinkled hand as he invited her enthusiastically. Emile walked over and sat next to him with a polite smile “How are you feeling, Grandpa?”“All the mor
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Good-Bye to the folly of my youth
Daniel got in his car in irritation and flung the divorce agreement application copy in annoyance onto the passenger seat and drove away. He hit the steering wheel in annoyance a few times to get rid of his anger. He had no idea why he was angry. This was what he wanted for the last three years…. Now that he had got it without even having to ask for it…. why was he annoyed?He calmed himself down by the time he reached Michelle’s apartment. He rationalized his anger was due to Emile’s arrogance and nothing more. He put the divorce agreement in the dashboard before walking up to pick her.The banquet was for celebrating the fiftieth birthday of one of his business partners who was also his father’s friend. Normally people would bring their spouses to such events; but Daniel never bought Emile… not even once. Either it was Michelle or one of the models he was having an affair with while Michelle went away. Initially this was the joke of the event and Emile’s status would be the butt of
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You are not worthy
Daniel woke up disoriented and looked around in haze. He had no idea where he was… the last thing he remembered was drinking with Ronald. Looking around he realized that this was rooms upstairs for guests that didn’t want to head back.He heaved a sigh of relief as he saw Ronald lying even more wasted on the next bed.“What time is it?” Ronald lifted his head lazily as he heard Daniel getting ready.“Around 1 in the afternoon.”“What???” Ronald sat up in a flurry.“I will head back home and see what needs to be done.” Daniel tapped his back “You take your time.”Daniel sat in the car rubbing his forehead He regretted his rudeness yesterday. He took out the divorce agreement from the dashboard to read before going back. There was nothing to read…. he looked at the papers in shock. There were no items listed under divorce settlement. Only a statement “Headed to the bridge of no return; Strangers forever.”Daniel shook his head in denial before his lips curled in ridicule. He knew how mu
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I am divorced
Daniel didn’t stay long at Grandpa Holston’s place as he was in low spirits with the blow that the news of Emile’s departure brought him.Ronald drove while Daniel sat lost in thought on the way back.“Why did she leave just like that?” Daniel mumbled as he sat in a daze. “Why would she stay?” Ronald retorted rudely “Did you ever give her a reason to stay in these 3 years?”“Huh?” Daniel turned to look at Ronald feeling lost. He couldn’t explain his current state of mind. He should be happy but why did he feel lost?“Where to?” Ronald drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. He didn’t want to pursue this topic. Although he never agreed with what Daniel did over the last three years; he didn’t want him to delve into it, especially now that there was no point.“Your apartment or house?” Ronald asked again, since he didn’t get a response.“House??” Daniel repeated regretfully before asking “Drop me off at my office.”The “house” Ronald referred to, was the wedding present Grandpa Hols
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Farewell to the past
Emile sat in the airport lounge waiting for her flight. This was the first time in three years that she felt peaceful. She took a deep breath and exhaled … in an effort to exhale the last three years of her life as a bad dream. She didn’t want to be resentful; She chose to forget and start anew. That was why she wanted to travel somewhere new… somewhere she didn’t know anyone. She wasn’t running away. She would eventually come back. This is where her most cherished people .. her parents and grandfather rested. She would not give up on them for the sake of someone who didn’t cherish her. She needed to heal. She would come back when she was ready to face this place without resentment and regret. “Dring… dring… dring…” Emile’s phone broke the tranquility of the moment. “Girl, where are you?” Abbey screamed as soon as the call was answered. “I am in the VIP lounge of the airport.” Emile responded with a smile as a warm feeling crept up her heart. Some friendships never change. No matte
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New beginning
Emile and Abbey reached their first destination, Mauritius around midday. Having no plan was the best plan. The two best friends decided to chill at the world class hotel they booked into on the first day before getting into touristy mode and booked themselves into an indulgent beauty saloon for a relaxing massage after a sumptuous feast. The next five days were jam-packed with activities starting a luxurious catamaran cruise of the northern islands. Abbey’s camera lens snapped away at the breath-taking views while Emile immersed herself in the experience. This was her first time travelling away from home, away from comfort zone; She had always lived a protected life with her grandfather and cousins where university was the furthest, she travelled away from home. Every experience was new and invigorating, opening a whole new world, whether it was admiring the vibrant colors of the ocean or the magnificent mountain views or snorkeling at one of the beaches, diving with Emperor Angelf
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I just don't want you to be led by the nose
Michelle came to Daniel's office after shopping to her heart's content and accompanied Daniel outside for dinner to celebrate his freedom. Later she took him to her place and told him that they would stay here for the time being. Daniel didn't have any objections and assumed that she was considering his feelings, knowing that he wasn't ready to go back there. On the fourth day, as Daniel was getting ready to go to work, she informed him that they would move back that day. "Danie Baby, I will pack and move in the afternoon. You should come back early." She twirled her fingers on his chest "I will be waiting." "Why are we moving so soon?" Daniel was stumped. She didn't ask him if he was ready to go back. No matter how you looked at it, he had lived there with Emile for 2.5 years, on their own. Even if he swore, he didn't have any thoughts towards her, he would be lying through his teeth if he said that there were no instances when he wasn't tempted or moved. "Why?" Michelle pouted a
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Can't we just hire the old housekeeper?
Daniel reached back at the villa around 6pm; The chat with Ron helped resolve his dilemma. He managed to convince himself that he knew what he wanted and there was no need to be confused.Michelle was watching television in the lounge room when he arrived.“Your back.” Michelle smiled happily as she saw him and hopped into his embrace but soon wrinkled her nose “You drank?”“Just a social meet.” Daniel smiled as he hugged her “Were you bor…” He didn’t complete what he was about to say as he was shocked by the interior. It had totally changed.“Do you like it?” Michelle smiled mischievously as she looked at his face waiting for his approval. Sadly, the approval never lit up on his face. What Michelle didn’t know was that although this was the wedding house that Grandpa Holston gifted Daniel and Emile, Daniel had personally designed it as it was always meant to be his and Michelle’s house in his mind. The only place he asked Emile’s input was the guest bedroom, even the kitchen was desi
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The same time, many miles away in Mauritius-Emile, Abbey and Christopher spent the next two days exploring the the magical volcanic rain forest landscapes of southwest Mauritius. Whether it was the Trou Aux Cerfs which is the famous dormant volcano or the Mare Aux Vacoas, a reservoir embedded deep in the forest or the Grand Bassin which is the sacred lake of Mauritius, it was a magical experience for trio. Abbey didn’t forget to capture each beauty through her camera lens. Emile’s favourite was the Chamarel waterfall and the 7 coloured earth. While most people in the tour group went for a swim in the pool at the foot of the Chamarel waterfall, Emile sat scribbling her inspirations onto her notepad. Christopher sat by her side accompanying her quietly.Both Emile and Abbey were exhausted after the two-day trip and spent the next day lazily planning what to do next. Christopher left the planning to the ladies and spent the day catching up with all the documents and issues pending at h
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