Chapter Eleven:

| Whitney |

"...A phone call would've been appreciated. My girlfriends' over and we're still getting ourselves ready for tomorrow. This really isn't the best time." Whitney heard Hollis address her parents icily. Animosity radiated off every word. The dark haired girl inched as far toward the staircase as she could without getting caught, and pressed herself against the wall so she'd be able to hear the exchange clearly.

"We wanted to do this before you left; It can't wait until after you get back so please just hear us out." Margot explained in a rushed tone as her daughter openly scoffed at both she and her husband disrespectfully. Even without saying anything in response, Hollis' disdain seeped into the overall atmosphere and lingered there like a heavy blanket. Whitney peered through the railing at the top of the stairs, invisible to the group of people just below her. Nina was seated beside Dalton's wheelchair on their faux leather couch, safe from the up

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