Pieces Of You

Pieces Of You

By:  Liam Michael   Ongoing
Language: English
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" The young miss is pregnant" that unwelcome news changed my life and put it on a downward spiral shattering my life. It got worse when I found out their father's identity, Aries walker the ruthless and terrible billionaire. I thought it will be over once I moved to another state away from the insults and betrayals. I was set up by my cousin and best friend leading to this nightmare. However when I saw my sons' beautiful faces, I decided that all I suffered was worth it. But the quiet family life I envisaged didn't come, especially after I found out my sons were not human. My life turned into a roller coaster but I managed the best I could. Just as I thought I have gotten used to it, their father, that demon of a man showed up at my doorstep demanding his kids. The very same children I have sacrificed everything to keep. I fought to wake up from this nightmare. No matter how I ran or how many times I escaped with the kids I couldn't outrun him or hide away because he always finds us.

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3 Chapters
Chapter 1
Melody Wilson quickly typed away at the computer system before her. She was running short of time, it's almost time for the board meeting. At the tender age of twenty-one, she was the president of Wilson corporation. Her parents had died when she was still a child and her grandfather raised her ever since. She was his favorite grandchild. She was hardworking, highly intelligent with a squeaky-clean reputation. In fact she had a stellar reputation with zero scandals. Little wonder why the old man passed the Wilson corporation to her despite the protests from the other members of the Wilson family. "Madam, the board members are all present and the project research team is ready for their presentation" Her secretary said standing at the door with files Melody might be needing for the gathering. "I will be right there" Melody said and shut down the computer. Her phone began to ring immediately she stood up. She quickly adjusted her clothes while trying to ignore the call, but the caller w
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Chapter 2
Melody wondered if he could help her but the man turned to Arlet making her heart sink. "is she the one?" The man asked in a soft gigolo's voice."Yes, my little cousin is feeling horny, satisfy her well and shoot a good video". "Arlet! Why will you do that to me! What have I ever done to you!" Melody shouted. Arlet looked at her in disdain "Everything! Taking the old man away from others, every single car and jewelry he buys you. Giving the company to you. I will never let Grandpa leave those inheritance with you. Since he loves you for being intelligent and pure, let's show him how dirty and debased you can be. your breathing irritates me!" Arlet shouted with a crazy look in her eyes. Tears of disbelief welled up In melody's eyes. All this just because Grandpa wanted to leave Wilson corporation to her? "Arlet, all these years I loved you and saw you as the blood sister I never had, have you ever loved me too?" She asked in pain.Arlet laughed loudly and slapped Melody. "Love you
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Chapter 3
Melody walked her grandfather to the party admist cheers of congratulations. He was eighty now. He walked to the celebrant's table where the members of the Wilson family sat admist important guests. The party was also thrown for people from Olivera, on the event of their impending cooperation. Melody felt dizzy and stylishly held onto her grandfather. They sat down and she looked at Arlet who was sitting beside Michael. They were just behind her. Amelia was there too, her uncles, aunts and cousins. They were all there with expensive gifts in their hands. No doubt trying to suck up to him. She smiled, she had a surprise for them, her grandpa was going to announce her as his successor today. She will show them that they can't get rid of her that easily. The waiters began to wheel trolleys of delicacy around as people picked their choice. Some of the food nauseated her and she wondered whether her body was feeling funny due to stress. Soon it was time to give a speech for the impending
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