10. Lucia

When I finish in the shower, I hear the bedroom door closing and know Giovanni has left for the day. Careful of hurting myself, I dry off and wrap the towel around my body before walking to the closet.

The bloodstained blankets catch my eye and I push down the shame threatening to strangle me. I don’t ever want a repeat of last night… I’d rather die.

My mind is a mess. From what happened last night, to the rough way Giovanni took me and now finding out his father was killed last night, presumably by my missing father. I don’t know what is going to happen now, and I don’t want to find out.

I catch my naked reflection in the mirror and my eyes widen when I see blue dots on my thighs, right where Giovanni held me. There are three similar-looking dots on my cheek when he had his hand over my mouth. I swallow hard while trying to keep my emotions down, then I walk to my clothing rack.

I am not going to cry; I will not give him the satisfaction of knowing how much he truly terrifies me.

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Maria Rodriguez
I really like this book so far. I love that ur books aren’t to long either. But this story line is awesome! Giovanni is the big, bad, invincible new Capo. But even those have weaknesses and his will be Lucia.
goodnovel comment avatar
Deborah Tharps
I like this so far. Now I'm waiting for her backbone to straighten out and stand up for herself. Starting with her drunk mother in law because she's abusive.
goodnovel comment avatar
I love the story but more characters please. Thank you

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