Chapter Nine:

| Whitney |

Neither girl said anything for the first ten minutes during the drive back to Hollis’ house. The blonde kept her tired eyes on the road ahead as she casually drummed a few fingers against the steering wheel, like she often did while deep in thought. Whitney stared at her lap trying to focus on anything other than her growing irritation.

Honestly, to say Whitney was irritated would’ve been a massive understatement. Hollis swore she’d stop hiding things from her as a stipulation of getting back together just before Christmas, so she’d been completely blindsided by Jake’s comment about Ringo’s. Since her girlfriend said she’d elaborate, Whitney had been biting her tongue in hopes that she would start talking sooner rather than later. As the stifling silence continued however, she sighed loudly and turned to glare out of the window.

Her girlfriend drew in a deep breath, and Whitney held hers.


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