One Night Mistake (English)

One Night Mistake (English)

By:  Seera Mei  Ongoing
Language: English
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After Vivien and her best friend Penelope graduated, they went to a bar to celebrate. Vivien just wanted to have fun and enjoy herself, but why did her desire for fun end up in a night of mistake? She found herself dancing with a stranger, and due to drunkenness, she was no longer in her right mind. She found herself kissing and lying on a bed with the stranger. And that night, she gave herself to the stranger. The next day, she woke up in a different room. Everything changed that night. Her happy life was slowly changing, especially when she found out she was pregnant. What will happen to her?

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9 Chapters
There are people that you have to let go of even if you want to keep them. There are people who, even if they make you happy, you need to avoid. There are decisions that you have to make even if you're forced to. There are times when if you do the right thing, you will be the one who will suffer. And there are things that if you insist on in the end, you will still be the one who will be hurt. *********** “Mom, where is Uncle Vince? We've been waiting here for an hour, I'm tired.” I smiled while watching my child, who had a cute scowl on his handsome face. I removed my face mask since no one would probably notice me here, and everyone is busy, plus I am wearing a eyeglasses. It's a good thing I didn't say that we're going back to the Philippines, no media, my child and I are safe. We're here at NAIA waiting for my brother Vince. He volunteered to pick us up because he wants to see his nephew right away. Unfortunately, he texted that he's stuck in traffic a
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ONM: Chapter 1
Vivien “Oh my gosh! Until now, I still can't believe that we finally graduated! And of course, I can't believe our parents allowed us to go to a bar and celebrate it!” I laughed while Penelope hugged me and jumped. We were so happy, so much happy! Finally! All the hard work, stress, and sleepless nights had paid off. Penelope and I have been best friends since childhood. Our parents are also friends. Penelope is my partner in crime. We're open with each other. We help each other in everything. She's like a sister to me. “Congratulations to us, girl! We can finally breathe easy and get a good night's sleep.” We both laughed at what I said. “Yeah, right! The hell years are done! So, let's go to the bar and celebrate!” I laughed and let her pull me towards her car. Just earlier, we had our graduation, and our parents were with us. We were supposed to celebrate with them at an expensive restaurant, but my friend suggested that we change it up this time. During our pre
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ONM: Chapter 2
R18– Damn, I'm so drunk! I can feel the alcohol coursing through my body. I don't care about anything around me anymore; I'm just going with the flow. Then I felt someone dancing behind me. Because they were so close, I turned to face them and without warning, I put my hands around their neck. Shit, why did I suddenly feel this heat? I wanted to do something, but I couldn't understand it. Damn this alcohol! The man in front of me encircled his hands around my waist. He pulled me even closer to him, making sure I couldn't escape. Because of what he did, I could smell his scent – addictive, like I wanted to bite him. We danced as if there was no tomorrow. I also did a sexy dance in front of this stranger. I had no idea where my best friend was – maybe she was dancing with someone else or looking for a handsome guy. I knew she could handle herself and was used to this kind of situation. I was getting carried away with what was happening. I was enjoying it immensely and wa
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ONM: Chapter 3
Vivien I woke up with a pounding headache and a sore body. Damn, we were so drunk and wasted last night! Penelope got what she wanted. I looked around, and my eyes widened when I saw my dress on the chair beside the bed. I sat up, wincing as my head throbbed. Without thinking, I checked my body under the white comforter. My eyes widened even more when I realized I had nothing on! I gasped as I slowly remembered what happened last night. The man I danced with last night broke my defenses while I was drunk! Vivien, what foolishness possessed you? Shit! I won't get drunk anymore! I won't drink! I was protecting my virginity! nnnI winced again as I felt the pain between my thighs. What had that man done to cause this much pain? Despite the excruciating pain, I forced myself to get up. I grabbed my dress and panties from the chair and put them on. I also snatched my purse from the side table. I awkwardly walked out of the room. Where was the man who took my vi
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ONM: Chapter 4
