Chapter 10

“FUCK! What am I supposed to do? I’m going to be his Beta for fuck’s sake and he’s one of my best friends.” Luke’s voice is shaking and I know he wants to hide immediately. Alpha’s are known to be possessive of their mates and we witnessed last night what Colin's jealousy is like.

“It’s not like he isn’t with someone right now, right? Why should he care.” Maybe I can convince myself as well. Probably not, but it is worth a shot.

I open the door overly confident and slightly annoyed. Colin is standing there looking extremely nervous and unsure of why he is at my door. He freezes as his eyes find my nipples. They are still so hard that they are practically poking holes through my t-shirt. His eyes dart to my panties and up to my eyes which are now very wide. His eyes finally land on Luke standing behind me who I am positive is as pale as a ghost.

I know he can smell my arousal and I am sure he is not stupid about what was just taking place. Luke still has an erection and we are
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Comments (4)
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Allison Michelle Smith
both of them are idiots and they're not just hurting each other, they're hurting others too
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
I get the fact he was with this other person for several years but they both knew if they weren't mates they would need to break up. Start the process and then make it quick. Ellie meanwhile is just as hurt and you don't seem to care about that Colin
goodnovel comment avatar
Richelle Hoover
reading 2nf time and hate collin for being a a## hurt him wt..f try her side

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