One True Love

One True Love

By:  Sweet_Kitten  Ongoing
Language: English
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Seven years back, Sam had met a cute , Sweet girl in a friend’s wedding reception. He has come across countless girls since then but no one could stir his heart like that girl..Seven years later, He is one of the youngest successful architect in the IT industry . Christine has been greatly appreciated for her work by everyone. Her Boss forces her to accept an on site role. However, Upon reaching Country N, she realises she has fallen right into the trap setup by someone.That someone is very “Powerful” and want his sweetheart to stay by his side . She is his true love. Author Notes: Mon- Fri 1 chapter DailyThere is no Rape or major misunderstandings in this novel . This novel is for those readers who are tired of CEO, Actress, Mistress plots. Warning : lT industry terminology used whereby necessary

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Finally!!! I got to read different story than usual CEO, actress, white lotus story. Most of the stories on the these platform are related to entertainment business, reincarnation. This love story is between leader and sub ordinate working in Information technology. Very refreshing.
2020-12-14 23:53:14
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Dear author , I got hooked this story after reading initial few chapters. Now I am regularly reading the updates for this story. One chapter a day is not enough. Can you see if you can release more chapters. Great work!!!
2020-12-14 23:45:49
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Thank you readers for reading this book. If you want spoilers for this story then please reply on this comment. I am not getting enough time to write but I will try to write more chapters and will try to post more updates for this book post Christmas if I have enough chapters in my kitty.
2020-12-04 15:07:26
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Canice co
Thank you for your encouraging me... I would try to update more chapters post December. Keep posting your reviews. I would get back to you if you have any questions for me
2020-12-03 01:34:39
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Canice co
Author keep it up. Nice work . Keep writing the story
2020-12-01 17:38:29
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ji yi
Author I have already started looking forward to more chapter updates. This story is amazing. Keep updating!!!😊😊
2020-11-29 22:03:54
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Will you be finishing this book author? I’d love to read it but I see that it’s been left without an update for so long I’m scared to start it
2023-05-24 22:04:56
100 Chapters
1. Video Conference with Male God
Christine was late today for her 9 am meeting.Though,Company provided transport was great, Christine had always preferred travelling in Metros that saves some travelling time.Today, When she reached the nearest Metro station, It was very crowded.There were many people who were waiting for next metro.At last,She did not manage to get in metro that had just arrived. 
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2.Video Conference with Male God(1)
Later, Rick showed a roadmap for next one year. Also, he said Team will onboard more resources both at on-site and offshore for the new work coming in the next year.Christine was busy capturing key points from Rick's presentation.Sean did mentioned that he does not want her notes.She was very sure that Ray will be looking for these notes.She should not give him any reason for getting angry on her.
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3.You can’t refuse going to On-site
"Today,Sam was looking very young and dashing in Blue shirt.He is in this project for last 5 years but he has not come to our office so far.I have even heard rumours that he has not been to his home in City D in these 5 years.I am looking forward to his visit to offshore office."
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4.I have done what I had promised to do. Don’t you dare to leave company.
"You need to visit consulate to get your business visa stamped by Friday.You are flying there in next week.On-boarding team will prepare your temporary accommodation, Air tickets etc.Don't forget to submit your current laptop at IT help Desk.You will be provisioned with another laptop from client after you reach Client office.Also, Collect sufficient currency from Forex office.Global travel team will brief you on other details and instructions. I have meeting coming up. Do you have any questions for me?" " No Mark, I am good. I will reach out to you if I need anythi
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5.“Are you giving her roll off from project or throwing her out of company?”
Sean's Cubicle was in another corner of the project bay.One would meet all annoying colleagues on the way.On top of that, Ray's Cubicle was next to Sean's Cubicle.You can't talk non sense when you are talking with Sean in his cubicle. Sean is a great supervisor who understands all of his subordinates very well. Sometimes, He feels helpless in front of Ray. Ray thinks of various ways to torture his team. Ray is a typical manager who takes credit for all good work and blames his team when he receives any escalations. Luckily, Ray was not in his cubicle when Christine
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6.“Lisa is the best suitable Candidate”
At last, Cloud9 team reluctantly agreed to let Cletan go but they thought of of giving him a big farewell party on this last day. Sam promised them that he will plan out all the events and inform them by mid next week.
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7.Will Sam find me annoying if I ask him out ?
He will ignore Ray's pings for next few days. He does not have time to deal with this annoying person.Next, Cletan replied to Sean's message."All
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8.“Christine, Please don’t refuse. You need to think about yourself.”
"Miss Sandra, That's at least 3 months away. We will grab all opportunities to get closer to Sam and will show off in our WhatsApp group.Also,did you thought of Sam as some casual guy who will go on date with just any girl? You are thinking too highly of yourself."Sean was trying to conceal his emotions quite well. When this silly girl would realise that he likes her."I did not meant
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9.Resign from your post if you think we have done injustice to you
"Come and Sit down next to me, Christine. Child, you should have informed me earlier. I have only prepared  three simple dishes for today's dinner.Tell me what do you want for supper tonight. I will prepare it for you.""Mumma, Don't tire yourself.You have also returned from office after long working hours. I am fine with these dishes.Look, you have already cooked Pomfret Fish fry and Prawns curry for me."
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10.Lisa, You have gone overboard today.
Half an hour later, Lisa found out from someone that Christine has arrived in the office.Yesterday, She had gone to Ray and Mark to tell them about her grievances.Ray said he is doing his best to convince Mark and Sam.Truth was that he was a coward. Does not he know what Mark and Sam are thinking ? They clearly do not want to give this chance to anyone else other than Christine.They did not even take his recommendation into consideration while finalised other names.He is not brave to fight them head on.He did asked Cletan but he also ignored him.
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