Vivien “Sweety, wake up. We're here.” I groggily straightened up and looked at Mommy. “You seem really tired, dear. I've been trying to wake you up. Come on, get ready and follow me. Your grandparents are waiting inside,” Mommy said. I nodded to Mommy before she went down first. I peeked out the window. Wow! I've missed it here in Bulacan! Yesterday, Alexander dropped me off, but just outside the subdivision. I didn't want him to drop me right in front of our house, fearing Mommy might be surprised. She might think I went to a bar with Penelope and suddenly got a boyfriend. Upon arriving at the house, Mommy warmly welcomed me. She mentioned that we were going to Bulacan because Grandpa was sick, probably from climbing the mountain too much. They insisted that we stay here for a week. It wasn't a problem for me since it's a break for me. I also texted Penelope to follow here. Only Mommy, Kuya Vince, and I came to Bulacan. Daddy stayed in Manila for some paperwork, As I st
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ONM: Chapter 5
My face frowned as I followed him. He just pulled me towards their hut where people were busy making rice cakes. I still can't believe that my grandmother's rice fields and his grandmother's are right next to each other. Our world is so small. Now, he was busy talking on his cellphone, and I occupied myself by taking pictures. I marveled at the process of making rice cakes and sweet preserves, so I snapped some photos. and posted it on Instagram with a simple caption, 'Yummy.' Then, I casually scrolled through my feed, liking posts from people I know. I furrowed my brows when I saw someone followed me. Xander happened to sit beside me. “Follow me back,” he commanded, looking at my phone. I quickly moved it away from him and gave him an annoyed look. Does he even know the word 'privacy'? Tsk. I reluctantly followed his order to avoid any further hassle. I also texted my brother not to look for me because I pretended to roam around. I hurriedly texted Penelope, urging her to c
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ONM: Chapter 6
“Omg! really?! Your so-called boyfie seems fascinated by your beauty, girl! That's why he followed you even here in Bulacan. Take note, he knows your number and knows that you came here. You know, girl, this is your love life, push it!” I rolled my eyes at my exaggerated best friend's comments. Earlier, after lunch with Xander, he dropped me off in front of our house. I didn't bother inviting him inside; I wasn't ready to introduce him to my family yet! Just as I arrived home, Penelope showed up. And here I am, telling her what happened. “I asked him how he knew everything, and he just said, 'I have my ways.' But I feel like he's a good guy. Look, one night stand should have been each to his own, but look, he didn't leave me in the VIP room at the bar, he even prepared breakfast for me and brought me home. Then he mentioned some responsibility towards me, even though he has no obligation to me. And earlier, I saw how he values their workers, so I told myself I should giv
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ONM: Chapter 7
We organized our things before changing into bikinis. I wore a red bikini with my cover-up, let my hair down, applied lip tint to avoid looking too plain, and grabbed my sunglasses before leaving the restroom. Just as Penelope finished changing, she appeared wearing a black bikini with a cover-up, her hair styled in a messy bun. As she glanced in my direction, she observed my entire look. Nervous, I waited for her judgment; she always does this. “Is it okay? Does this swimsuit suit me?” I asked nervously, raising an eyebrow. “Seriously, girl, are you really asking that? Almost everything you wear looks good on you. You're so beautiful and hot, with a perfect body. I wish I had perfect boobs like yours! So jealous,” she remarked. Unconsciously, I looked down to check my chest. Many have complimented my body and boobs. “Enough of that. Let's go!” She pulled me out, carrying her phone and DSLR. She really likes taking pictures—one of her hobbies. Upon descending, a bea
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ONM: Chapter 8
NEXT DAY… I woke up early with excitement, I sent a text to Mom and Dad, updated them so they wouldn't worry. Also messaged Xander as promised, though no replies yet – maybe they're busy or still asleep. I put my phone down to pick out for today's outfit, I chose a blue bikini and denim shorts. Headed to the bathroom for a quick wash, toothbrushing, and a change of clothes. No need for a full shower since Penelope and I will get wet later. Speaking of Penelope, where is she? She said she'd be right back after going out for a bit. We decided on an island-hopping adventure today and picked a package tour last night. includes snorkeling, Kawa bath, paddleboarding, and a Disco boat. Tomorrow, we'll tackle package two with Jet Ski, Flyboard, banana boat, flying fish, and kayaking. Penelope has a visitor coming, so she wants to save some activities for tomorrow. I asked her who it was, but she responded with a sly grin. Well, it's fine, Xander will join us too, just wondering w
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