22. Lucia


My eyes flutter open as I feel soft lips trailing over my collarbone and caressing their way up my neck and behind my ear. I gasp at the sensation, a shiver rippling up my spine and my eyes widen.

Giovanni’s body bears over me, hard, naked, and gorgeous while smelling like fresh shampoo and body wash. I close my eyes and mold into him, wrapping my arms around his still-damp waist without even thinking.

“Are you awake now?” he murmurs against my skin as he trails his lips toward my chest and moves lower. He slips my breasts out of the silky nightie I am wearing and covers one taut nipple with his mouth.

“Giovanni… What are… you-”

“Shhh, I need you,” he says while running his tongue between the valley of my breasts. “Fuck, I need you so badly, Lucia.”

There’s a flutter in my stomach as he calls me by my name and not Micetta. I’ve noticed that whenever we’re intimate like this, he calls me Lucia…. and gosh, it makes me so happy.

“You… need me?” I gasp.

“You have no idea,” he gr
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Karina Vazquez
If he really thinks that he should have used protection. It is too late now Gio unless our marvelous writer thinks otherwise.
goodnovel comment avatar
Danielle Tyrrell
Eeek well best start forming those alliances quick smart Giovanni…
goodnovel comment avatar
Renee Werefox
Gio, Gio, Gio tsk tsk tsk tsk you are in for a ride… but then again our dear author may twist things around

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