Chapter 22

“I’m sorry beautiful I didn’t mean to scare you. I will talk to my warrior that did this to you and he will be punished. I’m glad to see you are healed already, but I will still take you to see Tiffany, our pack doctor. Now sit and tell me what you meant by not physically.”

I am really starting to wonder about these rumors about Alpha Shane because so far, he is the exact opposite of what I have heard. He seems caring almost and I am only an intruder in his pack.

“It’s an extremely long and intimate story Alpha, and I apologize but it’s too painful to even think about right now.” A tear starts rolling down my cheek as the events from last night come into my mind. He tenderly wipes the tear away and stares at me for a moment.

“You may call me Shane and I am truly sorry that someone hurt you, you don’t deserve that. What is your name beautiful?” He pulls a chair over to me and sits so that we are only about a foot apart. He leans in to me and I feel a rush of butterflies.

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