Out of Her League |Lesbian Story|

Out of Her League |Lesbian Story|

By:  Sveta  Completed
Language: English
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Imagine the worst female softball team you ever saw, triple it, and you've got Darci Bloom's baseball team. Darci's got a lot to handle this season. She's ended up in a team full of nonathletic misfits. She's got a huge crush on the girl making a documentary about the team. She's got a difficult dad. Now a crazy Russian couple shows their interest in coaching her team. Will this bunch of weirdos going to blast into her life and change it forever? Will they fall apart or can they win the unexpected?

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Theresa Clark
So far I think it's got alot of potential but it'd def off to a slow start. However it's forced me to be even more excited & ready for the next chapter. Overall I love this!!!!! ...️ ......️...️
2022-07-22 22:40:04
21 Chapters
Chapter 1
Something extraordinary happened to me last summer. It started when I was kicked out of my own baseball team. It was the first training session of the new season for the Blue Belles Baseball Club. The sun was blazing down onto the field and blistering hot on my neck. There were still a few weeks of summer left. I was sweating buckets. My socks and boots felt prickly and heavy.I was trying out for the Under 18 First Class team. The coaches paced the sidelines with their clipboards, watching us, selecting their players that would go on to compete for the state game.At tryouts, you're supposed to play your best, show off all your fancy swings and throws and speed, so you'll get picked. And that would mean you could be competing in the big games and even earn a scholarship to your desired college. Well, I didn't feel like showing off. To
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Chapter 2
Sitting in the car on the way home, not a word was spoken. None from me and Dad. He was still raving mad, snapping at the passing cars and stepping on the gears.We drove past a Russian restaurant, where tables and people spilled out the doors onto the sidewalk. There were boisterous noises from the laughing patrons as they plunked down plates of pasta, silver dishes piles with pelmeni and vareniki, on the tables with red-checked cloths.The light turned yellow, and I was amazed that Dad didn't curse as he slowed down at the crossing. A long stream of pedestrians strolled across the road. Next to the crossing was Matryoshka Restaurant.There was a chunky man in a chef hat and clothes standing outside the Matryoshka. He was jabbering with two other men. One was a beefy Mafia-looking man
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Chapter 3
No sane person could describe the Rejects as a 'team'. Susan, the fridge with a head, was a pretty good player, except she kept growling and thumping everyone on the field. Even players on her own team.Someone would bump her accidentally and she'd raise her fist. "Do want me to beat the stuffing out of you? Do you? I'll beat the stuffing out of you!" she'd roar. And you had no trouble believing her.Rosie received quite a few threats from Susan. Something about her particularly riled Susan up. Rosie would just dance off and laugh. She went to my school, so I already knew she wasn't on the same planet as other people. For a start, she was always muttering or singing to herself. In the middle of a baseball game, she'd lose interest, wander off or balance her bat on her forehead back and forth. Rosie made me laugh and she was never nasty.
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Chapter 4
The door of the Bentley opened. Then out came the man I had seen goofing around with the plastic bat outside Matryoshka Restaurant. He looked like his car - I mean he was short, neat, wearing nice clothes, hair combed back with care and he was all smile.I also recognized the other taller man, who looked like his car too. He was bulky with massive shoulders and thighs like the sides of meat you see hanging in the butcher's shop. His long hair pulled back in a ponytail, was black and glossy like the Bentley. Black leather-gloved hand adjusted his black shiny sunglasses as he looked our way. When he turned his head to smile at the smaller guy, there was a flash of studs he wore in each ear.As the two of them walked towards us, it really was a weird sight. The big man took his time, taking slow but powerful steps. And the smaller guy was
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Chapter 5
After that horrible game, we all wanted to forget about it and that we'd never laid eyes on each other.The next training, I was thinking that no way the two Russian men would show up and want to coach a pathetic bunch of girls like us.But the next thing we knew, Felik and Grigor marched towards us."Gather around us, gals," said Felik, waving his arms at us until we formed a ring. "Don't worry about the last game. It was only a pre-season practice game. Me and Grigor, we're going to start from scratch with this team.""What?" gasped Rosie, amazed."You mean, you're volunteering to coach us?" said Nora."After what you saw?" added
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Chapter 6
The next week, the practice started with Stefanie and Nora having a screaming contest. As usual, Stefanie was being a rude, big-mouth snob. As usual, Nora was calling her out.Grigor called from the sideline."Nora. Over here."We stood frozen as we didn't expect Nora to be in trouble. We expected Stefanie.Nora marched across to Grigor with her chin jutting forward, defiant. She didn't like being bossed around by anyone."Why are you calling me?" Nora said defensively."Because you're a talented baseball player," Grigor said, which surprised her."Huh?"
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Chapter 7
It took a bit of persuasion to get April to play with us. Poor April. Once Felik and Grigor chose you, you didn't have much chance to refuse. Her mom didn't mind her taking sometimes for sport activity. In fact, she encouraged it because she didn't want April to spend all her free time working at the cafeteria. Besides Felik and Grigor had made the schedule easy for her to get her training, just five hours a week.April, me, Olive and the two coaches went straight from the baseball field to the Matryoskha Restaurant.We stepped out of their shiny Bentley and wondered why they brought us to this place. Felik greeted everyone as he swept us through the restaurant into the kitchen."Mitko!" he called out.I recognized the guy at the stov
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Chapter 8
Felik paced up and down the sideline. Grigor stood stock still, legs astride, arms folded, only saying a few quiet words to his boyfriend, who would then sign to us. Tip hat, touch shoulders and rub the nose. That means you should hit the ball. Scratch ear, rub hands and tip hat. It means don't hit.Each of us had memorized the signs, but I wondered if any of us remembered those codes under pressure. The pack of Russian supporters was incredibly noisy, doing a commentary all through the game in a weird mixture of Russian and English. Every time, the Rejects looked like they were doing something decent, Mitko and his friends went bananas.The parents, huddled on the sidelines, were confused, who were these crazy Russian people who didn't even have kids in the team? Why were they here cheering their heads off for players they didn't even
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Chapter 9
A wall of bodies crashed on me. Then I found myself in the air, carried by the others like I was a war hero. Our fans were going nuts at the sideline, chanting Darci! Darci! Darci!"Oh yes! We did it!" cheered Felik. "I knew you were gonna make us proud!"I blushed and giggled. After my teammates put me down, I saw my mom go up to Grigor."Excuse me," she said shyly to the big man. "I'm Darci's mom. I just wanted..."Grigor surprised her by grabbing her hand in his and shook it firmly with gratitude. Felik joined him."Did you see your daughter out there?" he said. "What a wonderful baseball player she is!"The mo
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Chapter 10
There was a lot of truth in Olive's words. I turned to Charlotte who was fussing over her camera. She was right there -only a few feet away, but she might as well have been on the other side of the moon and all I could do was look."I guess we just don't have it, Olive," I said to her."Well, unlike you, I have tried talking to Nora," she said and tossed the ball to me. "She handles herself so cool. And I'm there sweating like a pig, screaming panic in my head, some idiotic blah blah coming out of my mouth. You have a better chance than me, Darci."I was just as a romantic hopeless as she was, and I didn't know why she had so much faith in me."Hey! You girls are here, too?"We turne
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