Chapter 56

Stretching my hands wanting to feel Drake's body but felt the bedsheets instead.

Still sleepy I turned to the other side using my hands to look for where he was.

"Drake!," I murmured.

I opened my eyes and sat up immediately but there was no sign of him on the bed.

I scanned the room with my eyes but I didn't see a glimpse of him.

"Where did he go this early?" I asked myself yawning.

I stood up from the bed and walked briskly to the bathroom. 

I knocked on the door but no answer came from inside, I unlocked it and got in, wasn't there either.

I sighed as I walked back into the bedroom still wearing his shirt.

I saw cup and toast bread by the side of the bed as I walked quickly and stared at the contents in the tray.

There was a cup of tea and some toast, I saw a letter which had a heart shape on it.

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