Chapter Twelve:

| Whitney |

“Babe? I need you to start thinking about moving here pretty soon. It’s already five thirty.” Whitney heard Hollis urgently trying to coax her awake, but she was so damn tired.

“Five more minutes.” She groaned, shoving her head underneath the pillows in an attempt to shield herself from the other girl. Seconds later, she felt a freezing gust of wind against her mostly bare skin and squealed in protest.


Hollis pulled the cozy blankets off Whitney’s sleeping body with a laugh, cocking her head to the side as she did so. ”What, so you’re supposed to be invisible now?" Her tone was affectionately playful and it made Whitney whimper in mock fear of being discovered so soon.

“Yeah!” The brunette exclaimed in a high pitched languid voice as she curled into herself for warmth. Why’d she take away the blan

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